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The Five Best International Schools Seville

March 04, 2021
Seville isn't exactly a city known for academic excellence, is it? Yes, it's an incredibly beautiful city packed with history, heritage, culture, and the like? But it's not necessarily a city that scholars from around the world are itching to go to. With that said, the school here aren't low-quality either! They may not be as prominent as other schools in other cities and countries but they're well-respected within Seville nonetheless. Most especially the international schools that seek to teach foreign and local students alike and provide them a high-quality education. Who knows? The next world leaders just might come from them!
The Five Best International Schools Seville

Colegio de San Francisco de Paula S.L.

Recognized by both Erasmus+ and Best Schools in Spain, Colegio de San Francisco de Paula is definitely one of the finest schools in Seville. Don't get confused by the 'colegio' part! The school actually teaches kids from nursery age to university level. In fact, the school even offers up International Baccalaureate programs for the latter, ensuring that their futures are secured with their respectable degrees. And yes, this is school is also the kind of institution that draws in students from all over the world, one of the very few that do in Seville.

Spanish American Institute of International Education (SAIIE)

Say what you want about the United States, this country still has one of the finer educational curriculums in the world. And thanks to the Spanish American Institute of International Education (SAIEE), kids in Seville get to study it as they continue their studies here. This school doesn't just provide quality American education that can someday help them get into Ivy League schools in the US, it also offers exciting opportunities for students to grow and broaden their horizons. From internships abroad to getting into athletics, your kids will develop into well-rounded individuals if you enroll them here!

The Five Best International Schools Seville

International School Andalucía

As London's top universities are the best in the world, it's safe to say that studying the British curriculum is a must to get to go to any of them someday. For the kids in Seville, they have International School Andalucía to help them with that! Welcoming students from 18 months to 18 years, both local and foreign children alike can and have grown up to be movers and shakers of the world in this international educational institution. And since it is a British school, you can also ensure that, at the very least, students get to learn proper English that will help them in their future endeavors.

St. Mary's School

This is a list of schools in Seville, Spain. Of course, there'd be at least one Catholic school on here! This time, it's St. Mary's School. Taking pride in its bilingual programs, the school aims to produce the world's next leaders. More specifically, their education is steered towards helping kids achieve independence with a good sense of self-leadership. It's not just that they help them focus on academics and encourage extracurricular interests, but rather, the school provides the necessary tools for these kids to grow up self-sufficient and confident in themselves.

Enforex Sevilla School

Finally, there's Enforex Sevilla School. Far from the other schools on this list, this place is more a language school than a standard educational institution. When you're in a countryside city like Seville, learning how to speak and understand Spanish should be one of your main priorities. You and your kids all in all. With the help of this school, you can easily get used to speaking Spanish, reading it, and understanding what the locals are talking about. As much as English is important when it comes to the other international schools, Spanish is vital for your survival here!

The Five Best International Schools Seville

Just because Seville is in the countryside region of Andalucía in Spain, that doesn't mean your kids can't get the quality international education they need to continue their studies. There's a handful of schools here that can provide them with that!