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The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Ireland

September 01, 2021
Let's face it, the world has become completely reliant on technology. It seems there's a device or a digital platform that caters to your every need and wants. Want to go shopping? Here's an online shop instead of you going to the mall. Want to watch a movie? You can just stream it in the many services online! Hungry? Just a few taps on your phone and your favorite meal will be delivered right to your door. So relying on technology is not exactly a bad thing, is it? Especially when it comes to transportation, it's not! Just thank these nifty apps!

The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Ireland



As far as ride-hailing apps are concerned, Uber is still king! At least, in the Western hemisphere, that is, and this includes Ireland! Though this famous app operates rather differently in this country. Legally speaking, Uber is not allowed to hire private cars to drive its users. So don't expect a luxury car to come pick you up when you use this app to hail a ride. Fortunately, you can still book a taxi or even a limousine with Uber here in Ireland. And doing so will still ahve the benefits and rewards as booking a private car as well. 



Formerly known as MyTaxi, FREE NOW is arguably Uber's biggest competitor in Ireland. Most especially since the latter is not allowed to make use of private cars for their operations. So both apps hire taxis to help their users hail a ride. And what's so great about hailing a taxi using this app is you'd get a real professional to drive you. Wherever Dublin neighborhood you need to go to or whatever Limerick district you have to be in soon, there's a good chance your taxi driver will know a few shortcuts to get there, not just on time, but possibly even a little earlier than expected. 


The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Ireland


Real Time Ireland

Need info in real-time? Use the Real Time Ireland app! Any info you need on the various public transport systems in any Irish city, you'll find on this digital platform. Need to know when the next bus going to Donnybrook in Dublin is leaving your nearest station? This app will tell you. Need to know which train will get you from Newtownards to Belfast? Real Time Ireland knows the answer to that! Even the entire schedule of the Luas service is detailed on this app. When they said this program will tell you everything you need to know, they meant it! 



In many cities in Ireland, biking has become a popular mode of transportation. It's no longer just a sport, a hobby, or a leisure activity. People here actually peddle their way to work, school, or wherever it is they need to go to. And, of course, there's an app for that, Bleeperbike! The big difference, however, of this program as opposed to others like it is that it doesn't have stations. When you're done with your bike, you can simply leave it anywhere within the company's set zones in the city and they will get it back themselves. Saves you a lot of time, right? 


Leap Top-Up

While all the other transportation apps are about hailing you a ride or giving you info on the public transport systems, Leap Top-Up will actually help you pay for transportation. It's a rather unique program that sort of acts like a credit account, letting you cash in money to pay for modes of public transportation in most Irish cities. They even give you 31% off the usual fares when you use this app. So not only is Leap Top-Up convenient in, it's easy on your finances too! You couldn't ask for more in a transportation app! 


The Most Useful Transportation Apps in Ireland


While it may seem scary how the world has become too dependent on technology, you can't deny that many apps, even here in Ireland, have made traveling around much easier, more convenient, and ultimately less of a hassle. 

The best spots to use your transportation app are mostly in the upscale parts of any city. Incidentally, you'll also find nice Irish luxury rentals you can choose for your home whilst you're in the country.