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Take Your Kids To These Parks & Playgrounds in Bangkok

December 28, 2021
Bangkok is unfairly seen as a city that's unsuited for children. People have common misconceptions about the Thai capital, that it's a sketchy city full of seedy characters and such. Or that it's only for adults because the overall infrastructure of the place isn't exactly what kids would like. Or that it's just a bunch of temples and red-light districts and nothing else. That's not fair at all, right? Bangkok has a lot to offer for kids! Not the least of which are the play areas they can go to. Fun and exciting, they'll likely enjoy this side of Bangkok better!
Take Your Kids To These Parks & Playgrounds in Bangkok

Benjakitti Park

Located in Asoke, one of the bustling neighborhoods of Bangkok, Benjakitti Park is a beautiful escape from the more urban parts of the city. The large lake here helps make the breezes a little cooler, while the flowers freshen up the oxygen in the place. As for playtime, your kids can enjoy the skatepark in the area, perfect for practicing on rollerblades, polishing their skateboarding skills, or even taking their bikes out for a spin. In fact, you can also do the latter with them as a great family-bonding activity. What's not to love about that?

Benjasiri Park

If you value your living costs in Bangkok, you might want to steer clear of Emporium Mall, It's here where the expensive luxury brands are located! Before you know it, you've already spent your entire months' salary on clothes here! Don't let that happen! Fortunately, if you need to kill some time with your kids, Benjasiri Park is just beside it! Established in tribute to Queen Sirikit, it's a park full of street art, manicured gardens, and the like. But that's not all it has! There's also a playground that includes all the classic features, a sports area, and even a swimming pool too!

Take Your Kids To These Parks & Playgrounds in Bangkok

Bung Nong Bon

Kayaking, sailing, and windsurfing—these are just some of the exciting things you can do in Bung Nong Bon Reservior. It's one of the biggest parks in the city, perfect for ample playtime with your kids. The lush green lawn that makes up most of the entire place is perfect for a game of football, baseball, rugby, or any other sport under the sun! Or if you're all into fitness, a family exercise in the outdoors is better than working out in any Bangkok gym, that's for sure! But the best part? Bung Nong Bon is one of the very few parks that allow dogs!

Lumpini Park

When it comes to scenic locations in Bangkok, Lumpini Park is often on top of people's list. The contrast of the natural wonders in this place with the very modern infrastructure of the Thai capital is quite the sight to behold. And there's so much to do here as well! You can play all sorts of games with your little ones, especially with quite the acres of land available to you! You can ride the board and feed the fishes—that's something they'll probably like. Or you can pet the monitor lizards that roam around here. Pick what you want to do and just enjoy your family day!

Take Your Kids To These Parks & Playgrounds in Bangkok

Suan Luang Rama IX Park

When it comes to gardens, Suan Luang Rama IX Park is undoubtedly the largest in Bangkok. Covering a whopping 200 acres, there's endless botanical bliss to go around in this part of the city. There's even a beautiful lake in the middle of the park as well. Though, as beautiful as all this may be, they're not what your kids will care about. Even if they go here on a field trip with their school, they won't talk to you about the gardens ad the lake. They'll likely enjoy the hedge maze where they can hunt and chase each other around. Or the little timber houses they can climb or play ‘house’ in!

Suan Rot Fai

Visiting the Chatuchak Market is one of those things you just have to do when you only have a day in Bangkok. Though it is a night market so you might have to wait until sundown to enjoy what's in-store here! So in the afternoon, when you've been to all the other Bangkok sights, why not relax and let your kids play around in Suan Rot Fai? This 150-acre park is one of the most beautiful in the Thai capital, complete with such a luscious field of greeneries, an exotic butterfly garden, and even a stream you can row a boat on.

Take Your Kids To These Parks & Playgrounds in Bangkok

Bangkok isn't what the stereotypes, movies, TV series, and more set it out to be! The Thai capital is actually a fun and exciting place for kids as it is for adults! These great playgrounds and beautiful parks stand testament to that!

Bangkok luxury rentals can be just as fun for kids as these parks and playgrounds are. They'll surely appreciate you renting one out as your home while you're in the city too!

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