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San Sebastian Luxury Homes with Great Seaside Views

January 18, 2022
San Sebastian is an exceptional coastal city, even though it's not as popular as many other summer hotspots out there. The seas here are calm, the city itself is extremely beautiful, and the sun shines like no other. If you're lucky enough to get a home here, make sure you get one that has an amazing seaside view. Imagine how great it'd be to see the sea the moment you wake up every morning. To feel the sea breezes and soak up the sunshine every single day. Sounds like paradise, doesn't it? Well, it's possible if you choose any of these amazing San Sebastian luxury rentals with seaside views.

San Sebastian Luxury Homes with Great Seaside Views

Beach House 2

Though it says 'Beach House 2,' this place is really more of a three-bedroom luxury apartment with great views of Zurriola Beach. Perched on the fifth floor of the building, this beautiful rental gives you a good glimpse of the sands and seas, especially when you're on the sun-filled terrace. Though you may have to lean in a bit to catch the full view, it's a picturesque view nonetheless. It also helps that the apartment itself is pretty spacious. You'll have enough legroom to stretch, rest, and relax here, perfect for a coastal home in San Sebastian.
San Sebastian Luxury Homes with Great Seaside Views

Beach House 3

Just like Beach House 2, Beach House 3 is more so a luxury San Sebastian apartment with a great view of the sea than an actual beach house by the shore. But don't make this turn you off to the property! Especially since it's located right by Zurriola Beach, one of the liveliest neighborhoods of San Sebastian. You can just open a window or head out onto the terrace to hear local life go on down below. Not to mention to enjoy that immaculate view of the sea as well. Sandwiched between two classic-style buildings, it's a charming scene that you can only get in Basque country!
San Sebastian Luxury Homes with Great Seaside Views

Jai Alai Beach 3

This two-bedroom Jai Alai Beach 3 luxury apartment is yet another high-rise property where you'll have to overlook classic-style buildings to enjoy your seaside view. The good thing here is that the apartment building itself is nearer to the sea. You can practically hear the ocean waves and smell the salty sea breezes from up here. Especially if you go out to the sunny terrace. You can enjoy a good cup of coffee as you soak up some sunshine and smell the sea. Sounds pretty idyllic, doesn't it? Not even the hustle and bustles of the people on the streets down below would disturb you!
San Sebastian Luxury Homes with Great Seaside Views

Playa de La Concha

As far as luxury San Sebastian rentals go, our Playa de La Concha properties are some of the best. We actually have a few in store for you, each of them offering a great view of the sea and, of course, the city too! Take this Playa de La Concha 4 apartment, for instance. There's a certain opulence to it with its massive space, molding on the wall, and luscious velvet furniture but you can easily overlook all of that when you can see the calm seas on the horizon. Facing Bahia de La Concha head-on, you'll never want to pull down the blinds on the windows!
San Sebastian Luxury Homes with Great Seaside Views

Santa Klara

Speaking of the heights of luxury living in San Sebastian, this gorgeous three-bedroom Santa Klara apartment certainly takes the cake. Haute living at its finest, the seaside view almost feels secondary to the whole place. From the wide and spacious living room to the comfortable bedrooms on its second floor, you can't help but feel rich when you stay here. Of course, the views of Ondarreta and La Concha beaches are also pretty stellar too. Especially in the living room area since practically most of its walls are made up of windows you can peek through. Talk about a seaside view, right?
San Sebastian Luxury Homes with Great Seaside Views


Located in the traditional fishing port of San Sebastian, Txintxorro is in a place that's easily accessible via public transport. You can easily get to the nearby Zurriola and La Concha beaches, as well as the 'Old Town' district, from here. And the home is so close to the sea, you can practically think of it as the port itself. Just poke out through the window and you'll instantly see the waves, smell the sea breezes, and soak up as much sunshine as you can. It helps that the decor of the apartment has a pretty aquatic feel to it too. The teal-toned color scheme and the rustic vibe will make you feel closer to the sea than you realize!
San Sebastian Luxury Homes with Great Seaside Views

Villa Baena

Compared to the previously-mentioned 'beach houses,' this astounding Villa Baena certainly deserves that title more than the other properties on this list. Although it's yet another two-story unit in an apartment building, the place is so close to the sea, you can practically taste it. In fact, if you go out on the wide terrace, the space almost looks like it's the deck of a ship overlooking the ocean. And even if you stay inside, the wide windows will still give you a glimpse of what your coastal life will be like in San Sebastian if you ever choose to relocate here!
San Sebastian Luxury Homes with Great Seaside Views

Zurriola Loft

Finally, there's Zurriola Loft. Just as its name says, this place is a spacious loft apartment that looks directly at Zurriola Beach, one of the finest shorelines in all of San Sebastian. With two double bedrooms and a wide living room area, you won't know which you like best about it: the ample legroom or the seaside view. Both, of course, are amazing in their own right. The well-crafted windows in the living room make it seem like the sea is part of a movie you're watching in HD. But in fact, once you peek through it outside, you can bask in the city's hot Mediterranean glow in all its glory!
San Sebastian Luxury Homes with Great Seaside Views

San Sebastian is one of Spain's most beautiful coastal cities. And because of that, the finest homes one could have here are those that have a great view of the sea. They're really the only ones that can help you live your best life here too!

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