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The Finest Language Schools in Marrakech

May 19, 2021
Morocco is one of those countries that have more than one language. Although Arabic is largely considered the official language here, French, Spanish, and a little bit of English are just as widely spoken. Most especially in a city like Marrakech. A major tourist destination in Morocco, there isn't just one common language here. There are enough French and Spanish-speaking locals, as well as English-speaking expats, in Marrakech. So if you want to blend in and understand the residents here, learn different languages in any of these fine schools.

The Finest Language Schools in Marrakech

American Language Center Of Marrakesh

Just by its name, you can probably already tell what language the American Language Center Of Marrakesh teaches. Although English is one of the less popular languages in Morocco, it's still universally spoken around the world. And since Marrakech is on its way to becoming a major city in the world, it makes sense that learning English will be prioritized, especially among the Moroccan locals. Moreover, the center doesn't just teach English for social and formal occasions, those who want to work here as an English teacher can also get the right certification from them!

Center for Language & Culture

It's easy to get confused about the Center for Language & Culture in Marrakech. It's a French institution but it teaches English and Arabic instead. Nevertheless, although it clearly targets French-speaking students, anyone and everyone who wants to learn how to speak and understand English and Arabic are welcomed to enroll. Here, students get to learn both languages for various purposes. Whether it be the appropriate kind of Arabic according to Morocco's business etiquette or formal English that may help you become certified to teach it. As long as you're willing to learn, this center is willing to teach!

The Finest Language Schools in Marrakech

EFAL Center Marrakesh

Now, here's a center that teaches most, if not all languages in Morocco, the EFAL Center Marrakesh! While the other schools focused on English or Arabic, this school included French as part of its curriculums as well. The aim of this school is to improve the proficiency of its students in the languages they chose to learn. For the English-language students, they teach them to speak the universal language in preparing them to go international. Whole for the Arabic-language and French-language students, they aid them in getting to know what the locals talk about.

Language Center Mabrouka

Another French school, this time located in the Mabrouka district of Marrakech, the Language Center Mabrouka aims to teach or improve students' English skills to help them reach academic and scholastic heights. With International Baccalaureate-level language courses on offer, this institution teaches the finest forms of the languages they offer. It's not simply that they reach fluency, but also that they know which type of language to use in different settings. Although, despite its high-brow reputation, the school still keeps up a welcoming and undiscriminating environment. One where all students, no matter their backgrounds, will still feel comfortable in!

The Finest Language Schools in Marrakech

Lessane Arabi Center

Now, if you really want to learn how to speak and understand Arabic, among all the schools listed here, you're probably better off enrolling in Lessane Arabi Center. This institution is specifically for those who don't know a speck of Arabic yet visited or even relocated to Marrakech anyways. As per the school's website, its aim is to 'equip students with the skills necessary to read, write, and communicate in everyday situations in the shortest amount of time possible.' So no matter if you're less than a beginner in Arabic, you'll still reach fluency in this school!

Via Lingua

The great thing about Via Lingua is that it's an international institution. It has campuses all over the world including, of course, Marrakech. So whether you're a local or tourist, a Moroccan or an expat, this institution will welcome you with open arms. As well as teach you everything you need to know about the English language. More than just informal and business English, this school also goes as far as to certify students to allow them to teach English whilst in Morocco. So if you plan to enroll here, make sure you're ready for a rigorous study time ahead!

WLC Marrakech

The great thing about WLC Marrakech is that it caters to any age and any purpose. Whether the student is a child from the ages of 6 to 11, a teenager aged 12 to 17 years old, or an adult, this school welcomes them all. The most important part is that it reached English and Arabic according to the age group of its students. When teaching the younger ones, they don't go above and beyond and focus heavily on their academics. While for adults, the courses are more detailed with an extra emphasis on formal business language. They even offer certification courses for Ph.D. students too!

The Finest Language Schools in Marrakech

Here in Marrakech, a city in a country with more than one recognized official language, you'll really benefit from learning more than one language here. Fortunately, these schools offer the best courses and programs for that!