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The Best International Schools in Prague to Enroll Your Kid In

September 08, 2021
Prague is undoubtedly a beautiful and pleasant city. One that's so underrated at that. With so many people focusing on the like of Paris, London, and Rome, Prague is nowhere near as popular. Which, for many reasons, is quite the advantage. The Czech capital is a populous city already, but with fewer tourists visiting than those in other European cities, you'll find that it's more peaceful here. This makes it a suitable place to move to, even with your entire family. And when that happens, you'll want to enroll your kids in the best schools here, right? Well, here are some of them.

The Best International Schools in Prague to Enroll Your Kid In


American Academy in Prague

Do you know what most schools ought to give their students? Freedom. Not total freedom that the youth will just run amuck and not study or learn anything anymore. But the freedom to discover themselves. The freedom to express themselves. And the freedom to satisfy their curiosity, allowing for maximum mental and emotional growth. That's why the American Academy in Prague has become a noteworthy international school. Not only is it one of the best English-language institutions in the Czech capital, but it's also one where students get to be comfortable learning and evolving at their own pace. 


International School Prague

The International School Prague (ISP) has the distinction of being the oldest institution of its kind in the Czech capital. Founded in 1948, it continues to be one of the most respected and most prestigious schools in the country. So much so that it's now accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the Council of Independent Schools (CIS). But despite its age, the school has impressively caught up with the times as well. Having formed a strong relationship with Apple, the school boasts classrooms and facilities with the latest equipment from the world-famous company. 


The Best International Schools in Prague to Enroll Your Kid In


Park Lane International School

Prestigious doesn't even begin to describe the Park Lane International School. By its beautiful campus alone—an old palace that used to operate as an embassy—you could already get a sense of how high-brow this institution is. Add to that the fact that it follows the National Curriculum for England, one of the finest in the academic world. Though fairly new as it just opened back in 2006, the school has already garnered much attention and set up quite a name for itself. Most notably, it's taken part of the esteemed Duke of Edinburgh International Award, further solidifying its reputation as a reputable school. 


Riverside International School

With four separate campuses housing its kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools, it's easy to get to the Riverside International School via public transportation. But this isn't the only ace the institution has to its name. Following the International Baccalaureate program, it has proven that it's capable of shaping well-bred students who achieve high grades in academics. And at the same time, they also offer a lot of great extra-curricular activities, from arts to athletics, to really develop the young students into well-rounded people. Kids no longer which they're better at, they can be more balanced thanks to this school. 


The Best International Schools in Prague to Enroll Your Kid In


Royal Primary School

Just by its name alone, you can already tell how exclusive the Royal Primary School in Prague is. And you're right in thinking that! Only admitting about a handful of young students each year compare to other schools, your kid would have to really be accomplished to be able to get into this institution. but don't think that just because it's an exclusive private international school that it's a snobby and snooty place to be in. The Royal Primary School takes pride in fostering a family-like environment, highlighting comfort than competition to give their students a safe space to learn nd excel on their own. 


The English College in Prague

While Prague has a lot of fine Czech-language schools to offer where people can learn the native language here, The English College in Prague is a fine institution to learn English. But it's also an elite private school for kids who have the grades or the money to get admitted here. After all, with Prince Charles and the English College Foundation as its patrons, this private international institution only gets the best of the best. As already mentioned, English is a major highlight here, so as a grammar school, you won't find any as high caliber as this one. 


The Prague British International School

Capping off this list is The Prague British International School. Part of the Nord Anglia Education Group and following the Adapted National Curriculum for England, there's no denying just how prestigious this institution is. With three campuses spread out across the many Prague districts, any student would be honored to study here. Especially since it has a strong art department, one that's affiliated with none other than the famous Julliard Performing Arts school in New York City. Before they graduate, students here would have realized their potential and are ready to enhance their skills, hone their talents, and take the world by storm. 


The Best International Schools in Prague to Enroll Your Kid In


Prague may not be as famous a city as many others in Europe, but when it comes to high-quality education, the Czech capital certainly doesn't fall short. These prestigious elite international schools stand testament to that! 

If you're able to afford to send your kids to any of these schools, you'll also afford to choose a luxurious Prague rental as your new home in this city!





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