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Ibiza's Public Transport: What To Know

March 10, 2021
You just can't imagine Ibiza being a normal city, can you? For so many people out there, this Spanish island is all about parties, nightclubs, and going wild. So much so that it's almost as if the place doesn't exist during the day. Is it a normal city like other towns in Spain and in the rest of the world? Does it have what other places have? Well, at least, for one thing, it has public transport! You can still get around Ibiza with the help of various modes of public transportation. Here are what you need to know about them!
Ibiza's Public Transport: What To Know

Renting A Car

Even though there are buses and taxis in Ibiza, renting a car is actually pretty common here. So much so that most tourists go for them more than they do with the standard modes of public transportation. It helps that the car rental services here are affordable, far from what you'd expect in other Spanish cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and the like. In fact, most price-points for various car rentals are competitive all-year-round, not just during the peak season for traveling to Ibiza. And, of course, there's the convenience of having a quasi-private vehicle to take you to where you need to go.

What To Remember When Renting A Car in Ibiza

When you do rent a car in Ibiza, there are a couple of things you should remember. One of the first ones is to ensure that your rented vehicle has the appropriate comprehensive insurance. You never know what might happen while you're driving around in it. It's to safeguard your finances just in case. Always bring your driver's license and rental documents with you at all times. Don't worry, even your license from your native country is valid here. And if you have passengers aged 12 and below (or shorter than 4.4'/135cm in height) with you, know that they're not allowed to sit on the front passenger's seat unless they're accompanied by an adult.

Ibiza's Public Transport: What To Know

Boarding A Bus

Of course, if you want the cheapest way to get around Ibiza, you can always travel by bus. Big, spacious, and air-conditioned, the buses here are just as comfortable to ride as a rented car. And they only cost around €3.50 to €4.00 per ride which, if you double them for a round-trip, would only cost you €7.00 to €8.00 to go back and forth. Buses in Ibiza have various lines throughout all the neighborhoods on the island, so it's impossible that you can't ride at least one that can take you near your destination. They arrive at each stop every 15 minutes too.

Booking a Disco Bus

Now, if you want to party while you travel, you can always book a Disco Bus to take you around Ibiza. As if you needed more proof of just how intrinsic partying is on this island, you can actually book a double-decker 'Disco Bus' to take you to all the nightlife hotspots in the city. They're available from midnight to 6:00 am and come with built-in bathrooms so you don't have to stop to take a bathroom break as you party all-night-long! As for the prices, they range from €3.00 to €3.50 a ride!

Ibiza's Public Transport: What To Know

Getting A Taxi

Ibiza is still a city, after all, which means that taxis are abundant here as well. Operating from morning until night, it's the second easiest mode of transportation to get after buses. Look out for the ones that have a green light as this means that they're ready for hire. And while you can probably hail one off the street, it's fairly common to ask for a taxi from your hotel, apartment building, and the like. Of course, there's also booking one with the help of a transportation app. Just watch out for the costs as taking a taxi can often be one of the most expensive public transport systems in Ibiza.

Taking A Ferry

Finally, since Ibiza is its own island among the Balearic Islands of Spain, taking a ferry to go the city and around it is fairly common. There are luxury cruises that you can board to get to Ibiza coming from various places within and outside of Spain. There's also the Aquabus, a common type of water bus that helps you get around the many districts on the island. And a ton of other ferry options. Depending on which one you get, this mode of public transportation can either be the most expensive or one of the cheapest.

Ibiza's Public Transport: What To Know

Getting around Ibiza is actually a lot easier than you might think. The island doesn't just come alive at night when the parties are going strong. During the day, public transport makes it easier for people to travel, explore, and get to their destinations on time!

You'll have an easier time getting to your luxury home in Ibiza when you're more familiar with public transport here!



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