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The Living Costs in Seville

March 05, 2021
Spain is undoubtedly an expensive city. Even when it's hit with all sorts of financial crises, the place remains costly nonetheless. With that said, this doesn't necessarily mean that all cities in the country are expensive. Of course, the popular ones like the capital city of Madrid, Barcelona, and the party island of Ibiza are. But for a city like Seville, for instance, money isn't that big of an issue. The living costs here aren't that high, but they're not that low that you can get by with just a couple of Euros either!
The Living Costs in Seville

Costs of Renting in Seville

If you want to determine if a city is expensive or not, take a look at its common rental fees. Here in Seville, you can already tell that the living costs here aren't that high as you can still get a place here without having to pay thousands of Euros per month. Specifically, you can get a one-bedroom place at the heart of the city for €600.00 to €800.00 a month. For a three-bedroom in the same area, it'd cost you €900.00 to €1,500.00 monthy. Compared to those in other cities in Spain, these prices aren't that bad at all!

Costs of Buying Property in Seville

Of course, buying property is a different matter entirely, Just a single square meter in any of the districts of Seville will already cost you more than €1,000.00. Mor specifically, buying a home in a central part of town would cost you around €2,000.00 to €3,500.00 per square meter. While if you go for a place along the outskirts of the city, it'd cost you €1,000.00 to €2,100.00 per square meter. Multiply them to the total number of square meters of your home and it'd cost you hundreds or possibly even millions of Euros!

The Living Costs in Seville

Utilities Costs

Then there are your utilties costs. As you'd expect, they're pretty low compared to other expensises you'll have to shoulder here in Seville. Typically, it will cost you around €80.00 to €182.14 to pay for all your monthly bills. These already include your electricity, water, heating, garbage disposal, and more. Of course, if your home is a lot bigger than the standard and you use way more appliances, these costs will be much higher. When it comes to your wifi connection at home, on the other hand, you'll only have to pay around €23.99 to €50.00 per month.

Food Costs

Food is also not as expensive here as in other cities. You can fill up your fridge, pantry, spice rack and more, for the common total median price of €57.37. Not bad right? For a little over half of €100.00, you can already get food and other necessities to last you one-to-two weeks. And these will already include a dozen eggs, 1.5 liters of water, different types of meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and even alcohol. If you go for more upscale stores, on the other hand, expect the costs to be much higher!

The Living Costs in Seville

Dining Costs

Dining here in Seville also isn't as expensive here as it is in other cities. Yes, the city has its own fair share of excellent restaurants that will cost you a lot, but it also has a ton of other places that are mid-range and are totally affordable. On average, enjoying a meal in the latter will cost you €7.00 to €12.00. Want to treat someone to a three-course meal at an inexpensive restaurant? You'll only have to pay €25.18 to €50.00 for the whole thing. All in all, you can still enjoy good food without the risk of emptying your wallet here in Seville.

Transportation Costs

In terms of public transport, you also don't have to worry about the costs here. Getting around here in Seville is practically cheap! For example, for just €35.00, you can get the Public Transport Card here that can give you unlimited access to any of the systems for three days. That's not a bad deal! Furthermore, a one-way ticket here only costs €1.40 each. Double that for a round-trip and it will only cost you €2.80 tops. In the instance you want your own car here, however, prepare to shell out €17,500.00 to €25,000.00 for it, regardless of its model and brand!

The Living Costs in Seville

Clothing Costs

Shopping here in Seville won't have to be so expensive either! Yes, many high fashion stores have set up shop here but as long as you don't shop there, you don't have to spend thousands of Euros to complete a wardrobe. If you stick to high street brands, for instance, it'd only cost you €15.00 to €35.00 a piece. A pair of jeans, which is a Spanish style staple, would only cost you €35.00 to €90.00. And when you want to buy a new pair of sneakers from any of the famous sportswear brands, prepare to pay around €30.00 to €80.00 for them!

Leisure Costs

In a city like Seville, you'd want to maintain and show off a svelt figure, wouldn't you? If you want to, at least that'll be no problem with your finances! Joining a mid-range gym here would only cost you €25.00 to €40.00 per month. Not bad for an expense that will keep you healthy and happy! If you go for a more premium fitness center, however, expect to pay a lot more for membership! Meanwhile, if you want to see a movie here in Seville, a movie ticket usually costs around €6.00 to €8.00 each. Just add more if you want popcorn and drinks to go with it!

Childcare & Education Costs

Finally, there's your child's education. As it's probably your most important investment here in Seville, expect it to be quite high. When they're little, enrolling them in private daycare center that can take care of them for a full day will cost you €300.00 to €400.00 a month. And when they grow up, if you want them to study at any of Seville's finest international schools, expect to pay around €5,000.00 to €9,000.00 per year! Some educational institutions will charge you even higher than that! Either way, since this is for your child's future, it's all worth it, right?

The Living Costs in Seville

Seville is a beautiful city that's also affordable. If you didn't think such a place existed, then you now know that it actually does. This isn't to say it's cheap here, far from it! But at least, compared to other cities, you won't have to pay a lot to live a good lif here.