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The Top Places to Eat in Koh Samui

December 02, 2021
Apart from the island's magnificent beaches and other natural wonders, Koh Samui is all about the food. In fact, many might even argue that the place has the potential to be considered a 'food capital' if not for its stunning coasts always stealing the spotlight. More than just the delicious Thai food that this island offers, Koh Samui is also home to a ton of great places to eat. There are those that serve the finest traditional cuisine in this side of Thailand. There are some that offer delicious twists on foreign cuisines. And there are those that provide a great view with their great food.

The Top Places to Eat in Koh Samui

Dining on the Rocks

The Six Senses Samui resort is among the finest and more popular in Koh Samui. Many people go to the island just to stay and luxuriate here. But the resort's fame doesn't just come from its first-class amenities and excellent service. Its in-house restaurant, Dining on the Rocks, is also among the best hotspots in Koh Samui. Just as its name says, you get to dine on terraced decks right above the beautiful rock formations by the sea, giving you an astounding view that you won't find anywhere else. As for the food, the place serves up haute Asian cuisine at its finest. What's not to love?
The Top Places to Eat in Koh Samui
Source: Six Senses Samui

The Tent

Want another oceanside foodie hotspot to really make you feel like you're enjoying your best life in Koh Samui? Then look no further than The Tent Restaurant and Bar. Operating as the in-house restaurant of the Sala Samui Chaweng Beach resort, the 'tent' itself is beside one of the island's most beautiful coasts, Chaweng Beach. As you indulge in the most delicious Thai food they serve, you can smell the salt of the ocean, breathe in the sea breeze, and back in Koh Samui's tropical glory. The best time to go here, however, is on Tuesday night when it's 'Thai night,' a celebration of the country's culture complete with traditional music, folk dances, and an entire buffet of Thai food.
The Top Places to Eat in Koh Samui
Source: The Tent Beachfront Restaurant & Bar Facebook Page

Kob Thai

Now, if you truly want to enjoy Koh Samui's own local cuisine, look no further than Kob Thai restaurant. Located right beside Lamai beach, this is yet another coastal hotspot you ought to not miss. The look of the place alone exhibits siam culture at its finest, with rustic pavilions, luscious Southeast Asian horticulture, and more. The food, of course, remains the star of the show. From the spiciest delicacies and savory main courses to the sweetest desserts, your taste buds are in for a treat here. Not to mention your wallet! For all of Kob Thai's prominence, this place is actually one of the most affordable on this list.
The Top Places to Eat in Koh Samui
Source: Kob Thai Restaurant Facebook Page

Café 69

Craving for more unique flavors to try in Koh Samui? Then you'll have to check out Café 69 on Samui Ring Road. The area is pretty famous so it'll be easy to get to via public transport. Located right at the heart of the island's famous Bophut fishing village, you can probably already tell what sort of culinary goodness awaits you here. Seafood, right? Correct, but not just that! Whether it's seafood or meat, what's so exciting about Café 69 is that it's not afraid to blend different flavors with each other. Two of their main bestsellers—the white snapper with mango and the smoked duck curry with lychee and grape—both have the right mix of sweet and savory.
The Top Places to Eat in Koh Samui
Source: Café 69 Facebook Page

Green Bird

What defines Thai cuisine? The seafood? Sure. The meats? Probably. The seasoning? Bingo! Spices are what make Thai food such a force to be reckoned with in the culinary world. So much so that many would even do away with the fish and meats and just focus on herbs and vegetables instead. Take Green Bird, for instance, a foodie hotspot near Chaweng Beach. The place is arguably the most popular vegan spot in all of Koh Samui with its meatless menu of flavorful soups, tantalizing curries, fresh spring rolls, and the like. But the best part of all? More than just delicious, the food here is totally healthy too!
The Top Places to Eat in Koh Samui
Source: Green Bird Facebook Page

The Boudoir

Because of Koh Samui's—as well as other places in Thailand for that matter!–notorious nightlife scene, it's easy to have a misconception of the kind of establishment 'The Boudoir' is. But don't worry! Despite its name, this place really is one of the top must-try restaurants on the island. You can probably already tell from its name that they serve French cuisine here, complete with a selection of French cheese, foie gras, escargots, and more. But before you pass this off as another knock-off menu that's far from the caliber of actual restaurants in France, remember that apart from certain delicacies, many of the ingredients they use here come from Thailand. You can expect to taste a Southeast Asian spin to these famous European staples.
The Top Places to Eat in Koh Samui
Source: The Boudoir Koh Samui Facebook Page

Red Snapper

Stil up for some European food in Koh Samui? Or more specifically, a Mediterranean cuisine? Then the Chaweng Regent Beach Resort's Red Snapper is your best bet. This place serves some of the most delicious dishes to come out of the Southern European region, ranging from the richest meaty dishes, light seafood, and other delectable delicacies. Red wine-drenched roasted duck breast and roasted snow fish fillet in chorizo oil are just some of the main course options you can choose here. Not to mention a charcuterie board cheeses and meats to pair with their fine selection of wine.
The Top Places to Eat in Koh Samui
Source: Red Snapper Restaurant & Bar Facebook Page

Tree Tops Sky Dining & Bar

Finally, there's the Tree Tops Sky Dining & Bar! Just as its name says, this is a foodie hotspot housed in a massive treehouse in Anantara Lawana, the northern part of Chaweng. With lots of sea breezes, luscious greeneries, and a stunning view of the ocean, you can probably already tell that going here with your significant other will be your best romantic date in Koh Samui. Even more so when you taste their rich menu of foreign and local cuisines. Think juicy prawns that are seasoned just right, you'll barely need any sides to truly appreciate their flavor. Or a pan-seared duck breast for a heartier dinner option.
The Top Places to Eat in Koh Samui
Source: Tree Tops Restaurant

Although it's far from what many would consider as a 'food capital,' Koh Samui doesn't fail to offer many great places to eat. From traditional Thai cuisine to foreign food with a unique Southeast Asian spin, a foodie trip on this island would be very exciting!

If you're able to cook well on your own, you can even consider your luxury home as another great Koh Samui foodie hotspot!

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