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The Most Scrumptious Greek Restaurants in Athens

August 20, 2021
It's true that, when it comes to foodie destinations, the likes of Paris, Rome, and London are head-and-shoulders above every other city out there. However, that doesn't mean these capital cities are the only places in the world that serve up some delicious grub! Athens, for instance, is another capital city that boasts a fine array of culinary hotspots, each ready to serve those with palettes that can handle them. After all, while there are a good many international cuisines served in this city, it's Greek cuisine that they excel the most. And here are a few places to find the best of them!

The Most Scrumptious Greek Restaurants in Athens



Don't you just love it when you stumble unto a "hidden gem" in a very busy city? Well, that' just what you'll feel when you go to Anapsikitiro. Tucked away beside a convenience store in Psiri—one of Athens' neighborhoods worth visiting—with only a half-open door to tell you it's there, this Greek "secret kitchen" is a family-owned establishment. Relying on recipes passed down from generation to generation, they offer a different, slightly familial spin on Greek cuisine that you won't find in any other restaurant in the city. 

The Most Scrumptious Greek Restaurants in Athens

Source: Anapsikitiro



With its rusting pinewood decor and furnishing, Athinaikon very much looks like a hang-out for artists, writers, philosophers, and the like. And that's not far from the truth! For years, this local favorite has been an escape for bold new ideas but also, more importantly, a monument to culinary excellence. From their scrumptious crab coquettes to their savory grilled sardines, this is where seafood lovers in the city will get their best fill. You can bet they use the freshest ingredients too! 

The Most Scrumptious Greek Restaurants in Athens

Source: Athinaikon



If you're in the mood for a hearty Greek meal, Díporto is one of your best bets. The name itself refers to the two doors you'll see in the Varvakeios area, which will lead you down a rustic cellar and into a slightly intimate space that serves up salads, soups, meats, and more. Sure, ambiance-wise, it can use a major redecorating, but the food is enough to keep you satisfied and coming back for more. It's a nice little retreat every lunch and dinnertime. 

The Most Scrumptious Greek Restaurants in Athens

Source: Díporto


Funky Gourmet

Despite its rather gimmicky name, the Funky Gourmet is anything but funky in terms of its elegant ambiance and delectable concoctions. Experimenting is the name of the game as the chefs in this rather swanky establishment combines all types of tastes and flavors together to come up with unique dishes for an equally unique culinary experience. Sweet and savory, spicy, and sour—a whole host of flavors come together and burst out in your mouth as you enjoy watching the Mediterranean sunset. 

The Most Scrumptious Greek Restaurants in Athens

Source: Funky Gourmet Facebook Page


Kitsoulas Taverna

Good luck getting a seat at Kitsoulas Taverna! It's become a huge favorite among many locals, even becoming a lunch mainstay during the weekend. Founded in 1946, the place has fed many generations of Athenians in the past decades. And once you taste any of their flavorful dishes, you'll realize why it's often so crowded here! They really take to heart the richness of Greek cuisine here, offering up sauce-filled dishes or spiced-up delicacies so that you'll no longer need a dessert to end up satisfied! 

The Most Scrumptious Greek Restaurants in Athens

Source: Kitsoulas Taverna Facebook Page



Now, if you're talking about old-school favorites in the Greek capital, Klimataria also takes the cake! Established in 1927, it's become a culinary monument in the city, a must-try for anyone going here for the first time. What's their specialty? Pies and potatoes! Mediterraneans sure love them, and no other place prepared such dishes quite like this prominent establishment. An onion pie with a side of homemade mashed potatoes may seem simple, but here, it's a feast in of itself! 

The Most Scrumptious Greek Restaurants in Athens

Source: Klimataria Facebook Page



Now, how about something sweet for a change? Greek yogurt isn't the only type of dessert worth trying out whilst in Athens.  You must have a few loukoumades as well! What are they, you ask? Well, they're Greek donuts, fried to fluffy perfections, and drizzled with homemade honey or sprinkled with cinnamon or powdered sugar. At least, that's how they serve them here at Lukumades, the go-to shop for this sweet treat. They're the perfect after-meal antidote to a hearty Greek dish or afternoon comfort food! 

The Most Scrumptious Greek Restaurants in Athens

Source: Lukumades



Don't think that all of Athen's culinary hotspots are taverns and family-owned diners. The Greek capital also has its fair share of fine-dining establishments that define luxury. Take Orizontes, for instance. Perched atop Lycabettus Hill, it gives you a stunning view of Athens, complete with the famous Acropolis and a horizon lined with the Aegean Sea. As for the menu, Greek delicacies that will fill your tummy and pair well with their finest reds! Not too shabby, right? 

The Most Scrumptious Greek Restaurants in Athens

Source: Orizontes



Speaking of restaurants with stunning views, Strofi also doesn't disappoint. A roof terrace place that views a beautiful view of the iconic Parthenon, it's the type of romantic hotspot suitable for a honeymooning couple. In fact, if you decide to propose to your significant other whilst dining here, there's a high chance you'll get an enthusiastic yes! Food-wise, they don't hold back with the meats here, particularly their famous roast lamb stuffed with Greek cheese. Now that's the stuff! 

The Most Scrumptious Greek Restaurants in Athens

Source: Strofi Facebook Page


To Koutouki Tou Thoma

Finally, there's To Koutouki Tou Thoma. It's another tavern, the kind you'd expect here in the Greek capital, but this time, their selection of wines are just as noteworthy as their authentic Greek menu. Because what's a hearty dish without a strong red to help you down it in one full gulp? If you want a complete meal and an undeniably authentic Greek culinary experience, this place should be at the top of your list! 

The Most Scrumptious Greek Restaurants in Athens

Source: To Koutouki Tou Thoma


Athens undeniably has its own flavor when it comes to the culinary scene. Sure, it's not considered a food capital like those other European cities, but you can still find a good many places that will tantalize your taste buds here!

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