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Most Prominent International Schools in Bangkok

August 25, 2021
Bangkok is undoubtedly a global city. It's one where many people from around the world flock to, be it for business or leisure matters. It's one where many professionals moved to for work, contributing to its increasing international community. Compared to other cities in Southeast Asia, Bangkok sees the biggest number of expats in most of the region. You're likely to see as many foreigners living here as you would locals. And when such people move here with their families, where will their kids go to school? Thre's a big chance that it's in any of these respected international institutions.

Most Prominent International Schools in Bangkok


St. Andrews International School

It's easy to think that the bigger the campus, the more effective its school. But that's certainly not the case with St. Andrews International School in Bangkok. Comprised of compact buildings with different branches in various Bangkok neighborhoods—namely Sukhumvit, Dusit, and Sathorn—the institution is all about providing an intimate space for students to relly learn and take charge of their academic careers. Though make no mistake, this school is also highly respected. Most especially since it's part of the Cognita family of schools and follows a curriculum that combined both the English National Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate. 


NIST International School

The NIST International school, which stands for 'New International School Thailand,' is a well-respectd institution located along Bangkok's famous Asoke road. It's one of those schools that focuses as much on a student's extra-curricular activities as it does on his/her academic performance. With around 300 activities on offer, students here are given the opportunity to know themselves more. They encourage to seek out their passions, get to know their interests, and realize their true potential.  Hre, the creative mind is just a snourtured and developed as the intellectual, helping produce balanced individuals who can turn out to be good citizens. 


Most Prominent International Schools in Bangkok


International School Bangkok

Its straightforward name along should tell you that the International School Bangkok is one such institutions set up especially for the foreign children in the Thai capital. Founded in 1951, it's actually the oldest school of its kind, initially for the children of those working in the US Embassy at the time. Today, it's a well-respected and prestigious institutions that both foreign and local children go to to get high-quality education. Operating as a private school, it offers the best of the best when it comes to academics. it also features numerous creative and athletics programs for students to excel in such areas as well. 


Harrow International School Bangkok

It's safe to say that the Harrow International School Bangkok is the most "British" of all such institutions in the Thai capital. It embraces and takes part in the Duke Of Edinburgh's International Awards as well as includes such sports like archery and chess. Not to mention it follows the strict British curriculum, allowing its students the opportunity to seek high education in the UK if they ever decide to. By these alone, you can gather that the quality of education offered here is undeniably high. Though expect that the tuition fee will be just as high as well. 


Most Prominent International Schools in Bangkok


Concordian International School

Acknowledged by the International Baccalaureate Organization, you can expect that a high brow school like Concordian International School is a cut above the rest. Thoug beyond its high standards for academics, the institution is notable for its encouragement of a blended international environment. Here, they teach classes in Thai, English, and Mandarin. This allows the students fluency in different languages, thereby eradicating any cultural barrier that these local and foreign students may have between each other. After all, learning is much easier done together and within a safe space where everyone is welcome and recognized. 


Bangkok Patana School

There are two main thing you ought to know about the Bangkok Patana School. The first is, with its International Baccalaureate Diploma program, one of its main aims to get as many students to the best universities in the wolrd as possible. Expect high-qality Education like no other here, with academics that rival even schools in the UK and the US. The second is that, despite this heavy focus on academics, the school also has a diverse range of extra-curicular activities, ranging from arts and athletics to even socially responsible platforms. Simply put, any student is encourage seek out their own paths here. 


Most Prominent International Schools in Bangkok


With so many prominent international schools here, Bangkok has truly become the global city in Southeast Asia. No matter where you're from, if you live in the Thai capital, your kid can still get the proper education he/she deserves! 

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