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Learn English the Irish Way at Dublin's Finest Schools

June 08, 2021
Say what you want about their accents, but the Irish sure do have a great grasp of the English language. Don't let stereotypes and exaggerated accents fool you, these people are actually great at speaking English, and it's not even their only language! There's just something lyrical and slightly poetic with how they use the language. And even when they're using formal English on official business, they still get away with sounding melodic. there's got to be a secret to how they do that! Perhaps you'll find it when you enroll at one fo their many great language schools in Dublin?

Learn English the Irish Way at Dublin's Finest Schools


Apollo English Language Centre

It really helps that the Apollo English Language Centre is right beside Linkedin's European headquarters along 5 Lad Lane. Those who are learning to improve their English here can easily find a job right after. And their chances of getting hired would have doubled after a course or two here. Seriously speaking, though, the school has long been one of the Irish capital's finest language schools. It teaches proper English, the type that can benefit your career wherever you choose to work. 


Atlas Language School

Inside Dublin's famous Portobello House is a school that will not only teach you better and proper English but also a little bit of Irish culture too. That's the Atlas Language School. More than just the language, they see the importance of introducing their students—many of which are likely foreign visitors or immigrants from different countries—to the culture and lifestyle of the country. It's not enough that you learn the language, getting to know the culture here can help you better apply what you've learned in your day-to-day life. 


Learn English the Irish Way at Dublin's Finest Schools


Babel Academy of English

It's sort of ironic that in the bible, the famous "Tower of Babel" story is where God punishes people by giving them different languages to refrain them from understanding each other. And yet that's the name of one Dublin's top language schools for teaching English—the Babel Academy of English. But despite its biblical name, there's nothing scary about this place, In fact, it's just the opposite. The school has tons of facilities to ensure tha the students learn English in a relaxed setting. This includes their own game room, comfortable lounge area, and more!  



Berlitz may be a well-known language school that has campuses all over Europe but it still maintains its personal approach. Welcoming only a handful of students at a time, it gives teachers here a better chance at personalizing their lessons to really hone them in for their pupils. And in turn, the students get to really digest and absorb what they've learned so that they can easily apply them to their everyday lives. 


Learn English the Irish Way at Dublin's Finest Schools


Centre of English Studies

With Dublin's many neighborhoods, you'd think that the Centre of English Studies would have picked what many would think as a more suitable location for their campus. The school is located on Grafton Street, the city's most famous shopping district. With locals and tourists shopping about, it can get busy at times here, but that never stopped the school from providing the right atmosphere for learning English. Here, more than just teaching the language, they delve deeper into breaking it down for the people to better understand it. 


EC English

There's a bit of irony in learning English at EC English. There's no other language school in Dublin that has state-of-the-art technology yet is surrounded by various historic sites. It's as if the old-meets-new in this unusual yet fascinating institutions. And at times, it gets even more ironic when they hold leisure programs, which includes going to those same landmarks such as the Dublin Castle or the Medival Quarter. Still, it gets the job done and you'll know moe and better English than when you first started! 


Learn English the Irish Way at Dublin's Finest Schools


Everest Language School

You're gonna get more than what you've bargained for when you enroll at the Everest Language School. Firstly, the location for eh school itself is at the city center, which means a hop and a skip away and you'll be at some of the best hotspots in Dublin. Add to that is the fact that the school has it sown research department and it bases their curriculums on their findings. What you're taught here might be new and innovative ways of speaking English that not even some of the finest universities in the world have discovered yet! 


Linguaviva Centre

Since 1977, The Lingauviva Centre has taught many people how to speak English both formally and conversationally. It has the distinction of being the city's first-ever language school. And to this day, it's still revered as one of Dublin's finest institutions. Perhaps what makes this school stand-out—even beyond its historic significance— that they take their students out to see Dublin. In turn, they not only get to speak the city's language but also immerse themselves in the city as well! 


Learn English the Irish Way at Dublin's Finest Schools


The English Studio

English might be a universal language but it's still important to note that there are certain variations of it they befit different areas of professions. The type of English a lawyer speaks is different from that of a doctor's. And it's the focus on these types of distinctions that make The English Studio one of Dublin's finest English schools. You won't just learn the language here, you'll learn the appropriate use of it for your chosen field. From the words you'll need to use to the grammar that better fits your job, you'll be better equipped for your career after a course or two here! 


Twin School

Wouldn't you just love studying English in a Georgian-style structure that's near the Spire, Dublin's most famous monument? If you do, look no further than Twin School. Here, you get to learn the language in a rather immersive way. Since it's located on one of the busiest areas in the city, O'Connell Street, you get to apply what you've learned the minute you walk out of the campus.


Learn English the Irish Way at Dublin's Finest Schools


Don't let Irish people's accents throw you off. They know and speak better English than you might realize. And if you want to learn the language from them, it will do you good to check out Dublin's finest English schools. Their way of teaching the language may suit you best! 

Unfortunately, not all of the schools on this list have their own accommodations. You might have to get one for yourself. Luckily, however, Dublin's luxury apartments are a dime a dozen and many are free to host you during your stay!