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What You Need To Pack For Your Trip to Hydra

November 11, 2021
It's not a stretch to say that Hydra isn't anything like other destinations in Greece. Even when it's near the capital city, Athens, as well as its other fellow Greek Islands, traveling to Hydra is a completely different experience. So much so that you'll have to prepare and plan wisely to ensure you have a good time here. Preparing for your trips to destinations like Santorini and Mykonos is far from how you should prepare for your trip to Hydra, especially when it comes to what you pack. Here's what you need to bring when you go to this beautiful Greek island.

What You Need To Pack For Your Trip to Hydra

Easy-To-Carry Luggage

Packing for a trip to Hydra starts with the kind of luggage you bring. While you probably want to bring premium suitcases from the most luxurious brands around, it's better to focus on how light and easy to carry they are. Remember that Hydra isn't as cosmopolitan as Mykonos and Santorini. You don't have to show off high-class luggage here. On the contrary, it's better to bring backpacks and knapsacks than suitcases. Why? Because you won't find cars, taxis, and buses in Hydra. The best you can find to travel on land is a mule and you wouldn't want them to suffer carrying you and your hard and heavy suitcases, would you?
What You Need To Pack For Your Trip to Hydra

Comfortable Footwear

As already mentioned, public transport in Hydra is virtually non-existent. There are no cars, taxis, buses, nor even mopeds and motorcycles to rent here. Wheeled vehicles are actually banned in Hydra so if you want to visit other towns, you'll either have to ride a sea taxi or walk. Now, if you go for the latter, this means you'll need comfortable footwear. Think open-toed sandals, flip-flops, espadrilles, ballet flats, sneakers, and the like. You'll have no need for heels and leather shoes on this island. The more comfortable your footwear, the better it is for you to walk around and explore Hydra.
What You Need To Pack For Your Trip to Hydra

Light Layers

Don't think that just because Hydra is located in the Mediterranean that it doesn't get cold here. Granted, the days are normally sunny and warm, come nightfall, it tends to get cooler than what you might expect. Especially during winter, when the average temperature is around 13°C (56°F). When it comes to what clothes to bring, apart from the summer staples, bring a few extra layers too. A light cardigan, a soft cardigan, even a thin sweater will do. Don't forget the chic caftans and ponchos too! Any of these will work fine as long as you don't freeze to death at night.
What You Need To Pack For Your Trip to Hydra

An Umbrella

Although the weather in Hydra tends to be sunny most of the time, as already mentioned, it still sees some rainfall every now and then. It's not too often but it does get its occasional showers nonetheless. This is why you ought to pack an umbrella for your trip to Hydra too. More than just protecting you from the rain, if you go to the island at the peak of summer, you might risk getting heatstroke. You'll need as much shade as you can get and an umbrella is often the easiest answer to that!
What You Need To Pack For Your Trip to Hydra

Power Bank

Just like in other Greek Islands, you'll likely spend most of your time outdoors in Hydra. Whether you go to the beautiful beaches or you want to explore its many towns, the amount of time you'll spend gallivanting about outside to that of when you're in your hotel room or vacation rental would be disproportionate. This is why you'll want to pack a power bank too! Sometimes, charging your devices overnight isn't enough. It's better to have a mobile charger like a power bank to ensure that the battery of your phone, camera, and other devices will last you the entire day.
What You Need To Pack For Your Trip to Hydra


Finally, don't forget your tumblers! Since Hydra is a sunny island where you'll likely spend most of your time outdoors, you'll need a water-filled tumbler to keep yourself hydrated all throughout. Of course, you can always buy bottled water instead but you never know if there will be some nearby. What if you venture off to some of the more remote areas of the island and your dying of thirst? You probably won't find a water bottle vendor anytime soon. At least, with tumbler, not only will you ensure that you have water ready, but the water inside can even stay cool throughout the day!
What You Need To Pack For Your Trip to Hydra

Sufficient to say, compared to other Greek islands, traveling to Hydra is a whole ball game. You need to be very particular with what you pack on your trip here. From your clothes to other necessities, what you bring with you will make all the difference.

Here's to hoping you get to stay in a luxury home here as well!

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