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What The Job Market in Ireland is Like Now

September 01, 2021
Why is it that Ireland rarely comes up when talking about countries for people to work in. It's practically always the USA, the UK, France, China, Singapore, and the like. But Ireland? It only gets mentioned practically once in a blue moon. What a shame too, because the country has a stable economy and it's a lovely place overall. Though perhaps not a lot of people are familiar with how the job market is in this country. If they know more about its current state, maybe only then will people want to work here more. Well, here's some insight as to how it's doing now.

What The Job Market in Ireland is Like Now


Ireland's Unemployment Rate As of Late

In this day and age, people mostly look at the unemployment rate to see if a certain country is worth moving to for work. Why, you ask? Because the more unemployed people there are, the more competition expats will face when moving there. And who'd want to waste their time trying to get a job in a place that not even its own residents can get employment? As of late, Ireland's unemployment rate is at a low 28.2%. Though relatively high compared to other countries, this sudden spike is more due to the COVID-19 pandemic than the country itself. 


The Irish Economy

Overall, Ireland's economy doesn't look half bad. Just last year, in 2019, it operated on a surplus of €1.3 billion. It's only because of the recent pandemic did it decrease. Still, since the economy relies on multinational investment, it has enough to keep the country going. According to Ireland Jobs, before the pandemic happened, companies normally invested around €19.2 billion to Ireland's economy, with about €11.7 billion going to people's pockets. Though this has drastically changed in the past few months, the state of the country's economy as a whole remains stable and relatively unshaken. 


What The Job Market in Ireland is Like Now


Ireland's Rising Industries

Despite everything that's going on in the world right now, Ireland is seeing a rise in multiple industries. It seems not even a pandemic can stop them from growing and ultimately helping the country remain on its feet for now. Unsurprisingly, the Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology are part of them. As Ireland joins the rest of the world in facing a health crisis, it makes sense that the workforce here is more focused on keeping people healthy. It currently has around 25,000 jobs and earns €9.4 billion overall. Financial services is also an industry to watch out for, employing around 35,000 people and counting. 


Best Industries for Employment in Ireland

But while the aforementioned industries are growing in Ireland, there are those that you're better off working for in terms of stability and career growth. IT services, for instance, is needed now more than ever as the world becomes more and more digital. Most, if not all business nowadays also operate online and this sector ensures that everything goes smoothly. The health industry is also, unsurprisingly, still stable. Nurses are needed now more than ever, with Ireland even looking overseas for suitable professionals. Ultimately, both industries set certain expectations when it comes to educational attainment. But with Ireland's fine schools, that won't be that much of a challenge. 


What The Job Market in Ireland is Like Now


What The Irish Workforce is Looking For Now

In terms of actual positions, what Ireland is looking for is pretty diverse. In terms of overall business, the country is more in need of financial experts with knowledge and experience on taxation, solvency, and the like. They're looking for people who are good with numbers. At the same time, those who are good with technology, particularly with software programs such as Java Script, Python, and more are also welcome here. And, as already mentoned, health professionals are still very much needed in Ireland, Nurses are the most in-demand, but specialists in oncology, psychiatry, and emergency medicine will really help as well.


What Salaries are Like in Ireland

With all that said, what are the common salary numbers here in Ireland? Will they be enough to manage all the living costs here? Will you get to earn and save up for a nice country home or even a pleasant place in a peaceful Dublin neighborhood? Well, the answer will depend on what job you get. For those in finance, for instance, they'd likely earn up to €57,000.00 a year. For those in education, it's oftentimes an annual salary of €53,000.00. And those in the public sector work hard for about €48,000.00 a year. Overall, not too bad! 


What The Job Market in Ireland is Like Now


Ireland is, in many ways, a fine country to work in. Even with so many challenges that the country and the rest of the world are facing now, their job market here remains stable and optimistic, with so many opportunities on offer! 

In fact, if you get a good job, it won't be long before you earn enough for an Irish luxury apartment to call home here!