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Where To Learn Spanish in Ibiza

March 10, 2021
Just because Ibiza is, perhaps, one of the most popular places in Spain, that doesn't mean you can't get bt without knowing a speck of Spanish. Granted there are a ton of international establishments here, ranging from five-star resorts to celebrity-run nightclubs, but if you really want to enjoy your time here, improving your Spanish is the way to go. You'll have an easier time communicating with the locals, you'll understand signs better, and for an added benefit, you'll also sound sexier! Fortunately, there are a few institutions on the island that can teach you Spanish.
Where To Learn Spanish in Ibiza

Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza

Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza is arguably the finest language school in Ibiza. It's a serious institution that can grant you certification when you graduate and become fluent in Spanish. Accredited and affiliated by Instituto Cervantes, the quality of education here is seriously high. You don't just learn conversational Spanish that you can use when you meet someone new on the island. The level of languages here reaches professional and formal Spanish, the type you use at work or what diplomats use to speak at functions. Notably, it's the school's meticulous curriculum, divided into various levels and courses, that make this school all the more noteworthy.

Apple Languages Courses

With its nine classrooms, student computers available, and wifi all around the campus, Apple Languages Courses is another of Ibiza's finest Spanish schools. And since it's located in the city center of Ibiza, the school is easy to get to via public transport. With that said, its biggest ace is definitely the well-equipped facilities offered for all their courses. It's not just that you learn Spanish in a standard classroom setting, but you also get all the resources you'll need to really delve into the language. If only other institutions on the island were this lucky!

Estudio Hispanico (Courses)

More than your average school, Estudio Hispanicos is an association of educating people on the Spanish language. Its primary affiliate on the island is the already-mentioned Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza, however, they also offer other courses beyond the respected school. With the help of Estudo Hispanicos, you can also learn how to speak, understand, and improve your Spanish both at home and online. They can connect you with top-notch professors, schedule online classes to your convenience, and more. Through such a system, you're able to live your life freely while you study and improve your Spanish as you spend time in Ibiza.

Where To Learn Spanish in Ibiza

Here in Ibiza, even though more and more people from all around the world continue to go here, it's really better to speak and understand Spanish. You'll have an easier time here with less hassle and no language barrier at all!

Improving your Spanish skills will help you a lot while you're in Ibiza! Not the least of which is getting a luxury home here!



Ibiza, Spain
1733 € / night    
4 bedrooms3 bathrooms2-8
Ibiza, Spain
170 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4-4