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Fashion trends to look out for so you look like a Parisian this fall

August 13, 2019
Parisians are known for their impeccable style and if you’re moving to Paris you might want to give your wardrobe a French-style overhaul. With that in mind, here are 6 of our favourite fashion trends to help you dress like a Parisian come fall.

Swap your coat for a cape

As soon as September hits, people all over Paris start pulling out their winter coats and showcasing their beautiful outerwear. But this season, swap your coat for a cape to stay ahead of the fashion pack. Perennially flattering, a cape will look chic and stylish over both casual and formalwear and ensure you stay warm too. So many of the fall shows features capes, including Chanel’s tweed version, Marc Jacobs’ Leopard one and Celine’s more classic cut. Take your pick, shrug it over your shoulders and make like a Parisian local. 


Source: The Fashion Spot


Cinch in your tailoring 

French women are famous for wearing well-cut tailoring and a good black blazer is on every woman’s wish list. To bring your tailoring up to date, cinch it in at the waist with a belt. Nip in your suits using a classic leather belt or try a more intricate one for evenings. The best part about this trend is that you likely already have the jacket. It’s just a new way to wear it that Parisians will love. 


Source: Fashion Gum


Invest in a statement hat

When people ask how to dress like a Parisian, often people recommend buying a beret. But in fact, any statement hat will do this fall. From bucket hats to top hats, every manner of topper was spotted on the catwalks this season. This trend is perfect for Parisians as French woman like to add an element of surprise to every outfit they wear, whether that’s a natty silk scarf, some embellished pumps or a statement hat. 


Source: Fashion Quarterly


Leather is your friend

Don’t be afraid of leather. Look beyond the classic bikers styles and invest in some quality leather separates. Some tailored leather trousers will give any outfit a modern slant while a leather shirt is the perfect partner to both satin slip skirts and jeans. A leather dress is an unexpected choice for the office, but layered over a tailored white shirt it will look sophisticated and stylish. French woman love leather for its longevity and timelessness so wear some this fall to look like a real local. If you’re conscious of the environment, there are plenty of brilliant faux leather options around these days from brands like Stella McCartney. 


Source: Pinterest 


Wear leopard print as a neutral

When Jenna Lyons, the creative brains behind J Crew announced that leopard print was a neutral, Parisian women nodded in agreement, as this was something that already knew. Knowing how to wear leopard print comes down to one simple, unwritten rule: Treat it like any black item in your wardrobe. And French women have been doing just that for years. Try leopard print coat over a Breton striped T-shirt or wear the trend more subtly by incorporating it into your accessories. Don’t be afraid of closing prints as Parisian women know, everything goes with leopard print.


Source: Pinterest


Ignore the trends

If there’s one thing Parisians do better than anyone else, it’s sticking to their own rules. Although these fashion trends might have swept the catwalks this season, French women will tell you, they’d rather follow their own style rules.


Source: Instagram @camillecharriere