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Fun Exercises To Do At Home This Winter

January 01, 2021
Admit it—having spent months at home because of the global pandemic, you gained a bit of weight, right? Even if you were naturally skinny and the only exercise you had was your commute to work, walking in your office, or when you'd go out with friends, having all of that taken away from you really did a number on your figure, didn't it? Well, don't worry! It's not as if you have to stay bloated forever! Especially since winter is here, there's more reason to really motivate yourself to work out at home. And these fun exercises will probably do wonders!
Fun Exercises To Do At Home This Winter

Hot Yoga

Sure, doing yoga is all well and good, but why not kick it up a notch? Have you ever heard of hot yoga? Also known as 'Bikram yoga' after its founder, Bikram Choudhury, it's doing the relaxing exercise in a hot environment. How hot, you ask? Around 40° C, more or less. Yep, it's that hot! Imagine having to do all sorts of yoga poses while you seat profusely! Though the notion may sound gross at first, once you get over the aversion of sweating buckets every session, it's actually a very effective weight-loss exercise. Some might say even more so than standard yoga.
Fun Exercises To Do At Home This Winter


And since you're already doing yoga, be it hot or not, why not try planking instead. Now, this one will really strengthen your core! It's possible that, after a few sessions, your abs won't just (re)appear, but will look more defined as well. And since you'll have a stronger core, you'll be more than able to do other exercises, even more strenuous ones. The best part about it is that it's simple and easy. You don't need any equipment, you don't that much space, heck, you might even do it better if there's no music or TV to distract you.
Fun Exercises To Do At Home This Winter

Playing with Jump Rope

Playing jump rope may seem like a more fitting exercise for kids than adults, but you'll actually benefit from it just as your little ones will. In fact, you've probably even seen athletes use a jump rope as part of their fitness regimes and training. And no, jump rope isn't just for little girls to sing songs with! Take that toxic masculine thinking off your head and take exercising with a jump rope more seriously, Who knows? Once you get into the rhythm of it, you might find that it's actually the best exercise for your body after all!
Fun Exercises To Do At Home This Winter

Stair Stepping

You've probably already been told that simple, everyday movements—such as walking, running, crouching down on your knees, etc.—are also effective in helping you lose weight. Well, that's actually 100% true. And if you're home is a two-story place, there's another everyday movement to add to that list—climbing stairs. Yep! Something as seemingly mundane as going up and down the stairs will work you up quite the sweat! And as much as it's great to do at home, you can also do this in a nearby park with steps. In a city like Paris, the parks here are great locations for such!
Fun Exercises To Do At Home This Winter

Lifting Weights

There are two things you need to know about lifting weights. Firstly, you don't need to go to the gym to do it. You can either buy weights at any gym equipment store or make some yourself if you're on a tight budget! Secondly, for all the women out there, you need to know that lifting weights won't turn you into a bodybuilder. Your body compositions simply aren't built to look like that! So if you want to build up your core and just trim down your figure, regardless of your sex, lifting weights at home is as effective as ever!
Fun Exercises To Do At Home This Winter

Go On YouTube

Finally, if you're still unsure which exercise will be the best for you, go to YouTube. Ever since the fitness craze took over social media in the early 2010s, there are now countless YouTubers who offer tips, tricks, and exercises for different types of body types online. A good many of them are actual fitness trainers in gyms across the world, so they know what they're doing! Trust that, more often than not, these experts know what they're talking about. And they have plenty of exercises to share, no matter how much of a beginner or a fitness freak you are!
Fun Exercises To Do At Home This Winter

This winter, instead of just laying around in your blanket trying to keep warm, why not strive to look hot yourself? Even if you're just at home, there are plenty of fun exercises you can do to improve your wellbeing and maintain your fitness!

No matter which exercises you choose, you'll likely be able to still do it in a luxury rental in Paris! There's no denying that!





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