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The Best English Schools in Leeds

February 07, 2021
Yorkshire is one of the most important provinces in the UK. And in this illustrious region, there's the city of Leeds. A relatively urban city with its own unique countryside charms, it's slowly become one of the major cities of England. It's no wonder why many people are relocating here. A lot of them moved here for work as well. And to help with that, one can always improve his/her English skills. There's no harm in getting a better grasp of the language. Fortunately, the city has a handful of language schools that can help you with that!
The Best English Schools in Leeds

Leeds English Language Schools

As far as the English language is concerned, the Leeds English Language school is the best place to learn it in west Yorkshire. Offering up a myriad of courses that range from conversational English to formal language suitable for corporate settings, to say that you'll improve your English here is an understatement. In fact, the school will help students in preparing to go to some of the finest universities in London, not the least of which is Cambridge University. This alone should convince you that if you really want to master the English language whilst in Leeds, this school is the only place to go!

The Leeds School of English

Another prestigious institution is The Leeds School of English. Now, this school will really take care of you in more ways than one. Openly welcoming international students to study and improve their English with them, they offer most, if not all the courses one needs to truly master the language. Whether it's through their standard classes or private tutorials, this school aims to make any student of their fluent in English, both in conversation and when speaking formally in academic and business environments. Furthermore, for those coming from other countries they also assist in finding you accommodation within the city.

The Best English Schools in Leeds

Leeds Language College

With just a five-minute walk from Leeds Train station, the Leeds Language College is convenient in a lot of ways. For one thing, as you might have already surmised, it's easy to get here via public transport. For any school in a city like Leeds, this is already a huge help. Furthermore, you can enroll in a course based on your availability current level. Depending on how well you can already speak and understand English, the Leeds Language School has certain programs that almost feel like they're tailor-fit for you! And some only require 9 to 20 hours per week!

Center of English Studies: Leeds

The Center of English Studies has many campuses throughout the UK. This, of course, includes Leeds too. What so great about this school is, while it is a prominent and well-respect academic institution, the way they approach their courses isn't as standard as in other places. For instance, social interaction is as essential a way to teaching students as it is doing so in a traditional classroom. Here, you can learn how to speak and understand English by talking to and meeting native English-speakers, exploring the city, and the like. For many people, this is actually a more effective method!

MDA College

MDA College is an international institution in Leeds that has taught countless foreign students to master the English language. What's so special about this place is that it's a safe space, a welcoming school that opens its arms to anyone who wants to improve and eventually become fluent in English. Notably, a unique program they offer is their female-only classes. It's no secret that even in a school, women are not always safe from harm. Through this program, MDA College is able to protect their female students, especially ones that don't understand nor speak English particularly well.

The Best English Schools in Leeds

Whether you're going to Leeds, moving to Leeds, or you're already in the city, you can still improve and eventually master the English language here! These outstanding schools, colleges, and institutions will definitely help you with that!