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The Finest International Schools in Monaco

January 29, 2021
Monaco seems like a place that's all about fun and pleasure doesn't it? Gambling in a grand casino, relaxing in a yacht by the harbor, eating the finest food money can buy, and the like. Very rarely do you people associate Monaco with more serious stuff, like politics, business, and education. But in truth, all those things still matter to this principality as well. Not the least of which is education! If you plan on moving to Monaco with your kids someday, know that there are schools here that will ensure they get to finish their education without a hitch!
The Finest International Schools in Monaco

International School in Monaco

The International School of Monaco is the most important educational institution of its kind in the entire principality. It's practically a state school with its immense popularity among locals and expats alike. With a French National curriculum taught in both French and English, international students are taught similarly to how the French are, especially when you compare this school to those in Paris. And since the students here are prepared for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) you can be sure that the quality of education here is sky high! You won't go wrong enrolling your little ones in this school!

Centre Méditérranéen d'Études Françaises

Operating under the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Centre Méditérranéen d'Études Françaises is one of, if not the most important French institution in Monaco. Even though Monaco and France are distinctly two separate territories, the former is still very much dependent on the latter for many things. This includes, of course, the standard of education. the Centre Méditérranéen d'Études Françaises is one that upholds French academic excellence in the principality. Furthermore, since it's located along Avenue Prince Rainier III de Monaco, it's also easy to access via public transport, so kids won't have that difficult a time getting here just time for class.

The Finest International Schools in Monaco

Francis of Assisi Nicolas Barre Institute

The only Catholic school on this list, it's safe to say what the Francis of Assisi Nicolas Barre Institute aims to achieve. A merging of two well-founded Catholic schools, this institution seeks to guide children to a righteous way of life through education. Make no mistake, differences in opinon and a focus on science are more than welcome here, but in essence, the school is all about the Catholic teachings and values. And seeing as both France and Monaco are both highly-religious and rooted in Catholicism, such a school is appropriate for those who want to live in the principality.

Mougins School

Since Monaco is a small principality, it's not uncommon that Monégasque children will go all the way to other places along the French Riviera—and France in general—for school. One such place is Mougins School in the town o Mougins, located just north of Cannes. Catering to kids aged 3 to 18, it's one of the finest primary and secondary schools in the region. The institution itself has quite an impressive track record, with overall scores often ranking above-average. With that said, it's the openness of the campus is what will really help the students get more comfortable studying, find their interests, and realize their full potential.

EBICA International School

< Another school that's not exactly located in Monaco but near enough is Ebica International School. It's actually located in Valbonne, France, which is only an hour's drive away from Monaco. What makes this school so special that kids from Monaco will travel that far just to go to school? It's a very complete yet peaceful school where kids can find comfort and confidence! Respected for their strong focus on academics as well as multiple extracurricular activities, children are able to learn at their own pace and truly find themselves at this school. And in this day and age, both are very important!

The Finest International Schools in Monaco

Monaco isn't just a haven for glamour and pleasure. The principality is also a place where kids can thrive and aim for academic excellence. Any of these respected and prominent international schools, both in and around Monaco, would stand proof of that!

Enrolling your kids in any of these respectable schools will be easier if you got a luxury apartment to go home to, preferably one located near these institutions!