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Italian Customs You Should Know About

November 12, 2020
The Italians are pretty passionate people. And that can be good or bad depending on the circumstances. It's great when they're in a good mood! Their enthusiasm can liven up anything anywhere, anytime! The excitement they bring is practically second to none. However, when they're in a bad mood, worse is when they're offended, get ready for a lot of screaming and berating. It's not a pretty sight, to say the least. So as best you can, know the many customers in Italy so as to not anger them. Here are a few you might want to remember!
Italian Customs You Should Know About

Don't Rest On Your Elbow

Ask anyone who grew up with an Italian upbringing and they'll tell you that one of the most common things their mothers told them was to never rest on your elbow. No matter how you put it, doing so makes it look like you're either bored, uninterested, couldn't be bothered, or even throwing a tantrum. Of course, the Italians don't like that! They're pretty lively, after all. And when they see someone who looks as if they'd rather by anywhere else in the world, it doesn't sit well with the locals. So as much as possible, and most definitely not at the dinner table, don't ever rest on your elbow.

Never Ever Belch!

Yes, Italian pastas are some of the best in the world. Sure, the breakfast food here in Italy sure are rich and hearty! And even their desserts will fill you up in more ways than one. However, under any circumstance, never ever belch! Though in many other countries, belching is considered good manners as it conveys that you enjoyed the meal, here in Italy, it's just plain rude. Complement the chef when you want to praise what they just served you. Kiss the Italian grandma who prepared the food if you're that excited about what you just ate. But never belch it out!

Italian Customs You Should Know About

Silently Eat Your Food

In relation to that, always eat your food silently. Don't slurp your soup, don't talk with your mouth full, and, as already mentioned, never belch! While the Italians are pretty passionate about their food, they still prefer proper table manners. Although family dinners can get pretty lively, you'll notice that the fun often starts when they're already drinking wine, right after they've finished dessert. But while eating the actual meal, from the appetizers to the main courses, most of them are as silent as lambs. And so should you when you eat with them, be it in a social event or in a business lunch.

Wait To Be Kissed as Greeting

You’ve probably seen in films or TV shows that Italians greet each other with kisses. Most of the time, it's one on each cheek. If they really know each other, they'd even go as far as kiss on the lips. And even when you're a foreigner, expect to get a lot of smooched while you're in Italy. Though you might want to wait for them to kiss you than puckering up yourself, especially when you're introduced to someone new. Make no mistake, Italians don't just come up to people they don't know and kiss them as a greeting. They usually only do such greetings to people they know.

Italian Customs You Should Know About

Give Proper Respect to Elders

In Italian culture, elders are very much respected. At times, they're even venerated. So when you chance upon someone of considerable age, show proper respect to them. How does one do that? For one thing, when talking to them, never forget to address them as 'Signore' and 'Signora.' They deserve as much when conversing with people a lot younger than them. And when they enter a room, especially at certain social events, people are expected to stand up. These may seem trivial, but they matter a lot in Italian culture. Never ever forget to do them when you're in Italy!

Don't Take Off Your Shoes In Front of Others

It's no secret that Italians love their shoes. They do make some of the best pairs in the world, after all. And perhaps, it might explain why they don't like seeing people taking them off in front of them. In contrast to Asian cultures, in which they often prefer you to take your shoes off before entering their homes, Italians consider you taking your shoes off in front of them as rude. This isn't to say that you're not allowed to ever take your shoes off. Just don't do it in front of people. Doing so will elicit quite a negative reaction.

Italian Customs You Should Know About

If there's one thing you should never do, it's to offend Italians. They can be pretty passionate about how much you've offended them. So when you're in Italy, brush up on the country's customs to ensure you won't ever anger the people of this country.

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