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Monaco's Most Noteworthy French-Language Schools

January 29, 2021
For years, Monaco has been a separate principality from France even though the former is technically part of the French Riviera. The city-state has its own government, its own people, and its own way of life that are totally different from the European country. Nevertheless, both share a lot of things, not the least of which, the French language. If you want to stay in Monaco for a long time without any hassle, you're better off learning French. It's the only way you won't get into misunderstandings that can lead to trouble. Fortunately, Monaco has a couple of language schools that can help you!
Monaco's Most Noteworthy French-Language Schools

The Regency School of Languages

The premier language school in Monaco is, without a doubt, the Regency School of Languages. Founded in 1985, they've taught and have worked with some of the most important people, institutions, businesses, and more in or have been in Monaco. They teach a myriad of languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, and, of course, French. Welcoming students aged 5 to adulthood, everyone is welcome to learn or improve their French here. And don't worry, while they commonly offer group lessons, you can still opt for one-on-one tutorials if you prefer. Either way, you're still getting bang for your buck here!

International School in Monaco

Although the International School in Monaco is more of a primary and secondary school for kids than a specialty school for language, it still offers courses in French to adults from time to time. And if their quality is anywhere near to that of how they teach children, you're sure to become fluent in it in no time. More often than not, their lessons aim to improve your conversational French, allowing you to better understand the locals around you while you're in the principality. It's possible that what you're taught here is the same or relatively similar to what the standard young pupils also learn in their French class.

Monaco's Most Noteworthy French-Language Schools

Centre Méditérranéen d'Études Françaises

As the primary French school in Monaco, you'll really get to learn French in the Centre Méditérranéen d'Études Françaises. Similar to the International School of Monaco, this institution offers French-language courses to adults from time to time as well. The main difference is that the programs offered here are often more intense than those from the latter. This is a full-fledged French institution, after all. You'll barely hear any English in this place even though it is, technically, an international school. The point of their courses is to help you get used to the language in order to learn it better!

Alpha-B French Language School

Its name already says it all! The Alpha-B French Language School is all about teaching you how to speak, read, and understand French properly while you're staying in the French Riviera. Located in Nice, it's only about a half-hour drive away from Monaco. It's also one of the finest French-language schools in the region. Accredited by various international academic bodies, the school aims to provide you with all the necessary tools and lessons you'll need to become fluent in the language. Not to mention a comfortable setting with 5-8 people in a class to make the experience more fun and enjoyable!

Monaco's Most Noteworthy French-Language Schools

Planning on staying in Monaco for a long time? You might want to learn French while you're here! It's the official language of the principality so you'll have an easier time if you spoke and understood the language. Don't worry, these schools will teach you everything!

Make sure you study hard and learn French as soon as possible here in Monaco. Only then will you be able to get the best in the city-state, including living in a luxury home here!