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Marrakech’s Most Delicious Places To Eat

May 14, 2021
Marrakech is one of those places that you feel you just have to get to know. It's such a mysterious, exotic, and intriguing place that there's always a lot to discover every time you go here. Or even if you've relocated here, you'll still feel that there's so many you have yet to see, hear, and even taste. Now, speaking on tasting Marrakech, in many ways, the Moroccan city is quite the foodie destination. It offers exciting flavors, rich tastes, and different cuisines that you ought to try at least once! And here are the best places in the city for that!

Marrakech’s Most Delicious Places To Eat

Jemaa el-Fna

Of course, this list just has to start with the famous Jemaa el-Fna square. Located right smack at the heart of the city, in the middle of all the different neighborhoods, it's the most famous marketplace in all of Marrakech. If you've ever seen pictures of the city's colorful stalls and exotic delicacies, it's most likely Jemaa el-Fna! And every day, starting around 5:00 pm, right as the sun goes down, the famous square turns into a foodie paradise. Hundreds of barbecue stalls, start grilling their meat, seasoning their snacks, and more to lure in hungry customers. You haven't really been to Marrakech if you haven't eaten here at least once!
Marrakech’s Most Delicious Places To Eat
Source: Wikimedia Commons

La Grande Table Marocaine

Okay, now for the actual restaurants! How about starting off with an upscale hotspot located inside the famous Royal Mansour Hotel? That's right, it's La Grande Table Marocaine! A luxurious shrine to Moroccan food, all of the country's famous (and not so famous but equally delicious) dishes and delicacies are all on offer for those who want to eat in a more upscale setting? Here, you can get a hefty helping of lamb tagine sweetened by orange blossom honey. Or some sumptuous lobster pasta seasoned with some cinnamon! All your taste buds will definitely go into a tailspin after a bit or two!
Marrakech’s Most Delicious Places To Eat
Source: Royal Mansour Marrakech

Le Petit Cornichon

Since French culture is entrenched in Morocco, it's only natural that some of the finest foodie hotspots in Marrakech serve French food. And if you're craving for some, why not go to Le Petit Cornichon? A modern bistro that looks like it came straight out of Paris, it's nestled in the more quiet Gueliz district. Any delectable dish you'd expect from France you can order here, be it a scrumptious beam fillet or some lamb with green beans! And if you're lucky, you might stumble on here while it's offering some wine tasting to go with their daily dinner menu!
Marrakech’s Most Delicious Places To Eat
Source: Le Petit Cornichon Facebook Page


Also located in Gueliz is the world-renowned restaurant, +61! Co-owned by Cassandra Karinsky (textile mogul), Sebastian de Gzell (food critic and magazine editor), and chef Andrew Cibej, the place creates a stunning haven for international cuisine. Although it promotes an Australian lifestyle—thanks in large part to its founders—it serves up a diverse menu of Mediterranean dishes, Middle Eastern delicacies, South Asian flavors, and more! It's your choice to pair a fine bottle of red with either squid ink spaghetti, roast sirloin sandwich, or the fish of the day! And whichever you choose, it's sure to leave a big impression on you!
Marrakech’s Most Delicious Places To Eat
Source: +61 Marrakech Facebook Page


Speaking of Sebastian de Gzell, he also co-owns Nomad, a famous rooftop restaurant in the Medina district of Marrakech. All about local cuisine, it makes sense that the most 'Moroccan' out of all the places on this list is located in the old Islamic capital of the country. And since it's a prominent location in the city, it's quite easy to get to via public transport, even at night! Since it is a rooftop hotspot, no other time is better to dine under the stars, feel the cool Moroccan air, and indulge in the country's finest delicacies! A perfect place for a hot date!
Marrakech’s Most Delicious Places To Eat
Source: NOMAD Facebook Page

Amal Centre

More than just a popular Marrakech restaurant, Amal is a non-profit organization that helps empower women through culinary arts! So yes, what you'll eat here was prepared and served by local women, making them even more worthwhile. And don't worry, even though the dishes are through cooking classes and such, the quality of food here remains so high, it's still one of the most popular foodie hotspots in the city. Chicken skewers, beef wok, and vegan salads never tasted as good as they do when they were prepared by women who are turning their lives around. It's both inspiring and delicious in equal measure!
Marrakech’s Most Delicious Places To Eat
Source: Amal Women's Training Center and Moroccan Restaurant Facebook Page

La Famille

Another restaurant located in the Medina district, the French restaurant La Famille is all about letting you feel good. Firstly, it's a vegetarian place, only making use of organic ingredients that will keep you healthy and happy with every meal. From their focaccia pizza to grilled herb pestos, every taste and flavor you encounter will cleanse your body unlike any other. Secondly, the place is also known for its desserts. It is a French hotspot, after all! Chocolate fondant with peanut butter and orange blossom tiramisu lead its legion of sweets, ready to be devoured by those who can't control their sweet tooths!
Marrakech’s Most Delicious Places To Eat
Source: La Famille Marrakech Instagram Page

Bacha Coffee House

Finally, if you want to stop by for some coffee. go to Bacha Coffee House! Located near the famous Bacha Palace, this coffee shop is an institution of a café that's all about the French fancy! With its Belle Époque decor and velvet-lined seating, it's another place where you'll think you're in Paris again! In fact, the way it's presented and designed is similar to many cafés in the Champs-Elysées in Paris. As well as the pastries served here that will go well with your coffee. Croissants, brioches, and cannelés go well with their rich Moroccan coffee! What's not to love?
Marrakech’s Most Delicious Places To Eat
Source: Bacha Coffee House

Marrakech isn't exactly known as a 'food capital' but it can just as easily excited, entice, and satisfy foodies as well as the famous cities! Most especially this handful of restaurants, bistros, and cafés that will surely leave lasting impressions!