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Leeds' Best and Most Delicious Restaurants

February 06, 2021
When one thinks about delicious food, the city of Leeds rarely comes to mind. People more commonly remember Paris, Rome, London, and the like when it comes to haute cuisine. But Leeds? Not exactly! Or is it? Just because this well-known Yorkshire city isn't considered the food capital of the world, it doesn't mean that you won't find culinary excellence here. On the contrary, Leeds has its own fair share of restaurants that any foodie would likely enjoy. From traditional British dishes to exotic cuisines, here are some of the best restaurants in Leeds you should really check out!
Leeds' Best and Most Delicious Restaurants


Perched atop the Trinity Leeds shopping center complete with its own elevator, Crafthouse is the very definition of an upscale restaurant. Sleek and sophisticated interior design houses a traditional Yorkshire menu done right, made with only the freshest produce money can buy. The elegant ambiance is a beautiful contrast to the traditional dishes, which include pheasant with spiced cabbage, Wensleydale cheese, and for dessert, Yorkshire pudding! If you thought a meal in the English countryside would only be humble and simple, think again! Crafthouse, especially when headed by Executive Chef Murray Wilson, proves that a touch of posh goes a long way.
Leeds' Best and Most Delicious Restaurants
Source: Crafthouse Facebook Page


Honeyed pork, Brazilian chicken, and a hearty salad to boot! These are just some of the delicious food that awaits you in Fazenda! The closest West Yorkshire has to a steakhouse, meat is the ultimate priority here. With a fine selection of meat coming from Brazil and Argentina, this place has transported the spicy South American cuisines to rattle the British simplistic tastes. Think premium-cut stakes drowning is a savory sauce with a side of salad. Or pork cutlets made into a kebab that will make your mouth water the moment it's served on your table! Not even London has this kind of place!
Leeds' Best and Most Delicious Restaurants
Source: Fazenda Facebook Page


What's so great about Fettle is that it's sort of a two-in-one winner! During the day, it's a cafe with a comfortable ambiance and excellent coffee. Traditional British treats dominate the menu, making for great comfort for a nice mid-afternoon snack. However, when the sun goes down, the place becomes one of the most in-demand restaurants in all of Leeds. Hearty Yorkshire dishes with foreign desserts offer an interesting combination of culinary greatness. For instance, for your main course, you can devour a bubble ’n’ squeak topped with an egg yolk for a slightly textured taste. And for dessert, a nice British spin on the panna cotta will do just fine!
Leeds' Best and Most Delicious Restaurants
Source: Fettle Facebook Page


Leeds' Best and Most Delicious Restaurants
Source: Poco Facebook Page

Senbon Sakura

You never would have thought that eating Japanese in Leeds would be so good, didn't you? Well, that only means you haven't been to Senbon Sakura. Set along Great George Street, this Japanese restaurant is the best Asian cuisine place in all of West Yorkshire for two reasons. One is, of course, the authentic Japanese dishes and delicacies. Their sushi bowls are particularly scrumptious and they're always made up of the freshest ingredients available. Another is that the place is entirely affordable! More often than not, Japanese food can get expensive in the UK, but not this place! And thank goodness for that!
Leeds' Best and Most Delicious Restaurants
Source: Senbon Sakura

Tavernaki Bistro

Up for another foreign cuisine? Tavernaki Bistro is your best bet! A whole haven for Greek cuisine, this is the best type of place to go to when you're starving. They serve kebabs, souvlaki, halloumi, moussaka, and more! And mind you, they prepare their dishes with the utmost care and attention to detail. They make it that you'll practically feel like your dining in Athens of Mykonos or something! And they even go so far as to decorate the place to look like an authentic local tavern in Greece. How's that for a unique culinary experience in West Yorkshire?
Leeds' Best and Most Delicious Restaurants
Source: Tavernaki Bistro Facebook Page


When a place is Michelin-recommended (though not necessarily starred), you already know it's gonna be good! Continuing the foreign invasion of cuisines in Leeds, Thatrvadu is an excellent Indian restaurant located in Mill Hill. Ironically enough, this place is one of the more residential areas in Leeds, yet this deliciously exotic hotspot found its way in this part of the English countryside. As for the food? Divine! Their curry has just the right amount of spice to tickle your taste buds but without downgrading the other flavors. Also, the buttered chicken here is so tender, you'll rarely need a knife to cut it.
Leeds' Best and Most Delicious Restaurants
Source: Tharavadu Facebook Page

The Swine That Dines

Finally, there's The Swine That Dines. You can probably already tell from its name what kind of food to expect here! A delicious array of pork dishes await those who are looking for a hearty and meaty meal whilst in Leeds. Whether barbecued or roasted, the place's scrumptious main courses will leave anybody feeling full even before dessert comes to the table. Fascinatingly, The Swine That Dines also takes pride in the fact that they always make the most out of every ingredient they have, be it an animal or vegetables. It only goes to show just how much they value their customers!
Leeds' Best and Most Delicious Restaurants
Source: The Swine That Dines Facebook Page

Leeds may not be the most famous city when it comes to food, but it certainly doesn't lack in great food! The city has its own handful of delicious places offering both traditional British dishes to exotic cuisines! Be sure to check out any or all of them when you can!