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The Sunniest Luxury Homes You Can Get in San Sebastian

January 18, 2022
The Spanish city of San Sebastian is among the sunniest destinations out there. It's a shame that it's not as well-known as those in Greece, southern France, Italy, and even tropical Southeast Asia. But no worries! This just means that there are fewer crowds here, right? You can enjoy as much sunshine as you want here, especially if you get any of the luxury homes we have in store for you here. These are luxurious rentals where you can soak up as much sun as you want, even when it's not that sunny outside too!

The Sunniest Luxury Homes You Can Get in San Sebastian

Basque Terrace

Since this Basque Terrace luxury home is perched on the fifth floor of this beautiful building in San Sebastian 'Old Town,' you're sure to get plenty of sunshine if you choose this! The terrace alone feels as if it's positioned directly under the sun, making it the brightest spot in the home. You can already imagine how pleasant breakfast will be when you eat it on this beautiful terrace area. And from here, you can already see the sea from the distance too, making you even more aware that you are, in fact, in San Sebastian.
The Sunniest Luxury Homes You Can Get in San Sebastian

Beach House 3

Since this luxury San Sebastian rental is a beach house, of course you'll get as much sunshine as you want here! But what you probably didn't expect was the immaculate view that you can enjoy from your fifth-floor balcony. If enjoying a good out on the modest but quaint patio area, right under the sun, wasn't good enough, you can also see the ocean waves and the white sandy shoreline in the distance. You'll likely enjoy this postcard-ready view so much that no other hotspot in San Sebastian will do anymore! You can simply call for delivery and enjoy your feat from here!
The Sunniest Luxury Homes You Can Get in San Sebastian


This orange-tinted Gaindegi luxury rental in San Sebastian definitely has the spirit of Basque Country. The color scheme is so bright, you won't need to go out into the terrace to get your fix of light and sunshine. Just staying inside will already be blinding. But of course, you won't want to miss out on the Mediterranean glory of the place either! The bohemian feel of the home is all well and good, but there's nothing like people-watching to really get the spirit of the city down pat. From high up on your sixth-floor balcony, you can still see the locals stroll on the street, dance in their own balconies, and live life to the fullest.
The Sunniest Luxury Homes You Can Get in San Sebastian

Gladys Attic

Located near the Amarea neighborhood of San Sebastian, this gorgeous Gladys Attic luxury home is the sort of quiet retreat you'll want to get in such a busy city. As far as soaking up sunshine goes, you practically have an entire front lawn to relax in, complete with freshly-cut grass, sunbeds, and ample patio furniture. If you've made friends in San Sebastian, this will be the perfect home to host a little mid-day soiree! The walls that surround this area are also high enough that you can have as much peace and privacy as you want here too. Not half bad, right?
The Sunniest Luxury Homes You Can Get in San Sebastian

Jai Alai Beach

The fact that this amazing Jai Alai Beach luxury home in San Sebastian is near the sea should already tell you how much sunshine you get from here! The apartment-wide terrace is the perfect place, apart from the beach, where you can get a nice tan. Not to mention take in all the salty sea breezed that will definitely come your way. But even if you don't hang out on the terrace, the windows of this luxury San Sebastian rental are so wide that natural sunlight is enough to brighten up the entire space!
The Sunniest Luxury Homes You Can Get in San Sebastian

Okendo Terrace

Want another luxurious San Sebastian home with a great terrace? Look no further than this wonderful Okendo Terrace rental located in the Gros neighborhood. Perched on the sixth floor of the building, going out on the terrace gives you a great view of Santa Catalina bridge. And on the other side of the said bridge is the city's famous 'Old Town' district, a great place to explore when you have a free day to spend in San Sebastian. Or to watch when you simply want to soak up as much sunshine as you want out on the terrace!
The Sunniest Luxury Homes You Can Get in San Sebastian

Santa Klara

This very modern and impossibly chic Santa Klara luxury home on Paseo del Faro is probably the most upscale property on this list. Every corner reeks of contemporary luxury, from the quilted leather couch to the flat-screen TV in the center. But what's really amazing about this place is that most of the living is practically made of glass. The windows take up most of the walls, allowing you to get as much sunshine as you want during a bright sunny day. You won't even need to open the window to enjoy the seaside view. Basking in the coastal glory through the glass is enough!
The Sunniest Luxury Homes You Can Get in San Sebastian

Villa Baena

Want another seaside apartment to help you soak up as much sunshine as you want? Then get Villa Baena. This two-story property is practically the height of luxury near La Concha beach, particularly its spacious deck-like terrace. If you want to, you can host an entire small lunch party out on the terrace and it'd still feel spacious even with the guests. That's how big the area is! And since it overlooks La Concha beach, almost looking like you can just jump from your terrace and into the sea, it's undoubtedly the best part about the luxury home!
The Sunniest Luxury Homes You Can Get in San Sebastian

Villa Enea

Located a good distance away from the city center, public transport isn't enough to get you to Villa Enea and back. You'll need to rent your own vehicle if you want to live here. Don't worry! The villa itself is so luxurious, you'll want to drop everything and actually relocate to San Sebastian and move in here, right on the spot! And who could blame you, what with the luxurious pool, the massive well-manicured lawn, a total of six bedrooms, and of course, as much sunshine to last you a lifetime. Moreover, since its location is also a bit far away from the hustle and bustle of San Sebastian, you could say that this place is practically heaven on earth!
The Sunniest Luxury Homes You Can Get in San Sebastian

A sunny luxury rental is all you need in San Sebastian. This beautiful coastal city in Basque Country, Spain, is well-known and beloved for its sunshine, so a home here where you can get as much of it as you want is always a winner!

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