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Most Underrated Sights in Rome

June 05, 2021
In Italy, out of so many cities that people can visit, Rome is undoubtedly the top tourist destination. It's like a starting point, almost as if you can't go to the other cities unless you've explored the capital first. Of course, there's no such rule, but Rome is such a huge and mysterious place, you'll practically need to live there in order to see everything. And yes, there are a lot more to see than the usual attractions. If you're tired of the Trevi fountain or the Colosseum, here are a few underrated spots you might want to check out!

Most Underrated Sights in Rome

Appian Way

Quite possibly one of the oldest roads in Rome today, Appian Way has a lot of history to it. Dating as far back as 312-264 BC, it was a military pathway that became instrumental in forming the Roman Empire. Former emperors, nobles, senators, and even gladiators have passed through this very road all those years ago. And though Italy has gone through a lot since then, most of the place has remained the same. Today, you can relive that part of Italy's history by passing through Appian Way on horseback or on foot. It's definitely an experience you wouldn't want to miss!
Most Underrated Sights in Rome
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Basilica di Santo Stefano Rotondo al Cielo

As far as churches in Rome are concerned, the ones in the Vatican have always gotten the most attention. And it's a shame too because stunning places of worship like Basilica di Santo Stefano Rotondo al Cielo become virtually unnoticed! Built all the way back in the 5th century, to say that this church is unique is an understatement! Its circular architecture alone, highlighting its rotunda aspect, already makes it a cut above the rest. But when you see the graphic frescoes, majestic columns, and how heavenly the light shines through the center of the basilica, you'll feel even more enchanted!
Most Underrated Sights in Rome
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Lalupa

Baths of Caracalla

If you've watched 'La Dolce Vita,' one of Federico Fellini's most iconic films, you'll know why you have to visit the Baths of Caracalla! Apart from the movie's iconic Trevi Fountain scene, it's also in these very same baths where the stunning Anita Eckberg's 'Sylvia' danced and seduced the film's protagonist, Marcello Rubini. Today, although there aren't any Italians partying here anymore, the Ancient Roman ruins still stand as a reminder of the unique heritage of the city. Unfortunately, you can't take baths here anymore but seeing the place as it is, especially during winter, is still worthwhile!
Most Underrated Sights in Rome
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Ethan Doyle White

Isola Tiberina

If you thought Paris is the only European capital with its own island, think again! Here in Rome, there's Isola Tiberina! Located on the River Tiber and only a quick stroll away from the Colosseum, it's an uninhabitable island with its own unique attractions. There's a 400-year-old hospital that still operates to this day, the serene Basilica di San Bartolomeo, and even a restaurant where you can dine on delicious Italian food with wine. With how quiet and peaceful it is here, it's almost hard to believe that this island is actually a part of the Italian capital!
Most Underrated Sights in Rome
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Livioandronico2013

Largo di Torre Argentina

Though it's a town square that's near the Pantheon, center to the many districts of Rome, Largo di Torre Argentina remains an underrated spot for tourists. Though it's not necessarily a problem! After all, won't you enjoy it more with fewer people around? Most especially you'll feel the weight and heaviness of these ruins much more when it's quieter. Famously, the temples that once stood here used to be the actual site where Julius Caesar was assassinated. Nowadays, however, despite its historic significance, it's become a cat sanctuary for most of the strays in the city.
Most Underrated Sights in Rome
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Kleuske

Park Caffarella

Also near the Colosseum is Park Caffarella, a silent retreat that's fairly away from the hustle and bustle of the Italian capital. Compared to the other beautiful parks in Rome, this place is a lot less manicured and more a slice of the Italian countryside. From tombs to a cheese-farm factory, you can't help but feel like you're in the more rural parts of the country just by visiting this park. Also, the park also leads to the previously mentioned Appian Way, making this place double the fun for history buffs who want to catch a glimpse of what the city was like centuries ago.
Most Underrated Sights in Rome
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Round The World

Palazzo Doria Pamphilj

What's a list of must-see Roman sights without a palazzo? This time around, it's Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, a stunning gallery located at the heart of the city. Just how central is its location? It's actually near the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon! So even if you're coming from a far place, you can easily get here via public transport! Don't worry, all your efforts won't be in vain! Once you see the lavish interior of the palace, the gilded opulence inside, and its stunning collection of classic Italian art, you'll know going here was worth it!
Most Underrated Sights in Rome
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Sailko

Via Margutta

It's a shame that Via Margutta is an underrated hotspot in Rome. But then again, it's because it's an unpopular place that makes it even more worthwhile to visit! Tucked away between the more famous Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo, this narrow cobblestoned street screams old-world Rome. Though it's lesser-known now, it did become a famous spot decades ago, specifically during the 1950s. The street was briefly mentioned as the address of Gregory Peck's 'Joe Bradley' in the famous romantic-comedy, 'Roman Holiday.' Fans of the movie explore this site every now and then, hoping to find the apartment where Joe and Princess Anya once 'slept together.'
Most Underrated Sights in Rome
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Philosophia

What's a Roman holiday without going off the beaten path and exploring some of the city's well-kept secrets? Though Rome's most famous attractions are wonderful, there's no reason why you can't go to other places that aren't as popular too!

After a day of visiting these underrated Roman tourist spots, relax and end your day with a good night's sleep in your luxury home in the city!



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