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Where To Get Coffee in SoHo, New York

August 08, 2021
When it comes to café society in New York, SoHo in Manhattan is the ultimate district for it. It has the vibe, the energy, and the right atmosphere where drinking coffee is a lifestyle. To take a break from the hassles of the city and sip a freshly-brewed cup. To eat delicious pastries and other treats as you warm up with an Americano. And, of course, to hang out with friends as you exchange stories in between sips. Arguably, SoHo is the most central area for café society and it has a collection of coffee shops worth checking out. These are a few of the best of the best.

Where To Get Coffee in SoHo, New York

Everyman Espresso

Ask any New Yorker, even outside of SoHo, about Everyman Espresso and many will likely only have good things to say about it. After all, it's one of the most popular coffee shops in all of New York. And that's saying something! The 'Big Apple' has millions of coffee shops in all five boroughs, for Everyman Espresso to amass such awareness is noteworthy on its own. It is, however, not surprising, considering that this place offers classic espresso at its purest. While other cafés add their own twists to coffee that many might deem unnecessary, Everyman Espresso has become a trustworthy place for a nice, old-fashioned cup of joe!

Summers SoHo

If you're looking for that hipster-esque SoHo coffee shop in New York City, look no further than Summers SoHo. Although the 'Summers' brand started in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2013, their newer shop at SoHo, which opened in 2015, has become just as popular. Here, you get the classics such as Americano, cappuccino, mocha, and more. But it's the fruit smoothies, the matcha green teas, and the iced coffees that have the younger crowd flocking here. If not for its compact space, this would have been a great place to hang out or even work in New York.

Where To Get Coffee in SoHo, New York

La Colombe Coffee Roasters

With beans that come all the way from Haiti, Rwanda, and, of course, Colombia, it's no wonder the La Colombe Coffee Roasters shop at SoHo became very popular. It's not just that the flavors are exotic, but the way they're brewed and the low acidity in each cup make them taste even better. It's as if you know that every sip you take here, you won't get to in other coffee shops in the city. And in a city as huge as New York, this sort of thing makes your going here even more worthwhile.

About Coffee

SoHo's About Coffee is a nice, warm, and cozy café. Think charming wooden seating at the front, sort of like a terrace area even though it doesn't have an official one. While all of these may not sound noteworthy, in a city as hectic as the 'Big Apple,' a relaxing haven such as this is a must. It helps that the coffees, teas, and pastries in About Coffee all have a gentle flavor to them, as if they were made with care. Doesn't that all sound so nice and pleasant? It's as if you're not in the busiest city in the world!

Where To Get Coffee in SoHo, New York


Speaking of pastries, it's no secret that the best ones come from France, right? Come to think of it, the way France does café society is excellent—a true testament to how they treasure coffee. Perhaps it's this reason why Maman attracts more and more customers each day! Serving up both French and American-style coffee and pastries, it has all the culinary excellence of the former with the energy and liveliness of the latter. Only here will you get to dip an authentic-tasting croissant or pain au chocolat into your morning cappuccino in SoHo.

Café Bari

Finally, there's Café Bari! Now, why is Café Bari the last on this list? Because as delicious as their coffee is, what has made them so famous is their hot chocolate. It's not farfetched to say that Café Bari serves up the best hot cocoa in the city. Weirdly enough, in a New York area that's known for trends and locals who prefer to slim down with salads than drink hot chocolate, the sweet drinks here are second to none. that's why, every holiday season, you'll find that Café Bari is always packed. Even when it's snowing heavily outside!

Where To Get Coffee in SoHo, New York

In SoHo, New York, one of the trendiest areas, not just in the city or in the US, but in the world, there are coffee shops that you just have to check out. They offer the best in the best in terms of caffeine, ranging from sweet and iced to rich and organic!

What these amazing SoHo coffee shops in New York offer are good coffee and delicious treats that you'll want to bring back to your luxury home and indulge in some more!