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Important Tips to Follow When Traveling to Koh Samui

December 31, 2021
Koh Samui is one of Thailand's top resort islands, not just in the country, but practically in the entire region. The beaches here are magical, the nature is magnificent, and the weather? As sunny as planet Venus herself. It's no surprise that this particular spot remains popular for world travelers all over. But make no mistake, coming and staying here isn't as easy as you might think. You can enjoy your trip here to the fullest, sure, but that's only if you do it wisely. In order to accomplish that, you'll need to follow these top tips on traveling to Koh Samui.

Important Tips to Follow When Traveling to Koh Samui

Get Ready to Handle The Heat

This is probably a no-brainer but it honestly can't be stressed enough. Thailand isn't just a warm place you can escape to when it's too cold on your own side of the world. It's a pretty hot country! And ruing the peak of summer, it can get excruciatingly hot here. So much so that you might even end up preferring to stay inside an air-conditioned room than to go to the paradisical beaches you wanted to see here. Before setting off to go to Koh Samui, make sure to research what the weather and temperature would be like during your stay here. Pack as many sunscreen lotions just to be safe too!

Rent a Ride

As far as public transport goes, Koh Samui doesn't lack anything. There are taxis, songthaews, motorcycles, and you can even book a ride via a transportation app too. But while these are all well and good, you might want to rent a vehicle for your stay here instead. It's actually pretty common in Koh Samui and it might just be the wisest decision you make for your trip here. At least, with your own rented vehicle, you get to travel all around the island at your own pace and time. Renting a motorcycle is also better if it's only you or if you're with another person.

Important Tips to Follow When Traveling to Koh Samui

Learn a Bit of Thai

Though it's not necessarily needed, you'd do well to learn a bit of Thai before going to Koh Samui. Even though the island's international community is growing, Thai remains the dominant language here. Koh Samui is far from Bangkok, the capital city and the business hub of Thailand, wherein speaking English is becoming more and more common. The island remains a rural part of the country and most people who live here only know how to speak Thai. To make it easier for you, learning the basics of the language will help you communicate with the locals better. If you can't do it before your trip, there are a few language schools that can help you out here too!

Convert Your Money to Baht

This is another one of those that probably goes without saying but needs to be mentioned again anyways. Your US Dollars, Euros, Pound Sterlings, Pesos, and more won't do you any good here in Koh Samui. Or any in another place in Thailand for that matter. When you get here (or if you can do it before you get here, it's even better!), the first thing you ought to do is to convert your money to Thai baht. If you're coming from Bangkok, it's better since there are a ton of places here that exchange currencies here. But in Koh Samui, though there are a ton of ATM machines on the island, currency exchanges are far and few in between.

Important Tips to Follow When Traveling to Koh Samui

Know Where The Convenience Stores Are

Speaking of ATM machines, most of what you'll find in Koh Samui is usually located in convenience stores. When you find one, especially if it's near your accommodations here, do your best to memorize how to get there. Convenience stores are far more useful than you think. Even beyond their ATM machines, they also offer food and other supplies that you might suddenly need for your trip. Not to mention provide shade if the rain catches up to you too. It's better if there's one close to your place on the island since you can pop in and out without a moment's notice.

Pack Some Light Layers

This tip is important during both day and night. As already mentioned, Koh Samui can get so hot and sunny that it may even overwhelm you and affect your health. Not the least of which, harm your skin. Wearing light layers keeps your skin safe(far better than any sunscreen) under the bright Southeast Asian tropical sun. In this regard, caftans and coverups will do. Meanwhile, at night, it can also get pretty cold here. A thin jacket or even a loose sweater is enough to keep you warm against the evening breezes.

Important Tips to Follow When Traveling to Koh Samui

Shop at The Night Markets

Koh Samui may have its fair share of incredible foodie hotspots but many of them cost a lot of money. Most especially the really good ones. So what if you can't afford to eat in any of them? What do you do? Go to the night markets instead! If you're sticking to a strict budget but you still want to have your own foodie adventure of Koh Samui, then shopping at the city's night markets is the way to go. Not only are the food stalls here way more affordable than any elite restaurant, but more often than not, they also serve the truly authentic local delicacies of the island.

Rest When You Can

Koh Samui is actually one of Thailand's notorious party cities. Having a good time here is the name of the game. But, of course, if you spend the entire day exploring and gallivanting all over the island, you'll probably be too tired to join in on the after-hours fun. So to ensure that you don't miss out on anything in Koh Samui, make sure to rest and take breaks every now and then. If you can spare a day or two devoted to just resting and sleeping in, that's even better! This way, you'll be ready to let loose and go wild when the parties start!

Important Tips to Follow When Traveling to Koh Samui

Planning to go to Koh Samui? Know that traveling here isn't a walk in a park! Sure, the resort island is one of the best destinations Thailand has to offer, but you'll need to follow a few tips to ensure nothing goes wrong here!

Though not exactly a tip, getting a luxury home here in Koh Samui will make your trip a whole lot better!

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