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A Few Ways to Get a Job in Thailand

August 25, 2020
Working in Thailand sounds like a dream, doesn't it? While the country isn't exactly the most major business destination in the world, it's still a beautiful and somewhat relaxing place to end up in. Imagine it: after working your butt off during the week, you can travel to the nearby seaside paradises to unwind at the weekends. What could be a better incentive to work in Thailand than that? But first, you need to find a job here. Luckily, there are a few ways that have proven to be quite effective. Any will get you employed in no time.

A Few Ways to Get a Job in Thailand


What You Need to Work in Thailand

Thailand's job market is one of the most competitive in the world. With the country's extremely low unemployment rate, hunting for a new job here is practically cutthroat. Though if there are some things you'll need in order to become a good candidate for any desired position, those are definitely skills and experience. with any job you apply for, make sure you have the right qualifications to do it well. Your skills have to match those of what the job entails. Moreover, many employers in the country focus heavily on experience these days. The more suitable they are, the bigger your chances of getting hired. 


Rely on Your Network

Networking is a common and huge part of the workforce here in Thailand. More often than not, many people get hired through connections, especially when given the right references. When you move to Thailand, keep every new contact you make. You never know who among them will aid in your job hunt. At the very leat, if you find it difficult to socialize on your own in this country, there are still some groups and events you can join. Soem notable ones include Bangkok Young Professionals, Bangkok Networking, and InterNations Thailand. These are the networks to join to help you get a job! 


A Few Ways to Get a Job in Thailand


Find a Job Online

These days, the most common way to find a job is to search online. Numerous platforms have popped up over the years with the sole purpose of helping people get employed. And thus, applying online has become the new norm. Here in Thailand, it's also pretty common to find a job through the internet. It's easier too, allowing the hiring process to be less complicated. You simply have to send in your CV and cover letter and wait for a reply. In terms of the best websites to go to, LinkedIn, Indeed, Craigslist Thailand, ThaiVisa, and Bangkok Post Jobs are among the most popular. 


Go to a Recruitment Agency

If your situations get to be really dire, don't fret. There are still the Thai recruitment agencies. People in this country still rely on them to help them find suitable jobs. And most of the time, such agencies excel in pairing the right employee with the right company. The likes of Top Talent Asia, RSM Recruitment, Robert Walters, Smart Search Recruitment, and more have proven their worth in this avenue. They've especially helped expats find the right long-lasting jobs to keep them employed here in Thailand. When all else fails and you really need the help, contact any of these agencies. 


Be a Go-Getter!

Though, if there is a particular company—or set of companies within an industry—that you have your eye on her in Thailand, don't hesitate to initiate the first move. Send out your CV and cover letter yourself even when they currently have no job openings. The worst that will happen is that they'll simply ignore your application. But even when that happens, there's still  big chance they'll appreciate your initiative and keep your application as reference for when they have an opening for a position that fits your qualifications. All in all, you ahve nothing to lose by making the first move!  


A Few Ways to Get a Job in Thailand


If you want to work in Thailand so you can live here, there's good news. There are numerous ways in which you can find employment here. Each has proven to be both efficient and effective, so try your best to get hired here! 

Once you are, you'll only deserve the best. That includes a luxurious Thai home for when you move here! It's a worthy investment for your new life in Thailand!