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Top YouTube Travel Vloggers You Should Subscribe To

October 30, 2021
Thank God for YouTube! If not for this video-sharing site, having to stay at home for quarantine during this global pandemic would have been a nightmare. A long boring one at that! It's no secret that this website is the go-to platform for those who want to watch all sorts of videos, from funny cat clips to even free movies! But as you stay at home for a while, the most enticing to watch are definitely the travel bloggers. There are so many to subscribe to each, showing off the world in a totally different light. Here's a handful that will definitely inspire some wanderlust!

Top YouTube Travel Vloggers You Should Subscribe To


Gareth Leonard

Not only is Gareth Leonard one of the most popular travel influencers on Instagram, but his YouTube channel is actually where all the action is! He doesn't just show you the places he's been to—that'd be too plain and easy—he also teaches you the best ways to travel. And how to travel in a more fulfilling way at that! Beyond his usual wanderlust clips are stories about friendships, bonding with locals, and more. Some might even tug at your heartstrings! Not to mention a few guides that might help you travel more wisely. There's no other travel vlogger quite like him right now, that's for sure! 

Top YouTube Travel Vloggers You Should Subscribe To

Source: Gareth Leonard's Instagram account


Lost Leblanc

What's so fun about Chrisitan Leblanc, a.k.a. "Lost Leblanc," is that he's a simple guy that loves to travel. He's down-to-earth, relatable, and seems like a fun guy to be with. He doesn't just show you the places he's been to in his vlogs, but rather, he makes it seem like you're with him along for the ride. He converses with you, shows you some travel secrets you ought to know, all while letting you in on all the fun. Whether he's back wandering the districts of Bangkok, Thailand, or jumping off a cliff somewhere in the Caribbean, you're as much a part of his travels as his video camera! 

Top YouTube Travel Vloggers You Should Subscribe To

Source: Lost Leblanc's Instagram account


The Expert Vagabond

For over nine years (and counting!), Matthew Karsten has been traveling the world. And he shares all of his adventures online through his YouTube channel, "The Expert Vagabond." But don't think the channel name is just some vain nickname he came up with! This dude knows his stuff and that's the best part of his. He lets his audience join his adventures, which are some of the most fun you'll ever see on the video-sharing platform. He's not one to back away from adrenaline-pumping ventures, such as exploring a safari in Tanzania or climbing the icy Mt. Whitney in California, USA. 

Top YouTube Travel Vloggers You Should Subscribe To

Source: The Expert Vagabond's Instagram account


Hey Nadine

At almost 500,000 subscribers strong, Nadine Sykora is one travel vlogger worth following. And she's no typical vlogger at that! She's become known for her tips, tricks, hacks, and guides to inspire you to get up on your feet and do some wandering yourself. It certainly helps that she's a strong woman who often travels solo, further proving that her fellow ladies can just as confidently venture off into the world on their own. Plus, they'll definitely benefit from all of what Nadine will share in her vlogs and Instagram page. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to her now! 

Top YouTube Travel Vloggers You Should Subscribe To

Source: Hey Nadine's Instagram account



The Vagabrothers, Marko and Alex Ayling, truly have a talent for filmmaking. Practically most of their videos are like mini-documentaries, showing you different sides of the many destinations they've been to. One of the best parts about their vlogs is that they often make it in. a way that you're part of their travels, not just someone who tagged along. They'll include you in the conversation all while they share all sorts of trivia and fascinating info about the place.  Whether they're eating at a restaurant in Rome or exploring the castles in Vienna, they'll make you feel like you're part of the fun! 

Top YouTube Travel Vloggers You Should Subscribe To

Source: Vagabrothers's Instagram account


Mark Wiens

What's a YouTube travel vlog without a little food? Or in Mark Wiens' case, a lot of it! Entitled 'Migrationology,' this self-professed "full-time eater" is all about exploring the world through its cuisines. His Instagram page is already mouth-watering enough, but when you see his vlogs and watch how many of what he eats are made and prepared, your stomach will grumble even more! It's also so fascinating how he's able to capture the culture of the many places he visits through the food, showcasing how locals cook and even highlight dishes in their traditions. 

Top YouTube Travel Vloggers You Should Subscribe To

Source: Migrationology Instagram account


Yes Theory

Now, Yes Theory isn't necessarily strictly a travel vlog, per se, these guys do travel to many places a whole lot and they film it for your enjoyment! In fact, whenever they do vlog about going to a new place, it's usually for your own enjoyment. And they take interactive to a whole new level! How so? Most of their travels are often under their subscribers' and followers' control. They will ask people on social media what they should do in a certain place and whatever the audience decides, they will do it. They've spent a day in Prague, walked penniless across Paris, and even held a blind date in Rome. What's not to love?

Top YouTube Travel Vloggers You Should Subscribe To

Source: Yes Theory's Instagram account


If you're feeling a little bored, especially now that you're stuck at home for quarantine during a global pandemic, go onto YouTube let some of the most amazing travel vloggers remind you just how wonderful and amazing the outside world is. You'd be itching to get away by the end of it! 

When you do get to travel again, follow in these vloggers' footsteps and get some luxurious accommodations for yourself. Especially in cities like Prague, New York, and more! You deserve it!




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