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The Best Playgrounds in Washington D.C.

December 18, 2021
It's not that far-fetched to think that Washington D.C. is one of, if not the most important city in the US. Or, for the most part, in the whole world as well. After all, it's the capital city of the powerhouse country, the place where the most powerful man on Earth, the President of the United States, lives. Surrounding him are the Congress, the Senate, as well as museums housing all sorts of historic artifacts, noteworthy relics, But would you believe that in the midst of all that, there are places only children can enjoy? They're the handful of playgrounds in the city.
The Best Playgrounds in Washington D.C.

Anacostia Park Playground

Having been around for a hundred years now, Anacostia Park is probably one of the more famous play areas on this list. And it's not just because of their longevity. There are so much to see and do here that your children won't probably know where to begin! Do they go for the pirate ship located along the banks of the river? Or climb up the big snails and pretend they're ants? Or how about the classic slides and swings? As for the older kids, there are all sorts of sports fields and courts that they can sharpen their skills at, be it in tennis, basketball, football, and more!
The Best Playgrounds in Washington D.C.
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Cabin John Regional Park

The Cabin John Regional Park in Montgomery County offers a kind of playtime that will make your kids think as much as they will play. It's like it's a play area in one of D.C.'s finest schools or something. Many of the features here will activate your little ones' comprehension and memory skills, hopefully developing them as they have all sorts of fun. In the big maze, for instance, your kids will have to remember which way to go in order to get out of it. And the massive playhouse? Training for when they grow up and have to take care of themselves.
The Best Playgrounds in Washington D.C.
Source: MontgomeryParks.org

Fairlington Playground

Are you kids just like little monkeys? They enjoy climbing up and down and side-to-side like wold animals? If so, then bringing them to Fairlington Park is a great idea! A tall climbing structure awaits the adventurous little ones who enjoy facing danger head-on! Well, they won't be that much in danger, it's not as if they're playing in the sketchier areas of D.C. But rather, the playground features are so tall and high, you'll really need to keep an eye on them so that you'll be quick to respond if something happens. Or if your youngest gets too scared to slide down the really high tube slide!
The Best Playgrounds in Washington D.C.
Source: Arlington Parks and Recreation Facebook Page

Garfield Park

Another great option for your little monkeys is Garfield Park! A castle with rope bridges, a gigantic jungle-gym, and a big group swing in the middle are just some of the features your kids will probably go gaga over. They'll have loads of fun climbing, running, and swinging their way to exhaustion! Meanwhile, surrounding this play area are volleyball, tennis, and bocce ball courts that your older kids will enjoy more. They're the perfect places to sharpen their sports skills when they have free time, especially if they want to go pro someday!
The Best Playgrounds in Washington D.C.
Source: Capitol Riverfront Facebook Page

Rocky Run Park

The adrenaline-pumping fun doesn't stop in D.C.! Rocky Run Park is another playground where kids can test their limits to how adventurous they can get in a playground. And boy what a test that will be in this particular area! Think rope ladders that are essentially mini versions of what the US military use in their training. A jungle-gym that will likely tire your kid out before he/she could even get to the top! And even zip-line where your little ones can zoom on to their hearts' content! D.C. is probably more known for its political buildings and museums, but this playground takes the cake for the young ones!
The Best Playgrounds in Washington D.C.
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Watkins Regional Park

If your little ones have ever watched 'The Wizard of Oz' and wanted to go to that magical place themselves, bringing them to the Watkins Regional Park will be the next best thing. The playground here is actually inspired by the classic story and film, albeit more toned-down than what you're used to seeing as 'Oz.' Just like that magical land, there's a yellow brick road that leads to all sorts of fun places, such as the Emerald City, Aunt Em's farm, and even the Wizard's hot air balloon! Your kids will have a ball visiting and playing in all the places Dorothy and her friends went to!
The Best Playgrounds in Washington D.C.
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Who knew that even kids can have fun in Washington D.C.? Amidst all the museums, political buildings, and other tourist attractions, there are playgrounds where your children can play, run, learn, and have all the fun in the world, right here in the capital city!

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