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The Most Notable International Schools in Marrakech

May 13, 2021
Marrakech is one of those cities that seems perfect for traveling. An exotic paradise unlike any other It inspires wanderlust and offers a ton of great memories to those lucky enough to travel here. With that said, it's not far-fetched to think that you can relocate and start a new life here, even when you already have your own family. Marrakech doesn't lack in anything a family needs to live and survive, not the least of which is your kids' education. The city has a ton of international schools you can enroll them in so they can continue their studies. Here are some of the most notable.

The Most Notable International Schools in Marrakech

The British Academy School Marrakech

You can probably already tell that The British Academy School Marrakech is one of prestige and prominence. It is, after all, Morocco's first fully-recognized British international school. Offering British curriculum to Moroccan and foreign students alike, your kids are guaranteed to receive the best education in the city. It focuses heavily on academics while ensuring the students grow up with proper morals and excellent values. Moreover, it's also the type of institution that can help your young ones eventually get to the best universities in the world, be it those in the UK or the Ivy League Schools in the US.

The American School of Marrakesh

Not to be one-upped by the British, the Americans have also established their own international school in Marrakech! 'ASM,' or The American School of Marrakesh, strives to provide quality American P-12 education to students of all nationalities living in Marrakech. It has since even become an IB World School, now offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma program to those lucky enough to get into this school. Yet, despite the academic pressure, ASM also focuses as much attention to a student's individual talents, skills, and attributes. They encourage them to pursue whatever they want and help them succeed with flying colors.

The Most Notable International Schools in Marrakech

Lycée Victor Hugo de Marrakech

Since Morocco is a French-speaking country, it's only natural that Marrakech also has French international schools. And among them, the Lycée Victor Hugo de Marrakech stands out as one of, if not the finest in the city. And since it's named after the French poet, Victor Hugo, you can probably already tell what this school is all about! Although the Lycée Victor Hugo de Marrakech still focuses heavily on academics, they put in as much effort—or probably even more so—with letting them pursue extracurricular activities, especially in the arts. From theater classes to literary lectures, every person's artistic interest is highlighted here!

Elaraki Iii

Teaching kids from nursery to college, Elaraki Iii is the type of international school where your young ones can grow up and help them develop into future movers and shakers of the world. It helps that the school has fostered a safe and open space for students of different nationalities, backgrounds, and walks of life to talk, play, and learn with each other. Through this, the school lets the young ones get used to different cultures, languages and the like, further establishing international understanding and a sense of globalism within the student body.

The Most Notable International Schools in Marrakech

Khalil Gibran School Marrakech

Established in 1986, the Khalil Gibran School is one of the oldest international schools, not just in Marrakech, but in Morocco in general! It also has the unique distinction of offering two types of curriculum for its international student body: Moroccan and British curriculums. With two systems co-existing side-by-side and even complementing each other, the kids will not only get the high quality education from the UK, but also understand what it means to live in Morocco and to grow up as a Moroccan. Having two curriculums in-place also pushes for more international understanding where the students can truly know what diversity really means.

Planète Montessori

Though it's one of the lesser-known and smaller schools on this list, Planète Montessori certainly remains one of the most notable international schools in Marrakech. It currently only has 170 students and among them are 27 different nationalities altogether. What it lacks in size it makes up for in substance and quality education! For one thing, this is the only school on this list that teaches in three languages: English, Arabic, and French. Once your young one graduates from here, there's a big chance that he/she will end up trilingual! Additionally, the school offers 10 extracurriculars, ranging from the arts to athletics. This allows them to seek out their talents, pursue their interests, and reach their full potential.

The Most Notable International Schools in Marrakech

Although school is probably far from your mind when it comes to Marrakech, for the sake of your kids who came with you to move here, you have to note these prominent international schools where they can continue their studies!