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San Sebastian Restaurants You Have To Dine In

February 25, 2021
What makes a true foodie is that he/she is able to appreciate all cuisines. As well as all the places where good food is offered. It's a given that the likes of London, Paris, Rome, and more are food capitals. But a true foodie will find great food just about anywhere, even in a highly underrated coastal city like San Sebastian. Nestled all the way in the Basque country, the city is far from the most famous by any means. But that doesn't mean you can't get great food here! In fact, these few places will prove otherwise!
San Sebastian Restaurants You Have To Dine In

Bar Sport

The sports bars in Barcelona, Madrid, and other big cities in Spain aren't the only ones to look forward to in this country. Even a city like San Sebastian has such establishments. Nestled in Parte Vieja, one of the more popular neighborhoods in San Sebastian, Bar Sport is a hidden gem that deserves to be discovered. It belongs to a famous group of pintxos bars and restaurants that's all over the coastal city. Offering up delicious tapas, pan tumaca, and more, it's a great hang-out for eating excellent food as you watch your favorite sport!
San Sebastian Restaurants You Have To Dine In
Source: Bar Sport Facebook Page

Eme Be Garrote

Eating out amidst the hustle and bustle of city life is all good and all, but since you're in a rural city like San Sebastian, wouldn't you want some peace and quiet as well? To dine on delicious food while enjoying the serenity that the Spanish countryside offers? If that's what you want, look no further than Eme Be Garrotte! Located in Igara along the outskirts of the city, this place is run by the legendary Martín Berasategui. Regarded as the 'father of modern Spanish cuisine' and holder of 10 Michelin stars, traditional dishes get an updated spin here! It's practically heaven on earth!
San Sebastian Restaurants You Have To Dine In
Source: Eme Be Garrote Facebook Page

La Cuchara de San Telmo

Tapas places, be they in a busy city like Madrid or in a more rural town like Fuengirola, commonly display their pintxos out in the open. Not only is it a form of advertising, drawing in customers with their delectable aesthetics, it's also a way to present the chef's skills in preparing then. With that said, La Cuchara de San Telmo in San Sebastian takes a totally different turn on this front. Instead of having the tapas out in the front, customers are asked to order from the blackboard menu and the staff will prepare them at the back instead. The result? Freshly made delicious tapas that remain warm as they reach your table!
San Sebastian Restaurants You Have To Dine In
Source: La Cuchara de San Telmo Facebook Page

La Viña

Headed by the famous chef Santiago Rivera since 2013, it's no wonder La Viña has become one of the go-to foodie hotspots in San Sebastian. His takes and twists on traditional Spanish cuisine have satisfied many people over the years. And thanks to its central location along Agosto Kalea, it's also a place that's easy to get to by public transport. With that said, though the main courses here are arguably second to none, the desserts are what make many people come back for more. Whether's it's their famous cheesecake or other Spanish treats, those with a sweet tooth will definitely enjoy eating here!
San Sebastian Restaurants You Have To Dine In
Source: La Viña


Andoni Luis Aduriz is a Michelin-starred chef whose take on Basque cuisine helped him rise to undeniable prominence. He's also one of the more adventurous culinary geniuses, opting to go avant-garde with his dishes rather than exemplifying traditional tastes. That's why so many people often go to his restaurant, Mugraitz, in San Sebastian. A whopping 20-course meal awaits those who can handle his crazy, often cooky, and definitely unique takes on Spanish, Basque, and Mediterranean cuisines. And with the place looking like a secluded and some farmhouse, eating here is one dining experience you will never forget here!
San Sebastian Restaurants You Have To Dine In
Source: Mugaritz Facebook Page


Head on over to Hotel Arbaso if you want to dine in Narru, one of the most luxurious restaurants in San Sebastian. Headed by chef Iñigo Peña, they serve subtle and sophisticated flavors to those lucky enough to afford lunch or dinner here. Where else will you be able to enjoy exceptionally rich dishes that will excite your palate and leave you wanting more? Tender tastes that are so heavenly, you almost can't believe it! And the fantastic view overlooking La Concha Bay isn't half bad either! It's safe to say you'll get bang for your buck here, no doubt about that!
San Sebastian Restaurants You Have To Dine In
Source: Hotel Arbaso Facebook Page


Located on Mount Igeldo, Rekondo offers up a feast for the eyes as it does a delectable Basque feast! As you gaze upon La Concha bay while you enjoy your dinner, you'll really get to taste the sea with the excellent seafood dishes on offer here. Fresh prawns that were caught in that same morning (or the day before) make for excellent savory flavors, be they in pasta or atop tapas. Scrumptious scallops recall the salty taste of the sea, reminding you of the complex Mediterranean flavors in the Basque Country. Don't that all make your mouth water?
San Sebastian Restaurants You Have To Dine In
Source: Rekondo Facebook Page


Located along San Martzial Kalea in downtown San Sebastian, you'll often find Zazpi quite busy, especially during the dinner rush. Why? Because with the help of the very contemporary culinary star, Paul Arrillaga, Spanish cuisine never tasted this current. New flavors emerge with every bite, making you question which tastes are traditional and which ones are new. Be it the seafood paella, the rich ravioli, or the hearty croquetas, you'll definitely get your fill here in Zazpi! It's no wonder why many people flock here when it's time for dinner.
San Sebastian Restaurants You Have To Dine In
Source: Zazpi

Even though San Sebastian is far from a food capital, it has its own fair share of excellent restaurants, bistro, pintxos bars, and more. And it helps that a good number of them are headed by some of Spain's most acclaimed culinary geniuses!

Retreating to your luxury home here in San Sebastian is the best way to enjoy (or endure) a food coma after dining in any of these amazing places!