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How Parisians stay looking chic in the heat

August 14, 2019
It’s August and Paris is in shutdown, with most residents fleeing for the coast. If you’re stuck in the city though, or perhaps just visiting, then you might need some tips for looking cool when you feel anything but. The rest of the world has an obsession with Parisian style and when the temperatures soar in the city, Parisian women continue to look impeccable so here are some tips for looking chic in the heat.

Keep it light

Parisian women are notorious for sticking to neutral tones and in summer this pays off. Avoid dark colours like black and brown and swap them for other subtle shades like white, beige and cream. Dressing head-to-toe in beige was one of the most popular looks of the season last year, so go for a mono-colour outfit in varying hues of sand. White and other light colours in cotton and linen are your best bet for summer in Paris.  


How Parisians stay looking chic in the heat

Source: The Zoe Report


Loosen up

While fitted silhouettes are nice in the winter, in summer, Parisian women know to stick to loose, flowing shapes that will be breathable in the heat. Try an oversized man’s shirt with some tailored shorts which will strike the perfect balance between masculine and feminine. Long dresses are also your friend this time of year. Look for hemlines that finish just above the ankle for a more contemporary look than traditional maxi styles. 


How Parisians stay looking chic in the heat

Source: Toffee Art


Find the perfect sunglasses

No respectable Parisian would be seen walking the streets of Paris without their sunglasses come August. In fact, residents are so attached to their sunglasses that you’ll often see people wearing them on the metro and inside shops. Choose pair that suit your face instead of following trends. Although smaller rectangular styles are all the rage this season thanks to a continuing 90s revival, larger, rounder shapes might suit you better so just go with your gut.  


How Parisians stay looking chic in the heat

Source: Harper’s Bazaar


Hats are good for the city too

Don’t save your sunhat for the beach… a fedora or wide brim style can look just as chic in the city. It will also help to keep the sun off your face, which Parisian women like to do because premature ageing is never stylish. 


How Parisians stay looking chic in the heat

Source: Pinterest


Downsize your bag

The last thing you want to be doing when the mercury is high is be lugging around a huge bag. So swap out your tote (that’s likely full of things you don’t need anyway) for a smaller, lighter and more manageable style. Tiny bags have been seen on every catwalk this season thanks to Jaquemus kickstarting the trend. Invest in one yourself. But remember to carry a foldable towel too for when you do your grocery shopping


How Parisians stay looking chic in the heat

Source: Pinterest


Roll up, rollup

Your full length trousers and long sleeve tops needn’t be relegated to the back of your wardrobe when summer arrives, Parisian woman are experts in making the best of their clothes and rolling up your trousers is a chic and stylish way to recycle your seasonal pieces. Roll up a pair of loose trousers to just above the ankle and loosely fold your sleeves to above the elbow. 


How Parisians stay looking chic in the heat

Source: Pinterest


As the seasons change, so will your look. There are certain trends that were on the catwalk this season which were ever-so Parisian so read our guide to dressing like a Parisian in fall for some more stylish inspiration. If you’re attending Paris Fashion Week SS20 at the end of September then you might find these tips particularly useful. 





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