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The Finest French Swimsuit Brands

July 03, 2021
Summer in France is definitely one of the sexiest and chicest out there. There are many fashionable destinations, from Cannes to Saint Tropez, as well as the uber-stylish elites who vacation there. So when you're in any of these amazing places, you'll find that even when swimming at the beach, it looks like a spread in a fashion magazine. Such is the glamour of French swimsuit brands. In the home of haute couture, even swimsuits can make you look like a million bucks. And here are a few notable labels worth your investment!

The Finest French Swimsuit Brands


In a 'back to basics' sort of way, Eres, the oldest swimsuit brand on this list, banks on the bare essentials. Over the years, it has uplifted a simple yet sexy style, doing away with complicated cuts, loud prints, and risque silhouettes. Here, clean and crisp are everything. And thanks to its lingerie roots, corsetry has even found its way unto its swimsuit line. Overall, the brand is all about flattering what God gave you in the sleekest, simplest, yet sexiest styles. You can't go wrong with going simple and elegant with Eres!
The Finest French Swimsuit Brands
Source: Eres


A French high street brand that has immense popularity, it's no wonder Sézane made it onto this list. But it's not just its fame that makes it such a fine label. It's also the fact that, for years, Sézane has succeeded in maximizing the latest trends and making them all its own. In terms of its swimwear, this brand has dared to offer a diverse selection, ranging from wild prints and sensual cuts to simple styles and bright pops of color. It's all about giving women what they want, whatever it is that tickles their fancy and will make them look good underwater!
The Finest French Swimsuit Brands
Source: Sézane Facebook Page


Although Ysé started out as a lingerie brand, its venture into swimwear was met with excitement and enthusiasm. Finally, the label's signature flattering cuts and sensual shapes will be made available outside of the bedroom! And boy, did they ever exceed expectations! Out of all the brands on this list, Ysé arguably offers the sexiest swimsuits of them all. It's not that they exude the same sophistication as its main lingerie line, but rather there's a confidence in the silhouettes, cuts, and materials that make them stand out all on their own. Only the most comfortable with their own bodies will dare sport such pieces!
The Finest French Swimsuit Brands
Source: Ysé Facebook Page

Anja Paris

Bold colors, flattering cuts, and best of all, affordable price points! Is there still any wonder why Anja Paris has become one of the most popular swimwear brands from France? Truth be told, quality swimwear is hard to come by. Only a handful of these excellent labels are affordable by mid-range standards, which is why Anja Paris remains ever relevant. Sure, design-wise, the label rarely goes beyond what's expected but that's not actually a bad thing! Even its most basic swimsuit can look expensive when worn on a yacht in Saint Tropez! And to think, it's affordable too!
The Finest French Swimsuit Brands
Source: Anja Paris Facebook Page

Leslie Amon

Making use of lush Italian Fabrics with quality French craftsmanship, Leslie Amon is pretty 'international' when you come to think of it. This is probably why the brand is also among the most daring when it comes to what they offer. From psychedelic prints to daring cutes, Leslie Amon swimwear is not for the faint of heart. But it is, however, for the most stylish! Since awesome swimwear is a French summer staple, why not go with one that will ensure that all eyes are on you? That's where Leslie Amon comes in! Her quality suits defy convention in the chicest and trendiest ways.
The Finest French Swimsuit Brands
Source: Leslie Amon

Louise Misha

For those of you who want to flex your adorable mother-and-daughter style, look no further than Louise Misha! This noteworthy swimwear and ready-to-wear label has become a huge favorite among moms and kids alike. With its signature dainty styles by way of floral prints, soft frills, and pastel colors, taking a dip never looked this cute. Even if you're not a mom, if you're into feminine styles that uphold daintiness, classic elegance, and a hint of saccharine, this label is for you. Just because you're confident in your swimsuit bod, it doesn't mean you can't get in touch with your delicate side!
The Finest French Swimsuit Brands
Source: Louise Misha Facebook Page


Daring is probably the best word to describe what Roseanna's swimwear is all about. This brand is not afraid to offer swimsuits in the loudest prints, the most revealing cuts, commonly tacky animal motifs, and even metallic finishes. After all, a swimsuit will always be a wise investment no matter where you are. Why not go for one that will certainly capture everyone's attention? With styles that are as risque as what you see on Paris runways, Roseanna encourages women to go out of their comfort zones and go for styles that highlight their vivacious personalities.
The Finest French Swimsuit Brands
Source: Roseanna Officiel Facebook Page

Going to France will often mean enjoying some time in some of the best and most luxurious coastlines in the world. do you have the right wardrobe for it? If you invest in any of these amazing French swimsuit brands, you're good to go!

Wear your best swimsuits when you go on vacation in France. These won't just look good on your body, but will dress up your closet in your luxury home here nicely as well!



Paris, France
386 € / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom3
Paris, France
547 € / night    
3 bedrooms2 bathrooms7
Paris, France
270 € / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom4
Paris, France

3 bedrooms2 bathrooms6

Paris, France
238 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4
Paris, France
534 € / night    
4 bedrooms2 bathrooms7-6
Paris, France
560 € / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom4-4
Paris, France
1410 € / night    
3 bedrooms3 bathrooms6-6
Paris, France

4 bedrooms2 bathrooms6
Paris, France
838 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms6-6