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Ultimate Nottingham Guide by Neighborhood

January 25, 2021
Admittedly, Nottingham is far from being the most popular city in the UK. It definitely can't hold a candle to the likes of London, Manchester, Oxford, and York. But that doesn't mean it's any less of an exciting and beautiful metropolis. Many would argue that compared to the more famous places in the country, Nottingham is one of the best for living an idyllic life. One that's not so strained by today's hustle and bustle but not so quiet that it's boring. In a nutshell, Nottingham is a city that's just right! Wait until you learn more about the neighborhoods here!

Ultimate Nottingham Guide by Neighborhood

Where Not To Live in Nottingham

Before getting into the central neighborhoods of Nottingham, particularly the most popular areas, it pays to know the parts of the city you're better off avoiding. One of the main ones—which is unfortunately a central area too—is the Nottingham City Centre. It's a great place during the day, lively in its variety of hotspots and tourist attractions. But at night, it attracts some seedy characters. The crime rates in Nottingham are only moderate, but the crime rate in this district is particularly high. Other places with notable crime include The Meadows, Top Valley, Hyson Green, and Sneinton. There are the worst neighborhoods to live in Nottingham.

Is Nottingham, England a Good Place to Live?

Yes, it is! What's great about the city is that it's the best of both worlds. The metropolis itself is an urban oasis of hustle and bustle. There are enough industries here that provide jobs for locals to earn a living. At the same time, the city is technically part of the English countryside too. The famous Sherwood Forest is nearby, as are fields and mountains that make the UK one of the world's most beautiful countries. Who wouldn't want to live in such a fascinating place?

Aspley, Nottingham

Brick houses that look like toys make up most of Aspley, one of the central neighborhoods in Nottingham. It's a residential district filled with families, married couples, and the like. The place itself is largely suburban, with most of the area made up of beautiful houses and luxury rentals in Nottingham. There are still some shops and restaurants along the way, but for the most part, Aspley is a quiet suburb with a tight-knit community.

Where is Aspley, Nottingham?

Aspley lies west of the Nottingham City Centre, about 3 miles (4.82 kilometers) away. Though it is its own council estate, the area is still considered part of Nottingham since it's still within the scope of the City Centre.

Is Aspley, Nottingham a Nice Place to Live?

For the most part, it is. As already mentioned, Aspley is a largely residential neighborhood in Nottingham. Those who plan to raise a family in the city would do well to consider it as a major option for their next hometown.
Ultimate Nottingham Guide by Neighborhood
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Bakersfield, Nottingham

Another largely suburban area in Nottingham is Bakersfield, a residential district just east of the city center. Because of its proximity to the latter, it's become a popular place for office employees and other workers to live here. It's easy enough to take Nottingham's public transport to get to work and back every single day. At the same time, Bakersfield is also peaceful enough to be a family-friendly part of the city. Especially since the area is filled to the brim with beautiful houses and quaint residences perfect for an idyllic English life.

Is Bakersfield, Nottingham a Good Place to Live?

Definitely! It's one of the quieter parts of the city as well as a generally safe area. If you want a slice of the quiet English countryside while still being near the urban City Centre, Bakersfield is the perfect neighborhood for you!
Ultimate Nottingham Guide by Neighborhood
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Beeston, Nottingham

If you want to get all technical about it, Beeston is its own town within the bigger Nottinghamshire county. Located 3.4 miles (5.7 kilometers) south-west of Nottingham City Centre, the place has a distinct energy and identity. Beeston is one of the livelier districts of Nottingham. It's a treasure trove of trendy hotspots and cool hangouts and is almost as lively as the City Centre. And since the living costs in Nottingham aren't that high, it's safe to say that you can easily afford a nice lifestyle in Beeston.

What to Do in Beeston, Nottingham

There's a lot you can do in Beeston. On the weekends, you can take your friends and family to Highfield Park and have a ball. Play sports on the fields, set up a picnic for the little ones, or perhaps even row a boat with your partner for a nice romantic date. Do you prefer to stay indoors? The Beeston Library serves as a literary escape as well as a nice spot to just chill, read, and hang out. Nearby, there's also the famous Nottingham Castle, which has become a must-see museum if you're into history, art, and culture.

Is Beeston, Nottingham Safe?

Yes, it is. Though it does tend to get a little too lively for many people's tastes, the neighborhood doesn't have high crime rates.
Ultimate Nottingham Guide by Neighborhood
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Nottingham City Centre

The Nottingham City Centre is the city's—and possibly the whole Nottinghamshire county's—busiest district. It's also one of its grander and beautiful areas. With the stunning Greco-Roman City Hall building as the epicenter, the place looks more like Brussels or Vienna than any city in the English countryside. Since it's popular among locals and tourists alike, the place is often crowded. People are strolling about, relaxing in cafes, browsing in the art galleries, shopping at the local boutiques, and more.

What to Do in Nottingham City Centre

An easier question would be to ask what you can't do in the Nottingham City Centre! There's already a lot you can do in Nottingham for a day, and that's for the entire city. This district alone will have you exhausted before sundown! You can go on a foodie tour of the area, especially the humble hotspots that serve authentic British cuisine. You can get lost in the Creative Quarter and see what local artists are up to. And come nightfall, you can enjoy a show in either the Victorian Theatre Royal or the Royal Concert Hall.

Is Nottingham City Centre Safe?

Ahh, not this is a trickier question to answer. Nottingham's crime rates may be moderate, but the City Centre's rates are admittedly high. Don't worry! It's not so infested with crimes that it's become a dangerous utopia. The City Centre is still generally safe, especially during the day. Come nightfall, however, you'd do well to go out accompanied by locals and to be more aware of your surroundings.
Ultimate Nottingham Guide by Neighborhood
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Mapperley, Nottingham

A cluster of red-bricked houses with dark gray roofs makes Mapperley look like the quintessential English countryside village. But make no mistake, this area is not 100% rural. Yes, it's another suburban area, but it's far from a boring neighborhood in the city. There are still some commercialized areas here where people can hang out and have a good time. Especially several bars and pubs for an exciting nightlife scene!

Is Mapperley a Nice Area?

Yes, it definitely is! As mentioned previously, Mapperley maintains a nice balance between a residential neighborhood and a commercial district. There are areas within the district where you can live in peace and perhaps even raise a family, and there are others filled with cool hotspots where you can chill, hang out, and have fun.

Where to Eat in Mapperley, Nottingham

You'd be surprised at how diverse and interesting Mapperley's culinary scene is! Both locals and tourists alike would argue that some of these are the best restaurants in Nottingham. One of the many favorites here is Annie's Burger Shack & Freehouse, an American-style burger joint that, surprisingly, also has great vegan options. The Alchemist, on the other hand, is a cool pub where you can enjoy brunch in the morning and cocktails at night. Don't overlook Yiannis Greek Restaurant too! It's a must for anyone craving authentic Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in the city.
Ultimate Nottingham Guide by Neighborhood
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Park Estate, Nottingham

While New York City has Park Avenue, Nottingham has The Park Estate. This affluent residential area is reserved for the upper class. Well-preserved Victorian houses make up the district, each imposing with such old-world grandeur. The pristine but rural charms of the place make it look like Jane Austen's English countryside. You can easily imagine the posh characters of her beloved novels living among these refined residences.

Is The Park Estate, Nottingham a Nice Area?

Without a doubt! It's a safe and sophisticated district defined by its old-world luxury. If you can afford to, you'd love to live at The Park Estate, Nottingham yourself!
Ultimate Nottingham Guide by Neighborhood
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Lace Market, Nottingham

Despite its name, lace isn't what makes this Nottingham district so beautiful. It's a series of red-brick Victorian and Georgian-style buildings that looks straight out of a Charles Dickens novel. If you think the likes of Paris and Prague are the only ones that can charm your pants off with their classical beauty on full display, think again. The Lace Market in Nottingham may not compare as much, but it's certainly beguiling in its own right! And just like those cities, this area also has its fair share of museums, galleries, and the like.

What is The Lace Market, Nottingham?

Today, The Lace Market in Nottingham has become a trendy district filled with fashionable boutiques, creative studios, and fancy gastropubs. This is where you want to be if you want to stay on top of all the trends, knowing what's in and what's out! At the same time, The Lace Market remains the creative heart of Nottingham, serving as the home and haven for artists, writers, performers, and more.

The Lace Market, Nottingham Bars

As already mentioned, The Lace Market is a trendy district made up of exciting hotspots. Many of them include the hippest bars and pubs in the city. The Lizard Lounge, The Old Angel Inn, and The Brass Monkey are just some of the places you need to check out. They always serve great food, awesome drinks, and of course, a hell of a good time!

Where to Eat in The Lace Market, Nottingham

Even though it's one of the oldest and most historic neighborhoods of Nottingham, The Lace Market's culinary scene is more diverse and modern than you probably realize. Among the many highlights is Iberico World Tapas, a Spanish tapas bar. You never would've thought such a hotspot existed in such an old, English place, did you? The tapas here are incredible! As are its cocktails too! Anoki is another restaurant you shouldn't miss. They serve such flavorful Indian dishes, you'll be coming back for more in no time!
Ultimate Nottingham Guide by Neighborhood
Source: Wikimedia Commons

West Bridgford, Nottingham

If you have a free day and you just want to hang out, maybe even go shopping with friends, then you'll enjoy spending time in West Bridgford. Close to the City Center, it's one of the busier neighborhoods of Nottingham. But while the latter is a lot more crowded, the vibe here is more relaxed and laid-back. You won't feel like you need to rush what you're doing; you can take your time and enjoy shopping, eating, and hanging out with your loved ones.

Is West Bridgford Safe?

Yes, it is. West Bridgford is one of the safer parts of Nottingham, even though it's quite near the City Centre.
Ultimate Nottingham Guide by Neighborhood
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Wollaton, Nottingham

With the grand Wollaton Hall to look forward to, you can already tell that this is another great neighborhood in Nottingham. Wollaton is, in many ways, the countryside heart of the metropolis. Though the area itself is pretty commercial, the abundance of green spaces makes it stand out against the rest. You'll find Deer Park here, which is right by Wollaton Hall, one of the great mansions in England, and home to adorable woodland critters. Nature practically reigns supreme around these parts, almost serving as a beautiful escape from the rest of the city.

Is Wollaton, Nottingham Safe?

Yes, it is. It helps that it's one of the least urban parts of the city. It may be lively at times but it's seldom crowded. You'll still need to be aware of your surroundings, but for the most part, you'll be safe in Wollaton!
Ultimate Nottingham Guide by Neighborhood
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Learn more about the central neighborhoods of Nottingham to get to know this beautiful city even more. These popular districts represent the value of this countryside metropolis, as well as its beauty and culture!

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