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Getting To Know Monaco’s Public Transport

January 28, 2021
Public transport is probably the last thing you'll ever associate with Monaco, isn't it? The place is more like a treasure trove of yachts, sports cars, bikes, and the like. You almost can never imagine the city-state having public transport. Or rather, people staying there who can only afford public transport! However, the truth of the matter is, not everyone in Monaco is rich and famous. There are still residents in that principality that would need public transport in order to get to another place. Who knows, you might need it too when you go here. So here's some important info about Monaco's public transport.
Getting To Know Monaco’s Public Transport

Traveling by Bus

Out of all the systems in Monaco, the most common, most public, and most affordable are the buses. There are several lines that go through each and every district of Monaco, ensuring that wherever it is you need to go to, you can board a bus that will take you there no problem. Though to know which one you need to board, you might want to download a transportation app to help you. Furthermore, you don't have to go to a station to pay for a ticket as well. You can simply go on a bus and pay on-board. Whether you pay with cash or via card, both are valid as well.

Night Buses in Monaco

Don't think that just because it's nighttime there are no longer buses going around Monaco. On the contrary, the city-state has its own night buses to help after-dark travelers go to wherever they need to be, just like in the cities of Prague, Rome, and more. Operating from 9:30 onwards, there's not much difference between them and the day buses. Only that they're made up of only two lines, so your options in terms of routes are vastly limited. Nevertheless, each bus takes off every 30 minutes and runs until 12:20 am the next day.

Getting To Know Monaco’s Public Transport

Monaco's Taxis

Of course, there's also the option of taking a taxi instead. Just like in other cities, taxis are a dime a dozen in this principality. However, one major difference between Monaco and other places is that ride-hailing apps for taxis are banned here. This means you can't book a taxi online, you'll just have to hail one off the street. There are still a few apps wherein you can book a private car, but in booking a taxi, there are none. Fortunately, many places in Monaco are busy enough to ensure that one will pass by you no matter what!

The Bateau Bus

Similarly in the likes of Dubai and Mykonos, Monaco also has its own ferry system to help you cross bodies of water. The most common and most popular one is the Bateau Bus. A solar-powered water bus, it takes you back and forth between the harbor in Monte Carlo to the one in Monaco Ville. Each trip costs around €2.00 and they take off every 20 minutes. They also only run from 8:00 am to 7:50 pm. In terms of buying tickets, you can either pay on-board or go to the machines by the harbor.

Getting To Know Monaco’s Public Transport

Going Around By Bike

Since Monaco is located along the French Riviera, can't you just imagine biking your way through this beautiful city-state while the sun is shining down on you? It's like a scene straight out of a movie, isn't it? Well, doing so is not exactly just in films either! Thanks to the Monaco Bus Company, there are now a multitude of electric bikes people can use to go from one place to another. Only costing around €1.00 per rental—or €6.00 for a monthly subscription—these rechargeable bikes can take you about 20-25km around the principality. And don't worry, there are a ton of recharging stations for them as well.

Flying via Helicopters

Finally, when all else fails, why not fly to your destination in Monaco? Don't have wings? Don't worry, you don't need them! You can always take a helicopter instead. Remember, this is Monaco, a haven for the rich and famous. Of course, there'd be helicopter service open to the public as well! Though mostly a tourist attraction, the use of helicopters is becoming more and more common among locals that it's slowly becoming a fixture in public transport. The most popular service, Monacair, offers up 6-7 minute flights to anyone who needs to go somewhere asap.

Getting To Know Monaco’s Public Transport

Need to go somewhere in and around Monaco? Not to worry! It may not seem like it, but public transport is alive and well in this glamorous principality! You have a lot of great options to choose from too, all of which will get you to where you need to be asap!

With all that said, there's no greater feeling than relaxing in your luxury home in Monaco after going through the place's busy public transport!