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What To Expect in La Fête au Bois de Boulogne

September 04, 2021
Every year, at the western edge of Paris, La Fête au Bois de Boulogne offers the last bit of excitement before autumn officially starts. Set in the beautiful Bois de Boulogne, the Parisian park transforms into a colorful carnival. Rides that light up and make passengers shriek with delights. Games that offer cool prizes that just beg you to win them. And a whole lot of other exciting events worth joining. If you're already in Paris now, La Fête au Bois de Boulogne is just around the corner. So if you want to partake in all the fun, here's what to expect.

What To Expect in La Fête au Bois de Boulogne

A Ton of Carnival Rides

Clearly, the main highlight of La Fête au Bois de Boulogne will be the carnival rides. You can already see them even from a mile away. Possibly even a whole arrondissement away. Thanks to this fair, the often serious and high-brow 16th arrondissement lights up with rainbow colors and twinkling lights. The pièce de résistance is the ever-so-enchanting flying carousel, swinging its lucky passengers to a whirlwind of fun. There's also the ship-shaped pendulum ride, the myriad of roller coasters, the high Ferris Wheel, and more! Make sure to pace yourself while riding each one so you won't get too dizzy at the end of the day!

Watch Out for Your Favorite Cartoon Characters

Although La Fête au Bois de Boulogne is far from Disneyland Paris, you might find that some of the characters from the latter might appear in the former. But they're not the only ones. From beloved Disney characters to favorite Nickelodeon mascots, costumed performers brighten up Bois de Boulogne even more during the fair. Although whether the fair can legally make them appear without facing copyright issues remains to be seen, they've become a beloved mainstay for the kids. Take pictures with the characters, allow the little ones to embrace them, and see them dance for a laugh! It'll make your time here even more enjoyable!

What To Expect in La Fête au Bois de Boulogne

Go For A Concert

While the cartoon characters are more for the kids, the various concerts held at the fair are for the adults! Local artists and bands take to the stage while the many festivities of La Fête au Bois de Boulogne are in full swing. Don't, however, expect big-named artists to appear here! This stage is more reserved for up-and-coming artists as one of their many gigs. At times, they might even just be random singers performing hit songs and chart-topping singles of other more established artists. This is for you to simply have fun and dance around while the craziness of the fair has you feeling the hype!

Get Your Fix of Candy

Speaking of the hype, if you're not careful, a sugar rush might just get you feeling more hyper than usual! But then again, isn't that part of the fun when it comes to La Fête au Bois de Boulogne? This fair is all about getting you excited and packing in the adrenaline rush! Who's to say that a sugar rush can't be part of it? The many food stalls here all offer sugar, sweets, desserts, and other delicious finds you can get your hands on. They might not be as high class as macarons or a St. Honore cake, but who'd want to eat at a place like this? You'll be more into cotton candy, chocolates, and the like!

What To Expect in La Fête au Bois de Boulogne

See A Wrestling Match

You probably didn't expect a wrestling match when you planned to go to La Fête au Bois de Boulogne, did you? Although the fair seems like it's for kids, it's actually for the entire family. So more adult-like forms of entertainment like wrestling are part of the fair. And the fighters put out all the stops! They assume various characters and even make up their own narratives to make the matches more interesting. And while this isn't exactly WWE, their fights are just as entertaining nonetheless! You'll definitely feel the hype from the sidelines!

Watch a Shakesperian Play

At the Bois de Boulogne, the Shakespearian Garden, 'Jardin Shakespeare,' serves as the stage for a variety of performances of the historic English writer's many plays. And while it's not an official part of La Fête au Bois de Boulogne, since the Festival du Théâtre de verdure du Jardin Shakespeare often spills over the time of the fair, it becomes just as major of a highlight. For those of you who are more into this type of entertainment, you can always escape to the quieter Shakespearean Garden and watch thespians play out Shakespeare's most famous works.

Tips To Follow

Now, for some tips! Since La Fête au Bois de Boulogne is a month-long event, you should go here when there aren't a lot of people. Most of the time, the first few weekends often see the biggest number of crowds. This September 2021, the fair will start on September 3, 2021, and last until October 17, 2021. You'd do well in choosing to go here around the latter than early September. Also, if you're coming with kids, make sure you keep an eye on them at all times. La Fête au Bois de Boulogne can get pretty crowded at times and it's easy for the little ones to get lost if you're not careful!

What To Expect in La Fête au Bois de Boulogne

This September, one of the many highlights in Paris is definitely La Fête au Bois de Boulogne! This funfair of carnival rides, games, and more light up Paris in a totally different yet equally exciting way. You won't want to miss what's in store for you here!

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