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Your guide to navigating Paris as a new parent

September 05, 2021
Being a new parent in any city brings a whole new set of challenges which you’ll never have experienced, so our guide to navigating Paris with a new born might help you out. From baby-friendly activities to places to eat with children, new parents take note.

Getting around with a new born

Getting around Paris with a new born is actually easier than you might think. Although the metro isn’t exactly baby friendly, many of the large train stations have step-free access for prams, and buses also have space for pushchairs. But walking in Paris with your new born is also a brilliant option. You’ll be surprised by how compact the city centre actually is and might even discover some new and interesting corners while you’re on your walks. Plus, nothing sends the little one to sleep like a steady stroll. Our recommendation for getting around is to take your baby carrier with you and ditch the stroller whenever you can. You’ll be more mobile and will have more choice and flexibility when it comes to modes of transport. 


Your guide to navigating Paris as a new parent

Source: Walking On Travels


Where to stay 

Hotels in Paris are famously not very baby-friendly, so renting an apartment is definitely preferable. That way, you will have everything you need in one place and some even come with cots and baby equipment. Read our guide to the best areas to live as a family in Paris for family-friendly neighbourhoods as well as our guide to living as an expat in Paris for some inspiration. Staying in the city centre will mean that you don’t have to travel far to see the major sights and can easily walk to most places. 


Your guide to navigating Paris as a new parent

What to do 

If you’re new parents exploring Paris, taking your little one with you can help you appreciate the city of lights with brand new eyes. The major sights are all easily accessible to you and there are plenty of other baby-friendly activities. Why not head to one of the most beautiful parks in Paris and relax surrounded by nature. There’s also plenty of shade so in the hotter summer months you can cool off. It’s no secret that being a new parent is tiring, so why not visit one of these cafes for the best coffee in Paris and enjoy a pick-me-up with your little one? French parents can often be seen with their babies and toddlers in bakeries and restaurants so there will be no need to feel self conscious. 


Another fun activity for you and the little ones is visiting Disneyland Paris for the day. The world-famous magic kingdom is a dream for toddlers and even babies will be enchanted by all the things there are to see. Plus, Disneyland isn’t just for kids, we promise you’ll love it too. 


Your guide to navigating Paris as a new parent

Things to see

Paris is full of world-class museums and galleries and when you have a new born baby in tow, this can be a great time to visit. It might sound brave visiting the Louvre with a new born, but as long as the baby is asleep, you’ll be free to wonder around in peace. Museums and galleries are often pretty quiet so you’ll be safe. 


Another exciting option is Le 104. Paris city council recently opened this artistic establishment to create a unique place devoted to production and innovation. Taking a baby or toddler here will help you see it through new eyes, with jugglers, acrobats and dancers often in the entrance. Workshops for babies and kids take place monthly and there are also mum and baby group sessions providing an opportunity for mums to meet and get support and advice.


Your guide to navigating Paris as a new parent

Source: The Worldwide Webers


What to eat 

Feeding a new born or young baby can be stressful at the best of times, let alone when you’re somewhere new and unfamiliar. The best plan of attack is to seek out a nearby grocery store when you first arrive. From independent delis to large chains, these are the best supermarkets in Paris for grocery shopping. If you prefer to stick to organic produce when feeding your little one, read our guide to the best farmer’s markets in Paris to find local sellers and top quality ingredients. 


Your guide to navigating Paris as a new parent


Paris is an exciting place to live and visit with a new born, thanks to its huge array of cultural happenings and things to see. You’ll be able to keep entertained while the little one soaks up the wonderful sights and sounds of the French capital. 



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