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Where to Learn Czech in Prague

September 07, 2021
Out of all the languages you can learn, the Czech language isn't exactly on top of your priorities list, is it? Even if it's not, it won't hurt to learn it, right? Most especially if you're in the capital of the country where the language is spoken, Prague. Beautiful and beguiling, this city is a worthwhile place to visit or even move to. However, if you don't know even some basic Czech, your stay here might prove to be more challenging than you thought. not to worry! You can learn the language yourself in any of these fine schools!

Where to Learn Czech in Prague


Akcent International House Prague 

Though more known for teaching English to locals, the Akcent International House in Prague is also a prominent Czech-language school as well. They offer courses that go beyond basic Czech, allowing you to be able to speak and read it in no time. Teaching it in a standard classroom setting, they exert a lot of effort in ensuring that you can (and will) absorb as much as you can, hopefully applying all of what you've learned in the future. And don't worry, here in this school, the atmosphere is open and welcoming, with no judgment as to how long it will take you to become fluent in Czech. 


Glossa School of Languages 

With over 3,500 students every year, the Glossa School of Languages in Prague is most definitely a prestigious institution. But don't get intimated by their revered reputation. Here, they're all about helping you get to know the Czech language more, as well as other languages and dialects you might be interested to learn as well. After all, the school does offer around 200 courses, all of which are diverse in type and level. And with the friendly and helpful faculty they have, they're able to uplift their students into really understanding (and hopefully applying) everything they've learned to heart. 


Where to Learn Czech in Prague


Language Atelier

A famous language school that has campuses in different cities across the world, the Language Atelier has certainly cemented itself as a go-to institution for learning a new language. Its most defining quality is intimacy, creating a safe and compact space for students to really absorb and understand everything that's taught to them. Each class only has a maximum of five students, allowing the native-speaking teachers to really focus on teaching and training each student to eventually speak and read Czech. You could also go for one-on-one private tutoring courses as well, most especially if you have no time to go to their Prague campus. 


MAVO Language School

Convenience. That's what the MAVO Language School can give you when you enroll there. Convenience in the sense that you can go to their evening classes if you simply have no time to go to the standard day classes. Convenience in the sense that you can also go for private lessons, allowing you one-on-one time with the more than capable teachers who work at this school. Whatever you need in learning the Czech language, this institution is ready to offer you. The only inconvenient part? Their courses are seasonal and you have to wait until they'll offer them again. 


Solaris Language School

Don't you just love a school that tailors its courses to what you specifically need? Take the Solaris Language School in Prague, for instance. Their courses are diverse and different, ranging from conversational Czech in which students can use for every day and business classes for students who need to speak the language in formal settings. More than that, the school also organizes tours to surrounding countrysides, city visits, and more. Because how else will you be able to further understand and even apply what you've learned here if you don't see the world beyond the classroom? 


Where to Learn Czech in Prague


There's clearly no other place better to learn the Czech language than in the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague. This beautiful destination houses respectable language schools, each offering courses that will benefit most students. 

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