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Top Tips for Traveling to Hydra

November 16, 2021
You probably think it's easy to travel to Hydra. Since it's close to Athens, you can easily head on over to the Greek capital if something happens to you on the island, right? Well, not exactly. At least, despite how close Hydra is to Athens, it's still not that easy to travel to this specific destination. Hydra is definitely not Athens nor is it any similar to any of the other Greek Islands. You have to be smart when planning your trip here. So to help you out, you ought to follow these travel tips!

Top Tips for Traveling to Hydra

Pack Properly

To say that Hydra is different from all the other Greek Islands is an understatement. Traveling to this island is a whole other ball game compared to going to the likes of Santorini, Mykonos, and more. There are a lot of things you'll need to pack to ensure that you get as comfortable and as enjoyable a time here as possible. They include light-layered clothing, comfortable shoes, a power bank, and more. For instance, if you think Hydra doesn't get cold, especially at night, you're sadly mistaken. Don't think that tank tops, shorts, and breezy dresses are enough for your wardrobe here. Nights in Hydra can get pretty chilly so pack some light layers to stay cozy here.

Bring Carry-Ons Instead of Suitcases

Speaking of packing, you're better off bringing along carry-ons such as backpacks and tote bags on your trip to Hydra. This isn't the sort of island where you'll show off your premium suitcases from luxury brands. You'll want to bring along as light a luggage as possible. Why? Because of public transport in Hydra. Or rather, the relative lack of it. If you didn't know it yet, wheeled vehicles are not allowed on the island, hence, you're the only way to get around here is to ride a mule or take a sea taxi. Now, how do you think it will end up if you brought hard-shell luggage and the like here?

Top Tips for Traveling to Hydra

Wear Comfortable Shoes

As previously mentioned, part of what you need to pack for your trip to Hydra is a pair of comfortable shoes. Be they sandals or ballet flats, espadrilles or sneakers, as long as your feet are comfy, you're good to go. Also previously mentioned is the fact that there are no wheeled vehicles in Hydra, which means apart from riding a mule, traveling on land here means you'll have to walk. You'll likely walk for miles on end and you'll need to wear a pair that you're sure won't give you blisters, bruises, and all other sorts of wounds. Additionally, most of the beaches in Hydra are pebbly so bring a pair of aqua shoes for swimming too!

Exercise Every Morning

Your feet aren't the only ones you need to prepare for a busy day of walking ahead! Since you'll likely spend most of your days in Hydra on foot, it pays to exercise every morning. Doing so won't just keep your body in shape, but it also prepares it for this physically taxing trip. Stretching is doubly important! If you don't, you risk getting a cramp or two while you explore around the island. Also, keeping fit will help you enjoy the sporty activities you plan to do in Hydra such as swimming, hiking, windsurfing, and the like.

Top Tips for Traveling to Hydra

Put on Sunscreen

Here in Hydra—and on any other Greek island for that matter—you'll likely spend most of your day outdoors. Whether you're out and about in town or you're spending a day at the beach, you'll be exposed to the hot Mediterranean sun for the most part. And you know what that means, right? Sunscreen! Even if you're not going to the beach, you'll need to put on sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV rays. Not to mention lessen the risk of a band sunburn too! Slathering on a coat or two will make all the difference.

Don't Forget Your Credit Cards

This is probably surprised you, didn't it? Who'd ever thought that a rural Greek island like Hydra would have places that take credit cards? But that is the reality here on this island. Hydra has many hotspots that accept credit cards. A good many, in fact! So you'd do well to bring them along just in case. Moreover, when you get to the island, it pays to memorize where the ATM machines are, especially ones connected to your bank. You never know when you might need some cash even though they accept credit cards here. More often than not, they're usually located along the busy harbors and port areas.

Top Tips for Traveling to Hydra

If you think traveling to Hydra is easy peasy, think again! Though you'll still likely have a great time here, it won't hurt to prepare properly for your trip! Learn these tips and follow them to ensure that you have the best time in Hydra!

One last important travel tip when you travel to Hydra is to get a luxury home as your accommodation here. Trust that this will make a huge difference to how you'd enjoy your stay on the island.

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