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The Most Notable Schools in Saint Tropez

June 16, 2021
Saint Tropez is a place for playing. It's a place for frolicking in the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. It's a place where you go to a yacht to party and drink champagne. Universally known as the playground for the rich and famous, it's easy to forget that Saint Tropez is still an actual city with actual residents. People live their daily lives here and their kids go to school every day. If you will ever live in Saint Tropez, your kids will need to continue their duties here too. Fortunately, there are a few notable international schools in the city.

The Most Notable Schools in Saint Tropez

Mouratoglou International School

For kids these days, it's not enough that they simply go to school to learn and study. They have to be comfortable and even eager to really excel in their academics and more. At least, that's the philosophy of Mouratoglou International School. A French-American bilingual school in Saint Tropez, this place is all about giving the students both what they need and want. Most notably, this institution offers flexible hours for students to learn at their own pace. They also offer customized lessons, either in French or English, where the students get to have a say in what they're studying.

Collège le Moulin Blanc

While focusing on academics is all well and good, there should also be equal attention toa. student's other skills and abilities. That's why Collège le Moulin Blanc in Saint Tropez offers a balance for both. In this international school, students don't just study important subjects like Math, Science, and the like. The school also offers extracurricular activities to help them realize their own potential in their chosen endeavors. Whether it'd be athletics and the arts, this institution will ensure that the young ones get to hone their skills while improving their academics at the same time.

The Most Notable Schools in Saint Tropez

School Sainte-Anne

It's important to remember that France, where Saint Tropez is, is still a heavily Roman Catholic country. So it's not surprising that a Catholic school, School Sainte-Anne, made it onto this list. One of the most prominent primary schools in the city, the institution instills and incorporates Catholic values into their studies. However, make no mistake, doing so does not hinder their student's pursuit of knowledge. Rather, the values are set in order for them to study, grow, and develop in a way that stays true to their beliefs. At the end of the day, it's the kids' academic success that's of utmost priority.

Cécilia Norick Music School

With so much to do in Saint Tropez, who would have thought that learning music would be one of them? Located along Rue François Sibilli, making it easy to get to via public transport, singer Cécilia Norick has set up her own music school to teach the young the wonders of classical music. Here, she lays out her expertise and decades-long profession and shares everything she knows and more with her students. From playing the piano to performing famous operatic arias, her school proudly helps students hone their talents and realize their full potential. You won't get this sort of opportunity anywhere else!

The Most Notable Schools in Saint Tropez

Although Saint Tropez has quite a dubious reputation, it's still a standard city at heart. This means that there are also schools here, fine international institutions, where both local and foreign kids can continue their studies in this sunny coastal city!



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