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How To Find A Job in Croatia

May 20, 2021
A job is probably the last thing on your mind when you're in Croatia, isn't it? The country is more known for its crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches; where do work and jobs fit in there? Well, if you're going to move to Croatia, you'll need a job to survive here. If you want to enjoy all the natural wonders this Mediterranean country offers, you have to earn and make a living first. Fortunately, there are a ton of ways to find work in Croatia. they range from help from the government to going online. Which one will you do?

How To Find A Job in Croatia

How The Government Can Help You

At times, you never know when a job post that fits your skills or is just the position you're looking for pops up. As much as you want to rely on the internet, it's not like you can stay online 24/7. Fortunately, here in Croatia, the government has a service that will let you know about all the openings in your field. All you have to do is to register in the Croatian Employment Service, 'Burza rada,' and they will notify you, through SMS texts, of posts you can apply for. It's sort of like a recruitment agency but less personal. Do note that they will only send you openings according to your educational background, chosen industry, and interests.

Enlisting The Help of A Recruitment Agency

Speaking of recruitment agencies, there are a dime a dozen in Croatia. There's the Jobs in Croatia Employment Agency, the Dekra Arbeit Group, and the Future Jobs Recruitment, among many others. Unlike the Burza Rada, these agencies tailor their services towards what you want and need. Based on your CV, skills, and qualifications, they will find the perfect job for you in no time. At times, through their own connections, you might even get employed in a company that doesn't even have job openings. That's how dedicated these agencies are in getting people employed and stabilizing Croatia's job market.

How To Find A Job in Croatia

Looking at Job-Seeking Websites

In this day and age, practically everyone finds jobs through the internet. It's easier, faster, and for a lot of companies, more efficient. And it's all thanks to the many job-seeking websites available online. They've become the new 'classified ads' in the digital age. Here in Croatia, the most popular include Freelance.hr, Adorio, and Nova karijera, among many others. Danas radim is also notable because it offers live chats between members. Many Croatian companies have even set up interviews through this site as well. Meanwhile, PickJobs is also popular since it comes in 7 different languages, perfect for expats who've moved to Croatia.

Relying on Social Media

While you're already online, why not rely on social media too? Primary, on Facebook! Nowadays, Facebook groups dedicated to finding employment are more common than ever. Both employers looking for new hires and unemployed looking for jobs (as well as freelancers trying to score more gigs) all post in these digital spaces hoping to find what they need. In Croatia, groups like Croatia Startup Jobs, Jobs Zagreb, and Works and opportunity in Croatia are all popular online communities for finding work. It's up to you to stay updated on these pages and post your inquiries where you see fit!

Going To A Croatian Company Directly

Finally, when all else fails, take the initiative to go to your desired company directly. Even if they don't have new job openings now, it won't hurt to call them up or simply email your CV, letting them know of your intentions to work there. The worst-case scenario is that they'll simply ignore your inquiries, but more often than not, they might keep your CV as a reference to future job openings they may have. And the best-case scenario is that your credentials impress the company so much that they still agree to meet up and interview you!

How To Find A Job in Croatia

With Croatia being the paradise that it is, you probably would never have thought that the country offers a ton of ways to land a job. If you're in need of employment here, you can't go wrong with some of these methods, many of which are easy too!

Remember: Landing a job in Croatia makes it easier for you to earn and save enough to get a luxury home here!



Hvar, Croatia
155 € / night    
7 bedrooms7 bathrooms14
, Croatia
174 $ / night    
4 bedrooms4 bathrooms8
Zagreb, Croatia
On request
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4-6
Zagreb, Croatia
78 € / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom2-4

Zagreb, Croatia
87 € / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom4-6
Zaton, Croatia
1600 € / night    
5 bedrooms6 bathrooms12
Zagreb, Croatia
On request
3 bedrooms3 bathrooms2-12
Primosten, Croatia
On request
3 bedrooms1 bathroom6-6
Zagreb, Croatia
On request
3 bedrooms3 bathrooms2-12
Zadar, Croatia
On request
1 bedroom1 bathroom3-3