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Must-Watch Brigitte Bardot Films

July 05, 2021
Luscious golden hair, plump rosy cheeks, eyes that peep into your soul, and a buxom body that's made for sin. During her heyday, Brigitte Bardot was the goddess of French cinema. The contemporary of Marylin Monroe and Ava Gardner, Bardot introduced a new type of sensuality on screen. One that's youthful and mischievous but undeniably seductive and alluring at the same time. Throughout her career, she was lauded as the most beautiful icon of French cinema, an aesthetic that's still influential and continues to inspire to this day. Among her many great films, here is a handful that you must watch in order to understand her impact.

Must-Watch Brigitte Bardot Films
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Melusine cardo

And God Created Woman (1956)

When it comes to Brigitte Bardot, there's only ever one movie that most people remember: 'And God Created Woman.' The 1956 Roger Vadim-directed hit introduced the French beauty to the world, showing off her signature youthful sensuality, quirky personality, and unapologetic flaunts of her sexuality. In the film, she stars as Juliette Hardy, a young woman traipsing around Saint Tropez as men fall at her feet and fight for her hand. Among them are the Tardieu brothers, Antoine and Michele, wherein Juliette falls in love with the former but marries the latter instead. What happens to this steamy love triangle? Watch the film to find out!
Source: thecultbox YouTube Channel

Une Parisienne (1957)

Right after her successful debut in 'And God Created Woman' in 1956, Bardot immediately followed that up in sensual screwball comedy for the ages, 'Une Parisienne.' Here, she plays Brigitte Laurier, the first daughter of France, who falls in love with her father's chief of staff, Michel Legrand (Henri Vidal). A riotous comedy ensues as Brigitte gets into all sorts of antics to gain his affections, such as signing on to be an intern for his secretary, sneaking into his room at night, and even getting a prince from another country involved! Such is the talent of one Brigitte Bardot!
Source: Ksenia YouTube Channel

The Truth (1960)

Although Bardot was praised as the ultimate blond bombshell of her time, she nevertheless worked as a serious actress. But in her very few dramatic roles, she always knocked it out of the park. One, in particular, was the 1960 film, 'The Truth.' Here, she stars as Dominique Marceau, a woman found unconscious and near death beside her dead lover, Gilbert, who has bullet holes all over his body. Due to these circumstances, she is arrested when she wakes up and is tried for the murder of her lover. The film then shows the couple's tumultuous love affair, filled with jealousy, sex, infidelity, and rage.
Source: HD Retro Trailers YouTube Channel

Viva Maria! (1965)

Just how serious of an actress was Brigitte Bardot? Apart from her riveting performance in 'The Truth,' she eventually got nominated for a BAFTA Awards for Best Foreign Actress for her role as Marie Fitzgerald O'Malley in 'Viva Maria!' In this adventure comedy film, two women named Maria in Central America form a theatrical film and eventually become early 20th-century revolutionaries. Their many hilarious antics include joining a circus, a little striptease here and there, and, of course, joining. a revolution! It seems there's nothing the great Brigitte Bardot can't do!
Source: HD Retro Trailers YouTube Channel

Contempt (1963)

In one of prolific French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard's early works, Brigitte Bardo gave one of her best performances on screen. 'Contempt' stars the iconic actress as Camille Javal, wife of a French playwright (Michel Piccoli) on the verge of working on his first film project. During this time, she catches the eye of the American producer of the film (Jack Palance) who then makes advances despite her husband's awareness. But when her husband not only ignores such advances but actually paves ways to encourage them, Camille's feelings for her spouse turn from love to contempt.
Source: Studiocanal Cinema Club YouTube Channel

The Legend of Frenchie King (1971)

While the French had Brigitte Bardot, the Italians had Claudia Cardinale. Like her French counterpart, Cardinale was celebrated as one of the most beautiful actresses of Italian cinema, eventually becoming one of Federico Fellini's muses. With so many similarities between them, it made sense that they'd one day work together in the now-infamous internationally-produced western, 'The Legend of Frenchie King.' In a Francophone rural area in Texas, USA, Cladia Cardinale stars as Marie Sarrazin, the woman who 'runs the town.' Bardot, on the other hand, plays Louise, daughter of the 'Frenchie King,' and gets into a scuffle with Sarrazin. When both are incarcerated for their fight, they team up to get revenge on the town's men.
Source: HD Film Tributes YouTube Channel

When it comes to French icons, none is as beautiful, as sensual, and as celebrated as Brigitte Bardot. But how did she ever become one of the most famous French actresses of all time? These movies helped catapult her to superstardom!

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