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The Best Hotspots in London to Have Your Christmas Dinner

December 08, 2021
The main reason why London is referred to as a 'food capital' is that it's home to a ton of excellent restaurants, exciting pubs, delicious diners, and more. When you're craving traditional food, foreign cuisine, or even local street snacks, all you have to do is go outside and do some exploring. But what about when it's Christmastime? If you're not up to preparing your holiday feast yourself this year, surely London has a few hotspots that can do, right? Most especially these notable places that are well-known in the city.

The Best Hotspots in London to Have Your Christmas Dinner

Bob Bob Ricard

What defines a luxurious meal? Caviar, truffles, and champagne! And they're all what Bob Bob Ricard serves best! Nestled in the trendy SoHo district in London, this chic bistro is one of the very few that actually stays open all 365 days of the year. Yes, that includes Christmas Day too! But it isn't just the fact that it's open on the holiday that this place makes for a great place for your holiday feast. They also serve some of the most high-class and lavishly sumptuous dishes, all painted with a sparkling glass of champagne! Just how upscale Bob Bob Ricard really is? The minimum price you'll spend here on Christmas day is a whopping £100.00 per person
The Best Hotspots in London to Have Your Christmas Dinner
Source: Bob Bob Ricard

Davies and Brook

In London's famous Claridge's Hotel, their in-house restaurant, Davies and Brook, is another great option for your Christmas dinner. Firstly, you can already tell with its iconic location that this place is fancy with a capital F. Secondly, they annually serve a special six-course meal just for this famous holiday. Made up of European dishes, it's the type of sophisticated feast that you can expect in the British capital. Think foie gras brûlee, beef fillet, roast turkey, and of course, some bubbling champagne to help you down them all. Paired with the beautiful ambiance of the world-famous hotel, you couldn't have picked a better spot than this!
The Best Hotspots in London to Have Your Christmas Dinner
Source: Claridge's UK

Duck & Waffle

Judging by its name, you'd think Duck & Waffle was an American-style diner that only serves comfort food at affordable prices. But that couldn't be farther from the truth! This delectable London foodie hotspot is actually one of the highest restaurants in the city. Just how high is it? Well, it's located on the 40th floor of Heron Tower, one of London's tallest and most famous commercial skyscrapers. So you won't just get a Christmas feast of delicious roasts here, but you'll also get a feast for the eyes—a sight of London lit up for the holiday season. What's not to love?
The Best Hotspots in London to Have Your Christmas Dinner
Source: Duck & Waffle Facebook Page

Riding House Café

In London's scenic yet bustling Fitzrovia district, the Riding House Café stands as a chill brasserie that's all about comfort than anything else. Even when it gets crowded and busy here during peak hours, their food will instantly put you at ease with the first spoonful. A traditional hearty option for Christmas dinner would be a roast turkey with apple and raising stuffing—a sweet and savory dish that'll have you feeling better with every bite. A plate of sweet potato Wellington would be a good alternative if you're vegan or you're simply on a diet. And for dessert? Some rich sticky toffee pudding! They all sound incredible, don't they?
The Best Hotspots in London to Have Your Christmas Dinner
Source: The Riding House Café Facebook Page

The Flask

Don't let its humble English countryside look fool you! The Flask is actually one of the most renowned and oldest pubs in all of London. It's an institution of a foodie hotspot, one that many food and drink connoisseurs will recommend you, especially for your holiday feast. And while it may look affordable from the outside, their Christmas menu actually costs around £90.00 per person. With the likes of smoked-salmon mousse and chicken-liver parfait with fig and onion chutney on offer, all while you get to warm up in the pub's grand old fireplace, it's only natural that the costs here are rather high.
The Best Hotspots in London to Have Your Christmas Dinner
Source: The Flask Highgate

The Grill at The Dorchester

Having your Christmas dinner at The Grill at The Dorchester is a high-class culinary experience you will never forget. Firstly, the hotspot offers a special five-course meal just for the holiday, complete with foreign dishes, staple British delicacies, and a selection of fine wine to pair them all with. Secondly, apart from the restaurant's sophisticated ambiance, live music will also accompany your holiday feast, completing the elegant atmosphere that you went here for. At times, they'll even invite an entire choir to sing Christmas carols for your enjoyment. Talk about fancy!
The Best Hotspots in London to Have Your Christmas Dinner
Source: The Dorchester Collection

The Windmill

Finally, there's The Windmill, a boutique hotel with its own in-house pub located at the edge of Clapham Common in the Mayfair district. Calm and cozy, it helps that the hotspot itself isn't as famous as all the others on this list. You have a better chance of enjoying a peaceful Christmas dinner here than anywhere else and in a crowded city like London, that alone is already noteworthy. As for what they serve, prepare your stomachs for a feast filled with roasted turkey, honey-glazed gammon, duck breast, pigs in a blanket, and some Christmas pudding for dessert. You can't get more traditional than that!
The Best Hotspots in London to Have Your Christmas Dinner
Source: Windmill Mayfair Facebook Page

Since you can finally go out now, you probably want to eat out for your Christmas dinner this year, don't you? Fortunately, these London hotspots aren't just appropriate for the occasion, but they'll also be open by the time the holidays come in full swing!

Still, as delicious as these foodie hotspots are, there's no replacing preparing a homecooked meal in your luxury home for Christmas!



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