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Our Most Scenic Kefalonia Luxury Homes

October 06, 2021
From its beautiful beaches to its most charming towns, Kefalonia has a lot to offer to the luxury traveler. With so much to see and do here, it makes one wonder why this place isn't among the most popular islands in Greece. Although there's no such thing as 'heaven on Earth,' many hotspots in Kefalonia definitely come close. Most especially the luxury homes that provide a scenic view unlike any other. We here at All Luxury Apartments can connect you to these sorts of properties that you've probably only seen on social media and travel magazines. With our help, you can call these scenic luxury rentals in Kefalonia your home!

Our Most Scenic Kefalonia Luxury Homes

Villas Armonia

First up is this four-bedroom 250-square meter Villas Armonia. Located in Argostoli, the island's capital as well as one of its central towns, the views from here are indescribable! As you lounge about on the terrace deck or swim by the edge of the infinity pool, you can marvel at the stunning Ionian Sea to your heart's content. The patio area, complete with well-cushioned seating, makes for a great place to watch the sunset and eat dinner full of local Kefalonian delicacies. As for the place itself, it reeks of traditional Greek charm, ranging from the rustic wooden furniture down to the beaded curtain that leads to the kitchen.
Our Most Scenic Kefalonia Luxury Homes

Villas Melodia

Villas Melodia, on the other hand, presents a more modern yet utterly homely option in Kefalonia. This massive 215-square meter villa complete with three bedrooms and three bathrooms is as spacious as it can get. You can tell with its side and back years, wide living room with ample walking space, and the many dining areas that this is a home that's for the entire family. Wouldn't it be fun to exchange stories by the enclosed patio area—which has an amazing view of the coast, by the way!—with your family and friends? Or if you're feeling festive, sing songs while playing the piano too!
Our Most Scenic Kefalonia Luxury Homes

Armonia + Melodia

Speaking of fun for everyone, why not get a two-in-one deal for your trip to Kefalonia. With the help of All Luxury Apartments, you can book both of these stunning luxury homes on the island. With a combined seven rooms in total, the Armonia + Melodia rental can host up to 14 guests, perfect for big families or large groups of friends. With such an awesome deal, you can enjoy the scenic view twice as much! Not to mention two terrace areas that are perfect for watching the sunset along one of the island's most beautiful coasts, two luxurious pools for your leisure, and more!
Our Most Scenic Kefalonia Luxury Homes

Apart from exploring the island, one of the best ways to spend quality time in Kefalonia is to relax and enjoy the scenery. And if you get any of these excellent luxury homes, that'll be a whole lot easier to do!