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The Public Transport at Saint Tropez

June 16, 2021
Saint Tropez—a city known around the world as a luxurious paradise in the French Riviera. A playground for the rich and famous, where glamour, opulence, and excess are the names of the game. Yet, even beyond its glossy exterior, Saint Tropez remains an actual city with actual residents, many of whom aren't as rich as those who go here for vacation. That's why, regardless of how unexpected it may be, public transport is thriving here. Not all people in the city own luxury cars, yachts, and the like. They get around with the help of the many modes of public transportation in place.

The Public Transport at Saint Tropez

Rent Your Own Vehicle

Just like in Cannes, renting your own vehicle is common in Saint Tropez. Since there's no metro system in the city and the buses and taxis here aren't a lot, renting a car, van, jeep, limo, and more will prove useful to help you get around. Prominent rental services like Europcar and Sixt operate here for your convenience. All you have to do is to register, rent, and you're good to go! Of course, you can also opt for buying your own vehicle as well, but note that it will be a lot more expensive than renting one.

The Buses in Saint Tropez

Taking the bus is probably what you least expected here in Saint Tropez. The city is just so luxurious and expensive, it's easy to think that everyone here has his/her own luxury car. But that's not the case! For those who can only afford public transport, Varlib runs the buses that go around all the different areas of Saint Tropez. A single ride costs around €3.00 and you can pay either at the many stations throughout the city or even online. Moreover, for better convenience, a 10-trip ticket is also available. Its price varies depending on your destination.

The Public Transport at Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez's Free Shuttle Minibus

Fortunately, for those who are really strapped for cash, you can always take the free shuttle minibus to get around. Though, unlike the Varlib buses, this service only goes on one specific route. It starts at Place des Lices, the city center, and goes to the many beaches in the city. This is why the shuttle minibus is mostly for tourists rather than the locals. However, many still take it to go to the beach or their destinations in nearby areas. Do note that the service prioritizes senior citizens and handicapped passengers. You ought to let them go first before boarding yourself.

Taking A Taxi

Of course, just like in any other city, Saint Tropez also has taxis. However, unlike in most cities, the ones here aren't exactly as public as the standard cabs. Simply put, it's uncommon to see and hail one off the street. Most of the time, you'll need to contact the cab companies in the city in order to ride one to get to where you need to be. Though if you really prefer to get one yourself, you can always hang around the central places in the city. These include Aéroport de Saint-Tropez, Place des Lices, and more.

The Public Transport at Saint Tropez

Using Transportation Apps

When all else fails, there's always the option of using a transportation app. If you're unable to get a taxi, for instance, there are a ton of ride-hailing apps that operate in France that can help you. In fact, these days, this has become a more common way to get around than calling a cab company in the city. If you prefer to take the bus instead, journey-planning apps will let you know the schedule of the different bus routes. They also estimate how long your travel time will be and what time you'll probably arrive at your destination.

Tips On Using Saint Tropez's Public Transport

Now, for some final public transport tips. Although you're allowed to bring practically anything on the bus, there are a few exceptions. For instance, during summer, the Varlib buses won't allow you to carry along your bike. Even if you can fold it to make it more compact to fit the bus's luggage space, they still won't let you store one at this time. Furthermore, when it comes to pets, only small ones that are under 13 lbs (6kg) are allowed aboard. And you must ensure they're caged or on some sort of container so as to not disturb the other passengers.

The Public Transport at Saint Tropez

Although you've probably never thought of it, Saint Tropez does have its own thriving public transport. And just like in other cities, there are a few options you can go for to get to where you need to be in this luxurious coastal city.



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