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Where To Eat at Saint Tropez

June 17, 2021
It's understandable that you'll only expect the best of the best in Saint Tropez. For years, this coastal city in the French Riviera has been the haven for the rich and famous. A lap luxury that defines first-class travel and upscale leisure. So when you get here, you'll only expect the finer things in life. Especially when it comes to food.Haute cuisine reigns supreme here in Saint Tropez, with high-class restaurants, must-try bistros, and famous cafés all waiting for you. But which ones are the best to go for? Here are a few delicious suggestions.

Where To Eat at Saint Tropez

Brasserie des Arts

Located on Place des Lices, the main public square that's at the center of all the districts of Saint Tropez, Brasserie des Arts is one of the defining culinary hotspots in the city. When you think of Saint Tropez, you think of brunch under the sun, eating delicious food as you watch the people stroll by. Well, this place offers that very experience. It's best to go here on Sunday as they serve brunch all day, ranging from refreshing salads to scrumptious seafood freshly caught on the same morning. And, of course, the French pastries here are also divine!
Where To Eat at Saint Tropez
Source: Brasserie des Arts Facebook Page

Café Senequier

Similar to Brasserie des Arts, Café Senequier is also one of the most popular places to eat in Saint Tropez. Arguably one of the best things to do in Saint Tropez is to dine here for lunch and enjoy the fantastic view of the Old Port, where it's located. If you're lucky, you might even catch some celebrities dining or ordering food here before they go back to their own private yachts docked at the harbor. It's here where some of the most delicious pastries and desserts in Saint Tropez are made. In particular, you'll want to order the city's most iconic treat, La Tarte Tropezienne, here!
Where To Eat at Saint Tropez
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Gzen92

Club 55

Perched just by Pampelonne beach, one of Saint Tropez's popular seashores, Club 55 is a culinary institution in the city. For years, it has served delicious food and top-notch drinks to A-list customers and hungry tourists alike. And with a philosophy like, 'Here the customer is not the king… because he is a friend,' you'll know to expect excellent service here. As for the food, it's traditional Côte d'Azur all the way, particularly of the seafood variety. The freshest produce are made into mouth-watering dishes just waiting to be devoured. Pair them with the club's finest wines and you've got yourself a winner!
Where To Eat at Saint Tropez
Source: Flickr.com/ Marc Veraart


Elegant gastronomy reigns supreme here at Colette. With its sophisticated ambiance and first-class menu, this is the type of restaurant that you'd expect to find in Saint Tropez. For lunch, a Mediterranean menu of Iberico ham, Sezz Burger, Rib Steak, and Rib Tuna will take your taste buds on a tailspin. By the afternoon, happy hour consists of delicious cocktails and scrumptious finger food. And by night, dinner is served with hearty options such as Zucchini Trombetta, grilled oyster, or even lightly cooked squid. Plus, don't forget the dessert! Fruity sorbet to refresh your palate for a nice ending!
Where To Eat at Saint Tropez
Source: Colette Saint Tropez

Hôtel de La Ponche

Brigitte Bardot, Pablo Picasso, and author Francois Sagan—these are just some of the famous names that used to be regulars of one Hôtel de La Ponche. Although the hotel itself is a favorite among tourists and locals alike in Saint Tropez, it's the in-house restaurants that have people swarming to it. Partly because its relatively humble and authentic Provençal cuisine allows you to taste what Côte d'Azur is all about. From its lobster dishes to cod favorites, it's like you're taking a bite out of the Mediterranean sea itself. Also, the views here are spectacular! A definite must-try and must-see!
Where To Eat at Saint Tropez
Source: Hôtel de La Ponche Facebook Page

La Palmeraie

Just how prominent is La Palmeraie in Saint Tropez? Well, it's the Michelin-starred restaurant of the famous Chateau de Valmer hotel. That alone should tell you that spending your money to eat here would be a wise investment. Also, the place makes use of organic vegetables and freshly-caught seafood for their many inspiring and delicious dishes. You get to taste traditional Provençal cuisine with ingredients that actually came from this area. Add to that their fine selection of wines and champagnes, each more high class than the next. Though La Palmeraie is expensive, dining here is money-well spent!
Where To Eat at Saint Tropez
Source: Château de Valmer - Relais & Châteaux Facebook Page

La Table du Marché

Thanks to its central location along Rue des Commerçants, La Table du Marché is easy to get to via public transport in Saint Tropez. The place is the brainchild of celebrity chef Christophe Leroy and consists of two must-try areas. The first is the gourmet bakery on the first floor. With its signature French terrace area and an elegant tea room to match, you can indulge in sweets, coffee, and tea during bringing or in the afternoon here. But for lunch or dinner, the modern bistro upstairs, which serves hearty Mediterranean dishes, will satisfy your hunger in more ways than one!
Where To Eat at Saint Tropez
Source: La Table du Marché

L’Auberge des Maures

Another culinary institution in Saint Tropez is L’Auberge des Maures, one of the oldest restaurants in the city. The likes of Greta Garbo, Charlie Chaplin, and Jean Cocteau have all dined here, making it a historic hotspot in the coastal paradise. And why wouldn't be? The place specializes in delicious French cuisine, serving up beef, lamb, duck, and fish in the most delicious dishes and delicacies. It's here where you can truly appreciate what the country offers and why it's such an established authority in the culinary world. And to top it all off, the classic Provençal home where the restaurant is housed offers a peek into the history of Saint Tropez.
Where To Eat at Saint Tropez
Source: L’Auberge des Maures Facebook Page

From haute cuisine to traditional Provençal dishes, the many excellent restaurants, bistros, and cafés in Saint Tropez further prove that this coastal city in the French Riviera really is all about the finer things in life! There's no doubt about that!



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