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Ireland's Most Trusted Mobile Networks

September 03, 2021
It'd be unwise for you to move to another country for a long time without getting a local SIM card. In this day and age, your mobile phone has practically replaced everything—your telephone, your TV, your music player, even your cinema! If you don't get a local SIM card, not only will you won't be able to communicate with people here, you might not get to access all the functions, features, and apps on your phone properly. And what good will that gadget be then? Fortunately, here in Ireland, there are a few mobile networks you can get a local SIM card from.

Ireland's Most Trusted Mobile Networks



Formerly known as Meteor, Eir is one of the oldest mobile networks in Ireland. The company was founded in 1998 and continues to be a favorite among residents and visitors alike. Not to mention it was the first to introduce a 4G LTE system for its wifi data offering. Add to that its strong coverage in most cities and fair signal in the more rural area of the country. So whether you're in some Dublin neighborhood or atop a mountain, with an Eir SIM card, you'd still get enough coverage to keep in contact with other people and stay online as well. 



Ask most of the Irish youth you'd meet here and they'd tell you that the mobile network to go for is 48. Because of its great wifi data offerings and affordable prices, it's gotten quite the following among young people. It's also the country's first online mobile network, guaranteeing that you can remain logged in for as long and as much as you can with its SIM card. They're packages normally only go as high as €15.00 and often include such benefits as free unlimited use of messaging apps and 50 free minutes for calls & texts to other networks. 


Ireland's Most Trusted Mobile Networks


iD Mobile

As far as wifi data is concerned, arguably the best Irish mobile network for that is iD Mobile. Within their affordable plans are great coverage that can ensure you can stay online all you want.  A €15.00 bundle, for instance, not only gives you free 300 minutes for calls and texts but a whopping 30GB internet data on their 4G LTE system. That's quite a deal, right? It's best for connecting to wifi when you most need it, such as using a transportation app to hail a ride or keeping in contact with your folks back in your home country. 



Three is actually an international mobile network that's most popular in Europe. Here in Ireland, it's no exception as its the second biggest company of its kind in the country. But the fact that it's popular in the entire continent already gives you a huge benefit—you can still use your local SIM card even when you travel to neighboring countries. Not to mention its 3G and 4G LTE systems are strong in most cities, both in Ireland and the rest of Europe. For as low as €20.00, you can already get a plan that gives you unlimited free texts and up to 60GB of 4G LTE data. 


Ireland's Most Trusted Mobile Networks



Similarly, Vodafone is also another ultra-popular mobile company in Europe. Like Three, you can use its SIM cards locally as well as internationally, allowing you to keep in contact with everyone in the network. Notably, it's also Ireland's biggest network as of late, with around 2.3 million active users. This means that you're likelier to more easily contact many people in the country within this network. Furthermore, it also operates on a 4G LTE system, ensuring strong internet data with whatever plan you get. Add to that the unlimited calls & texts they offer in many packages, whether to fellow Vodafone users or to different networks. 


Tesco Mobile

As the fourth biggest network in Ireland, it's not surprising why Tesco Mobile is extremely popular among phone users. Its low prices with interesting package deals serve those with strict budgets the best. It's yet another lighter load for one's living costs in Ireland. While it doesn't have the best coverage, it does give enough that people remain reachable, especially those living in more urban areas. As well as the unlimited free minutes for calls to both fellow Tesco Mobile users and to different networks. Unfortunately, however, it mostly just operates on a 3G LTE system. But for some people, that's not a problem t all. 


Ireland's Most Trusted Mobile Networks


There's no good reason for you to forego getting a local SIM card here in Ireland especially since it has a good number of great mobile networks. From pricing to coverage, you can get the best deals for relatively low costs! 

And since you can save a lot with a local SIM card, you can put your extra money to better use. Such as, say, getting a luxurious Irish rental for your new home here!