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Where To Learn French in Saint Tropez

June 16, 2021
Although Saint Tropez is world-famous and millions of tourists go here for vacation, it's still a French coastal city by heart. In fact, in terms of its population, it still pales in comparison to Paris when it comes to its international community. So, of course, the dominant language here remains French. And if you don't know how to speak it, you might find it hard to enjoy the local life and pleasures here. Well, don't worry! There are still a few places you can learn French in Saint Tropez. Here are some of them.

Where To Learn French in Saint Tropez

International French Language Institute

Although the famous International French Language Institute doesn't have an actual campus in Saint Tropez, it does offer online classes and tutorials specifically catered to students in the city. This school knows that students who are in Saint Tropez would rather go out and play at this notorious playground for the rich and famous. So for everyone's convenience, they've tailored their digital classes to ensure they get the best of learning French whilst maximizing their time here. Moreover, those who've enrolled in this school from other parts of the country often hold summer trips and events in this beautiful coastal city.

Cécilia Norick

Known as a singer and classical pianist, Cécilia Norick has set up her own international school in Saint Tropez. Located in Maison Coccoz, near Place des Lices, a central part of town that's easy to get to via public transport, it started out as a music school for kids and young adults. Eventually, however, she ventured into teaching the French language as well. Paired with beautiful music and a more intimate setting, Cécilia Norick strives to teach all forms of French to her students. No matter what they need, whether formal business language or social conversing skills, she will provide wholeheartedly.

The French Class with Caroline

Although her main school is in Paris, Caroline of 'The French Class with Caroline' also goes to Saint Tropez from time to time. She holds lessons in both one-to-one and small group settings, working hard to ensure that all of her students reach fluency for the limited time that she's here. However, even when she's not here, you can still learn French from this highly-acclaimed language teacher. The French Class with Caroline also offers online classes, some specifically tailored to suit certain needs. All you have to do is enroll online and you're good to go!

Where To Learn French in Saint Tropez

To really enjoy your time in Saint Tropez, you might want to learn French while you're here. Even though the coastal city is a bonafide international tourist hotspot, knowing a bit of the native language will help you a lot!



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