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Lisbon's Best Parks, Playground, and More for Kids

December 26, 2021
Regardless of what you think of Lisbon, it's still a suitable place for kids to grow up in. The capital city of Portugal offers a lot of excitement for the little ones, not the least of which are the parks, playgrounds, and more. Let's face it, even in some of the best cities in the world, with a whole lot to offer, if that place doesn't have a playground or two, your little ones won't want to stay there at all. Fortunately, Lisbon has more than a handful to ensure that the kids who live here, as well as those visiting, can still have fun!
Lisbon's Best Parks, Playground, and More for Kids

Belém Gardens

The Belém Gardens is the type of park that's perfect for a family day out under the sun. The air here is cool, the space is vast, and it's located in a central part of the Portuguese capital. Your kids, of course, will love playing here. whether they go for a game of tag or sports on the spacious green lawn or stay in the little playground in the park, they have a number of options on what to do for fun. At least, for the former, you can play with them as well. While for the latter, it's easier to keep an eye on them.

Estrela Playground

Estrela is one of Lisbon's neighborhoods that's more or less peaceful. This isn't to say that it's boring here, but rather, it's definitely less hectic than in the other districts. Moreover, the park here is also a great place to bring your kids to. Colorful climbing features, a set of swings, slides, and more all perched on a sandpit make it a place where kids of all ages can have fun. Your older children will likely stay on the swings or climb up the towers while the youngest stays on the sand, digging up holes and filling his/her bucket.

Lisbon's Best Parks, Playground, and More for Kids

Jardim do Principe Real

At the Jardim do Principe Real, a small playground awaits those who want to tire themselves out in the afternoon. Though yes, it is rather compact of an area, it does make it easier for parents to look after their kids here. And it helps that the 'jardim' itself is quite the stunning natural oasis. With so many trees in the area, you'll instantly find a tree to sit under and enjoy the shade as your little ones slide and swing themselves to their hearts' content. So much so that when it's time to go, you won't hear any objections!

Monsanto Park

The complete opposite of Jardim do Principe Real is the playground in Monsanto Park. In this peaceful park is a small inclined plane—which looks more like a mini hill than a man-made structure—outlined by a fun playground. On the angles are squiggly slides that will have your kids screaming in glee as they go down, hoping you were watching as they did it. While o the top are your standard playground features—slides, swings, climbing frames, and more. The space itself is quite big, allowing for maximum playtime with friends for as long as they can. They'll likely want to return here soon!


Parque dos Índios

By its name alone, you can already tell that Parque dos Índios is quite an adventurous playtime for kids. And boy, is it ever! There's a labyrinth where you kids can get lost and try to go out before it's snack time. A boat and a lighthouse surrounded by a shallow pool of water where they can splash around and pretend they're pirates (or sailors!). A wooden play area where they can climb or jump off of stuff to their hearts' content. And so much more! It's safe to say that just a few hours here and it will instantly be their favorite place in the city!

Parque Eduardo V

If your kids ever wondered what it'd feel like to be Spider-Man or a soldier, they can go to Parque Eduardo V. While it has all the classic playground features you'd see everywhere else, the pièce de résistance is, undoubtedly, the tower of rope ladders. Looking more like a big spider web or an obstacle course fit for military training, your kids can spend hours and hours trying to climb the thing. Of course, only your older kids should do this. Your younger ones are better off toddling away near you or on the other playground features.

Lisbon's Best Parks, Playground, and More for Kids

Lisbon is an underrated city when it comes to families. The Portuguese capital can still be a very fun place for your young ones to visit or even move to, especially since it has a number of playgrounds you can bring them to on weekends or when you're free!

Think what you want about Lisbon, this city still has its fair share of luxury rentals to help make your stay here even better!

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